7 Reasons to Go Ito Yokado: Japan

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Source: Wikimedia

Ito- Yokado, mostly abbreviated as IY is a major retail company based in Japan. It is part or, or rather a subsidiary of the time-honoured Seven and I Holdings. The number of stores at this huge general merchandise store is quite high, 178 at that, as of March of 2013. It’s undoubtedly the ideal location to embark on a shopping escapade and as such, Trip and Travel have compiled a list of the excellent reasons why you should go to the famous Ito-Yokado.

1. The Great Shopping Mall

First of all, the view inside is stunning and even if you were just on a window shopping spree, you definitely would get tempted to spend a few bucks on one or two items. Everything is perfectly laid-out and craves for your attention in its way. All you need to be so concerned with is your shopping list and allocated budget else; you may run bankrupt in no time at all. Some items inside are unique such as the juicy apples from New Zealand. Ito-Yokado shopping mall is just a busy trading place where people go to settle are their households needs such as vegetables and even fresh meat, and you will spend like half a day inside if you don’t plan your shopping adventure in advance.


  • Name: Ito Yokado
  • Founded: 1920, Asakusa, Tokyo
  • Website: http://www.itoyokado.co.jp/special/global/smp/en/shops/

2. Superb Ito-Yokado Arcade

Well, this is another alluring thing to this marvelous place. The games arcade (Like Game Bank Izumi – Arcade) is typically on site at the Ito-Yokado shopping center, and it has all that game lovers desire. The games are top-notch and in HD as well. Ito-Yokado offers variety, an array of captivating games to lavish in from numerous slots to football games. The display is another appetizing feature as there are 40 to 49-inch TVs along other complimentary attractions. So, during your shopping exercise, you can take one or two minutes and make a few spins.


  • Name: GAMEBANK泉店
  • Address: 2 Chome-5-4 Osawa, Izumi Ward, Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture 981-3137, Japan
  • Phone: +81 22-776-5677
  • Opening hours: 9 AM – 12 AM
  • Website: http://www.game-bank.jp/

3. Stunning Department Store and Outlets

Ito Yokado

Source: 空泳ポッチャマ

What most people love about Ito Yokado is its assortment of accomplished department stores. Not only do they deal with foodstuffs, which contribute to about half the total sales or more, but also other impressive lines of businesses as well. These are in the likes of apparel, all types of household commodities just but to mention a few. The organization of their departmental stores is another thing that also deserves praise. Despite being so many, a figure above 170, they all are well arranged and attractive to look at and shop in. Ito Yokado is a true ambassador of what a real retail company should look like.


  • Name: Ito Yokado Outlets
  • Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan

4. Fabulous Restaurants and Coffee Shops

Who wouldn’t want to have a finger-linking pepper lunch at Ito Yokado Akashi? Just the aroma from afar will make your taste buds prick. In fact, a significant percentage of people love visiting Ito-Yokado to savor in the delicious meals that the lustrous restaurants on the site tend to offer. Just imagine after having an excellent shopping experience, you get an incredible opportunity to fill your belly with select dishes. After relaxing for a while, you also get a cup of coffee to calm your nerves. Sweet enough, you also grab a pizza on your way home to complete your day. Who wouldn’t want a return to such a haven?


  • Name: Ito Yokado Akashi
  • Located: Hyogo, Osaka Kansai
  • Address: 1454 Nishi Futami Futamicho, Akashi, Hyogo Prefecture
  • Phone: +81 78-949-2339

5. 109 Cinemas Kiba Ito Yokado & IMAX

This is another fun-filled activity at this prime location. Before you even get started on shopping or just before you hit the road after getting all that you came for, you can enjoy the greatest film releases at the Kiba & IMAX and thanks to advancements in technology; you will catch all these features in 3D. Hold on a minute, though; there is much more to it than just that. There is also a thrilling Avenue on site as well for kids to have a time of their lives as well. What’s not to compliment about this gorgeous place?


  • Name:109 Cinemas Kiba & IMAX
  • Address: Ito Yokado Kiba 3F – 1-5-30 Kiba Koto-ku
    Kiba, Japan, 135-0042
  • Phone: +81 3 5683 0109
  • Website: http://109cinemas.net/kiba/ , http://www.imax.com/theatres/109-cinemas-kiba-imax

6. Close Proximity to Oimachi Station

Oimachi Station

Source: Zengame

We all are big fans of an easy way out for almost everything. Who loves difficult hustles? Nobody. And when most of us are thinking about where exactly to spend our hard earned fortunes, we usually like places that are straightforward to access. Ito Yokado here happens to have an edge vibe that its neighbors with the proficient interchange train station in Shinagawa. So getting there is an easy task, and when you have had your fill the shopping mall, the arcade and had a cup of excellent decaf at the coffee restaurants, you also catch the high-speed trains at Oimachi station once more.


  • Name: Ōimachi Station
  • Address: Japan
  • Opened: 1914
  • Website: http://www.jreast.co.jp/estation/stations/307.html

7. Nationwide Accessibility and Supportive Professional Staff

Ito Yokado

Source: NHD-INFO

The headquarters of this well-established shopping outlet is in the highly developed city of Tokyo. And if we consider the top fifteen largest stores in the entire universe, Ito Yokado fits right in. To stump its credentials, it has a whole horde of 175 stores widely spread through the country. With Ito Yokado, its variety after variety. All that you think of won’t happen to miss it under any given circumstances. The support staff is also hospitable and professional. Who wouldn’t want to shop at such a place? Or perhaps, what more of a good reason would rather have so as to pay Ito Yokado a visit if not its nationwide viral effect?


Have a good trip and travel!

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