15 Best Accessories to Buy in Morocco

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Source: Bachmont

When you’re traveling to Morocco, you’ll most likely end up stuffing your luggage with their pretty traditional souvenirs. There are a lot of local shop selling colorful accessories that are so hard to resist. And better yet, you can find them almost everywhere. Here are some unique ones that you might want to buy. 

1. Moroccan Lamp

Source: Carlos ZGZ

Moroccan Lamp is one of our favorite. Not only that it is exotic, but it also gives you the feel of an Arabian night. It can be placed on your dining tables or on your bedside table. You can place it indoor or outdoor. It really is up to you! 

2. Rugs and Carpets

Source: Dimitry B. 

If you’ve seen a Moroccan carpet before and fallen in love with it, why one buy one for your living room? Some of the carpets are made from wool and you can even find one that is made from cotton. It’s more lightweight and easier to wash.

3. Candle Holder

Another interesting gift that people usually buy in Morocco is the candle holder. You can find some that are made from clay. But we love the metal one. The metal work itself is so beautiful that it reflects the candlelight in the dark. Simply stunning!

4. Moroccan Tassels

If you’re looking for a small authentic Moroccan gift to give to your friends, you might want to consider the Moroccan tassels. They can hang it to their handbag, or sew it to their dress, make a necklace from it. Not only that it’s unique in its own way, but there are endless possibilities for your friends to play with it.

5. Leather Bag

Morocco is somehow popular for its leather work. You can find leather bags or pouches at the souks. Or better yet, you can have your custom-made leather goods made if you’re staying for not a very short time. Just simply give your desired design and they will make it for you.

6. Ceramics

Most ceramics in Morocco is bright in color. One of our favorites is the blue and white ceramics from Fez. You most likely would want to bring some pretty cups, plates or bowls home. Just make sure that you ask for bubble wrap or else it won’t end up pretty when you unwrap them at home.

7. Embroidered Fabric

Embroidered fabric can be sewed into bed cover or table linen. You can even make a dress from it. If you come across some pretty embroidered fabric that you really like, don’t be hesitate to bring some home! It will add a nice exotic touch to your home.

8. Woven Shawl

A woven shawl might not be as appealing as the embroidered fabric, but it’s practical when it comes to rainy season or even fall. They are normally made from wool, cotton, or the combination of the two. And they come in a wide variety of pattern and color you’ll love!

9. Silver Teapot

Source: Klearchos Kapoutsis

You know, drinking tea is a culture in Morocco. And what they use is not just an ordinary teapot, it’s a silver teapot! It’s a famous work of art from Fez. Usually, the Moroccan use it to serve mint tea. Any other tea will do, though. But mint tea just happens to be the most common one.

10. Moroccan Babouche

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Source: just_a_cheeseburger

Babouche is the traditional colorful slippers that you will easily find at the market stalls or shops. Some are made from leather and some are from cloth. There are some babouches that have thin leather sole that makes it feel like ballet shoes. That one with a thin leather sole is usually for indoor use only. The ornamented babouche is so pretty that you want to have a pair!

11. Bed Cover

Bedcover with Moroccan pattern? Yes, please! It usually comes in bright vivid colors like corals, aqua, or yellow. It is so pretty and sure it will freshen up your bedroom in just a second.

12. Jewelry

Women out there, we know that it’s hard for you to leave Morocco without taking some of their pretty jewelry with you. Moroccan jewelry is usually carefully handcrafted by the skillful crafter with lots of love. They can be worn on any occasion. But we suggest to wear it along with your plain cloth, to make it stand out even more.

13. Tagine Pot

If you like to cook at home, why not buy this traditional Moroccan cooking tool? It’s made from clay and is perfect for slow cooking. They say that the cone shape of the lid trap the hot air so that the dish being cooked will become moist. As the food cooks, the steam will continuously rise up to the lid and condensation will form and it will fall back into the dish.

14. Hammam Towel

Hammam towels are usually used in hammams (bath houses) around Morocco. It’s made from cotton and very lightweight. And not to mention, very absorbent as well. You can bring it to the beach or pool on summer or just use it as a normal towel at home.

15. Marquetry

Marquetry is another unique traditional craft in Morocco. It’s basically crafted from woods and they make it into some ornaments, box, mirror frames, and even furniture.The most famous marquetry artist, or marquetarian, in Morocco, are from Essaouira. You can even watch their manufacturing process there!

So, which one is your favorite?

Have a good trip and travel!

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