10 Nightlife To Enjoy In Agadir

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Source: derosieres

Going to the bars and clubs at night is one of the best activities that travelers do. Experiencing nightlife of a new place is definitely a must-try. You won’t need to spend thousands of bucks to experience a great nightlife in Agadir. There are numerous bars, clubs, and restaurants that provide entertainment to guests during the night.

1. Le blunt

The lovely terrace is a beautiful spot to spend time for some wine. What sets this apart from the rest is its fabulous ambiance that allows every visitor to chill out and have a good time. Inside the restaurant, the ceiling will catch your attention because of its dome feature.

2. Naya lounge

Are you a party person? If so, you have come to the right place. Every single night, Naya Lounge is always filled with lively loud music for guests to be entertained. There is a lot of dancing and drinking at the bar. In-house DJs also keep the bar alive in the middle of the night.

3. Amane Bar

Located at Sofitel Agadir Thalassa Sea and Spa, Amane Bar is one of the best bars in town. The ambiance is simply elegant that everyone would surely love. Ask the staff for the best wines in the bar. Try it and you will definitely love it and come back for more.

4. English Pub

The bar is totally fun and exciting with all the young people partying all night. This is a great venue for the young generation to watch their favorite football team on screen. There are numerous TV screens inside the pub, allowing everyone to watch the game and have some drinks with friends.

5. Actor’s Night Club

One of the best party places in Agadir, Actor’s Night Club gives guests total entertainment with its loud music. This is a good place for friends to relieve stress by partying and drinking. Dancing somehow gives people relief from all the problems in life. Tourists may want to experience how Moroccans party all night long.

6. Le Lido Cab Club Agadir

The club has a very cool ambiance that provides guests more time to drink and just chills out with friends. Colorful wall animation designs add magnificence to the place. Visitors would surely love the feeling of having visited the place. This is a great experience to see how people here party.

7. Papagayo Night Club

Papagayo is one of the best nightclubs in Agadir. The DJs always play the best music so, everyone will definitely enjoy the night. No doubt, Papagayo has kept its service excellent. Tourists must check it out and experience the kind of nightlife Agadir has. Plus, security is tight so, you’ll be safe here.

8. Restaurant les Blancs

What’s interesting in this restaurant is not only the food but the concerts held every weekend. During evenings, you can come here and chill out by the sea. Plus, the background music increases relaxation of the body and mind. Grab some champagne and wine to completely end the night after a tiring day.

9. Jour et Nuit

This beachfront restaurant offers nothing but the best food and drinks. Bar music seems to be enticing for the young people. Of course, this is one of the favorite hangout places for the youth. You can watch the surfers, street dancers, and other people pass by while sipping your drinks.

10. So Night Lounge

One of the most expensive clubs in Agadir, So Night Lounge never fails its visitors. There is never a dull moment upon entering the club. Vodka bars are incredible. Of course, people wait for the best part of the night which is the live music presented by some local artists and DJs.

Have a good trip and travel!

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