10 Places to Shop in Agadir

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Source: Heather Cowper

Shopping has been part of everyone’s journey when traveling, especially for women. Every country has different kinds of unique pieces of clothes, shoes, bags, and just about many other things. When in Agadir, there are too many shops where you can shop for your needs, from personal or home things.

1. Souk El Had d’Agadir

The market just seems to have almost everything in one place. Food, spices, clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry and other stuff are available among the stalls in the market. Don’t forget to haggle the prices if you find it relatively high. You never know the seller may just give in to your desired price.

2. L’Echappee Belle Etape Berbere

The shop may be small but, it is loaded with arts and crafts supplies. If you are looking for gift items, you will definitely find one here. Even fashionable items including leather bags can be easily found here. Some items are hand-made so, they are guaranteed to be unique pieces.

3. La Nouvelle Medina Polizzi

For travel photographers, Medina Polizzi is a great venue for photo-taking because of the beautiful architecture and mesmerizing structures. The place is quiet and peaceful so, it is not actually crowded. If you are interested in camel rides, you can try it here. Artworks and other crafts are available for sale.

4. Agadir Argan Shop

Argan oil products for the body, hair, and skincare needs are sold in Agadir Argan Shop. The products are guaranteed authentic and have proven to have many benefits. Shop assistants are always welcoming customers and explain every product you are interested in. You might be given samples of the products too.

5. Moroccan Original Carpet

Check out originally made carpets from Morocco. Of course, the carpet is made of high-quality products and definitely, gives good value for your money. Talk to shop attendants for more details of the carpets. There are various colors and designs that you can choose from. You may also arrange for international shipping.

6. Ensemble Artisanal

Numerous Moroccan crafts are available for sale. There are many designs, shapes, and colors for you to choose from. Most items are priced fairly so, there is really no need to haggle. The sellers are friendly so ask them for more information on the crafts. These items are absolutely good as gifts for your friends.

7. Kermess

For shopping clothes, bags, shoes and other personal belongings, Kermess is simply one of the best places to find your necessities. Shops display their products for customers to see. You may ask for more colors and style. Fashionable items are always available, especially for girls. You may also purchase shirts as a souvenir from your trip.

8. Al mouggar bookshop

There is a wide array of French books in the bookshop. Moreover, English novels are also found here. This is definitely heaven on earth for book lovers. Bring your children here, for sure, they would love the place. Books always keep children interested and educated. Or, spend some time scanning the books here.

9. Marche central

This food market has a variety of products of fruits, vegetables, spices, and meat. This is a good place to buy fresh meat for your meals. The market is known for its fresh local products. Various stalls have different items to sell. Explore the whole area and find reasonable prices for your food shopping.

10. Tafoukt souq

Source: Chris Yunker

Tourists are highly encouraged to visit the market because you can truly buy great bargains here. Most items are priced low so, you might regret if you didn’t buy it. You can find almost everything here. Shirts, caps, jewelry, kitchenware, home appliances and much more. Special gift items can also be found here.

Have a good trip and travel!

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