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A current scandal surrounding the organized union of a 57-year-old Chechen police chief and also a 17-year-old school woman prompted heated press discussion about the legal marriage age and polygamy in Russia. The woman became the officer’s second spouse, as allowed under the Muslim religion predominant in Chechnya. Regardless of the bride moving on TV to say she was marrying of her own free will, most found it difficult to trust, especially involving allegations of an intimidation campaign against the bride’s parents with her husband-to-be, demanding they surrender their kid. The internet debate became so extreme it prompted Chechnya’s chief, Ramzan Kadyrov, to urge men to "prevent their wives" from utilizing WhatsApp.

He said he couldn’t affirm the 17-year-old bride’s rights were violated by the marriage. Emancipation and sexual maturity occur sooner from the Caucasus. There are places where girls are shriveled by age 27 and they seem 50 by our criteria," he explained. In support of the opinion various references were created to 19 th century Russian author Alexander Pushkin’s personalities in ‘Eugene Onegin,’ 17-year-old Tatiana and her grandma who wed 13 decades old; Shakespear’s 13-year-old Juliet and Lev Tolstoy’s Natasha Rostova, that fell in love when she was 13 at’War and Peace’ were cited.

Countless photographs are uploaded with all the hashtag (Number ) which means’ShrivelledWoman’ on Instagram in reaction to the Ombudsman’s remarks to protest the oppression of women in Russia in general and in Chechnya particularly. On the other hand, the newest term ‘Astakhov Age’ was introduced to modern Russian language and lots of compulsory that the Ombudsman’s resignation.

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The minimal lawful marriage age in Russia is currently 18 [under Section 13 of this Russian Family Code ]. In certain cases local governments can allow the parties to wed if they’ve reached age 16.


At precisely the exact same time, regional laws may specify unique circumstances where individuals may be allowed to marry even sooner than this, effectively legalizing child union.

In 1830, Tsar Nicholas I raised the marriage age for both women and men by three decades. On 3 November 1965, the United Nations urged the minimum marriage age usually are less than 15.

Polygamy is prohibited under Russian national law. But, it remains permissible in conventional practice for Chechen men. In these circumstances and considering Russian Family Law doesn’t allow the enrollment of a formal venture, the satisfaction of the Chechen leader Mr Kadyrov that legal standards, spiritual practices and local customs were detected from the instance 17-year-old school woman and police chief are insignificant and direct to the inevitable conclusion that the union in question is invalid.

This subsequently effectively suggests that the ‘spouse ‘ doesn’t have legal rights to seek assistance from her ‘husband’ or to maintain any joint property of the parties or to inherit following her spouse ‘s departure, in spite of the period of the connection, children born into them, or some other conditions.

Regardless of the Children’s Ombudsman referencing the Russian Constitution’s warning against interfering in people’s personal affairs, it appears this is 1 problem that needs not just public but company condition interference. Contemplating Islam is the second biggest religion in Russia, the problems of organized child marriages and polygamy need to be given special attention by the authorities. The Koran doesn’t specify a minimum age for the marriage. Islam encourages girls to marry at a young age, therefore that they could have kids, which can be regarded as a woman’s duty. The faith allows for numerous unions.

In providing for the union of teen girls, Russian Family Law fails to give security of the legal rights.

A recent research demonstrated that 87 percent of Russians oppose polygamy for most the populace. The figure, according to a survey conducted by VTsIOM, signifies a 4 percent gain in the percentage of Russians that disapprove of carrying more than 1 spouse since 1999, when a similar poll was conducted. 10% stated they supported the concept of polygamy, a considerable fall from the 18 percent who endorsed the clinic in 1999.

Respondents were somewhat more lenient concerning the custom of polygamy among the nation ‘s Muslim inhabitants, though those amounts have dropped by over half in the previous 16 decades. 33% percent today support the idea of Muslims carrying another spouse, compared with 70 percent in the prior survey.

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