10 Things to Know about Zaragoza Airport

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Zaragoza Airport
Source: Mariya Prokopyuk

Have you heard about the acclaimed city of Zaragoza? Of its riches and glorious history? Do you want to pay a visit to Zaragoza? Zaragoza is known as a pilgrimage site where it is believed that the Virgin Mary, paid a visit to Saint James. Its architectural designs reflect both Islamic and Gothic architecture, a beautiful sight to behold; you can be sure. For those not in Spain, you will have to use the Zaragoza Airport, which is only fifteen minutes away from the city to get to be part of the pilgrimage or to enjoy the beauty that Zaragoza city has to offer.

1. Transportation

Tourist bus
Source: srgpicker

Have you just arrived at the airport? Or are you worried about how to get to the city center once you have landed at the Zaragoza Airport? You don’t have to worry anymore. As I said earlier, the airport is only fifteen minutes away from the city center. More so, there are buses that operate between the airport and the city, making stops along the way. Lucky for you, they leave the airport every half an hour, and some are scheduled to coincide with flight arrival and departure times. Operation time runs from 6.15 to 23.15 on every day and once every hour from 6.45 to 22.45 on Sundays and holidays.


  • Name:Airport-Zaragoza
  • Price:Single ticket: €1.85.
  • Opening hour: 6.15-23.15
  • Phone:902 306 065

2. Parking at the Airport

Zaragoza airport
Source: Kenyh

The airport has two parking areas, P1, and P2. They are both open to the public and with the added advantage of having the chance to book online. You can book your slot in advance. The two areas are roofed so; the weather will not keep you from looking good once you reach your destination. You want to dress the part, don’t you? Another advantage that you will find suitable is that the two areas are strategically located near the terminal. P1 is a few meters away while P2 is a two-minute walk from the terminal. In short, they are both a walking distance away.


  • Name: P1 public car park, P2 public car park
  • Places: 817, 229

3. Air Freight Operations

Zaragoza Airport’s cardinal location makes it a key air freight operator in Southern Europe and third in the whole of Spain. It is equipped with the latest technology, and their warehouses have been developed to meet each company’s specific needs. Delivery time of the cargo is pronto and thus at a cheaper cost due to its facile infrastructure. There are currently, ten air freight companies that have been operating at the airport for a long time now. Goods are mainly transported from America, the Middle East, East Asia, Europe and also Russia.

4. Shops to be Found

There two shops in the airport, situated on floor 0 at the departure section. They include Lopapi and El Rincon. They sell multi-shop products; from food, souvenirs to press material. El Rincon also has on offer, nuts and sweets of known Zaragozan producers. There’s nothing exciting of having a taste of something different from what you are used to.You may not like it, depending on your taste buds, but you never know until you try. Also, there’s no better way to have a fulfilling experience in a new country other than having a taste of their food.


  • Name: El Rincon
  • Location: Floor 0. Departures. Public Zone
  • Opening hour: According to the flight schedule
  • Phone: 876 244 351
  • Email: fs@fselrincon.com

5. Car Rentals

Three international car rental agencies operate at the airport. That is Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Hertz, and Europcar. The companies offer reasonable prices with the option of choosing the make and type of car of your preference. They are renowned agencies and are thus reliable. Well, no one wants to rent a car and on the d-day find out that you had been conned. And mark you, you are in a foreign country.That will surely ruin your prospects about the trip; you don’t want that, do you?


  • Name: Hertz
  • Access: Terminal. Floor 0
  • Phone: 976 320 400
  • Email: spzar51@hertz.com

6. Restaurants and Cafeterias

Spanish Delicacy

Source: Javier Lastras

This is the second most important part for me. Good food can wipe away your worries and foul moods about the flight or brought about by the thought of leaving, even if it will be for a moment. There are two great self-service cafeterias. One is located in the public area while the other is restricted to the passengers only. The serve a variety of menus where you may find some local, seasonal produce. Helados Jijonenca, on the other hand, is an ice-cream parlor, cafeteria, and terrace that is also open to the public. It also offers a great view of the airport. A perfect place to spend your time as you say your goodbyes.


  • Name: Helados Jijonenca
  • Place: Floor 1. Departures. Public Zone

7. Children’s Play Area

The Airport has a kids play area where families can spend time as they say their goodbyes. This is for those who don’t want to spend their last moments eating. You know great food can take away you concentration, kidding. It is the best place to spend your last fleeting moments with family. The kids have great equipment installed to keep them entertained as time passes.

8. Post Office Services

Yes, there is a post office at the airport. You can now send your postcard home telling them of a could be, a change of plans. You could also send you goodbye letters to those you didn’t get a chance to since you left in a hurry. If you have just arrived, get a postcard from one of the shops open and send it home.Let them know that you arrived safely at your intended destination. Let them be a part of your tour even though they may be miles away from you. A small piece of paper could bridge that gap.

9. Wifi

Something I know that will get you excited. The airport has unlimited free internet just for you. For those who move with technology, get that phone and take those selfies. Share them with family and friends. Take time also, to do some research on the places you want to visit and make an informed choice. Confirm the time of your flight; you don’t want to be left behind. Keep tabs on your friends and loved ones wherever they are. Surf, surf and do more surfing.

10. Other Services Offered

ATM’s are available for you to top up the little you may have to buy more souvenirs on your way home. Also in availability are public telephones for you to call and perhaps inform your loved ones that you are coming to see them. There’s a Lost Luggage section to make your reports and probably claim your lost and found cargo. They have a great staff who are more than willing to help you around. The Airport has a customer friendly staff and is well equipped to meet the different needs of its users. You can even ask for two minutes bicycle ride to make things more fun. You will be well-taken care off.

Have a good trip and travel!

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