7 Things You Have to Check Before Submitting Your Articles

Table of content

  1. Pictures
  2. Heading styles
  3. Writing
  4. Categories
  5. Interest
  6. Featured Image
  7. Submit

1. Pictures

1-1. Pictures You can’t use

You can’t always use the pictures on Google

1-1 Pictures you can't use

You can’t use picture from official website

1-1 Pictures you can't use2

You can’t use any pictures from other websites

1-1 Pictures you can't use3

Wrong Flickr pictures

1-1 Pictures you can't use5

Pictures you can use

Please check articles below.

How to Find and Paste Pictures

How to embed

1-2. Wrong size pictures

Please use “Large” size, not “original” or “medium”

1-2. Wrong size

1-3. Wrong credit

Display credit


Link of credit

Please link directly to the picture, not to the author page.

1-3. Wrong credit_v2

You don’t need credit for embedding

1-3. Wrong credit_v3

1-4. Wrong display


1-5. Quality of pictures


1-6. Don’t use more than 3 Instagram Pictures in an article

Please find pictures of the priority below. Instagram is making the loading slow.

Flickr -> Other copyright-free pictures -> Facebook or Twitter -> Instagram (it make loading slow)

2. Heading styles

2-1. Use of heading

Please use “Heading” not “subhead”

2-1. Heading_v1

Please number items

2-1. Heading_v3

2-2. Information style

2-1. Heading_v4

2-3. Correct styling

How to use headings and styles

3. Writing

3-1. How to write

You can simply google the words or use some websites to get attraction information.

Where you can find information



3-2. Plagiarism checker

Please use the tool below to check your content is original. You don’t have to correct all if you’re using quote or


3-3. Grammar checker

Please use this tool to check your grammar. For proper nouns and other nouns, you don’t have to change it.


3-4. Too short text

Please write at least 50 words for the text.


3-5. Closing sentence

Please add one sentence in italic style at the end of each articles

Have a good trip and travel!







6.Featured image



Please click “save draft” and message the URL to us instead of “Submit for Review”


Have a good trip and travel.