10 Things to Do in Shirakawago: Japan

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10899112613_bb09cb82fc_bSource: Cliffano Subagio

Shirakawago is a small village that lies in the mountains of the Gifu and Toyama Prefectures. Its main areas are Ogimachi, Suganuma, and Ainokura. It is well known for its traditional gassho-zukuri farmhouses, which are close to 250 years old. Go back in time in these quaint little village and check out these 10 things you must do.

1.Stay in a Minshuku

10898818385_cd9dc185e1_bSource: Cliffano Subagio

Minshukus are Japanese-style bed and breakfasts that are popular in Shirakwa-go. Most are traditional farmhouses where tourists can explore the historical aspects of the home while relaxing. The farmhouses still have the traditional irori, which is an open fireplaces that is used for heating and cooking.

2.Visit the Gassho-zukuri Minka-en Museum

This museum consists of 27 thatched roof houses that have been moved from Shirakawa-go. In addition, a temple, coalhouse, and horse paddock were built to recreate the old historical village. Visitors can make industrial art crafts like dyeing and weaving.


  • Name: Gassho-zukuri Minka-en Museum
  • Address:2499 Ogimachi, Shirakawa, Ono District, Gifu Prefecture 501-5627
  • Price: 400-600 yen
  • Website: http://shirakawa-go.org/en/#_=_

3.Visit Ainokura Traditional Crafts Museum

Come here to see traditions from several centuries ago. There are straw baskets that were made for cats to leep in and hand-made drums that are constructed from 108 sliced wooden blocks. There are also bamboo blocks made to stave off wild boars.


  • Name: Ainokura Folklore Museum
  • Address:352 Ainokura, Nanto, Toyama Prefecture 939-1915, Japan
  • Price: 350 yen

4. The Soba Dojo

The Gassho-zukuri Minka en museum has an area called the Soba Dojo where guests can make their own Japanese Soba noodles. It is surely to be a fun and delicious experience!

5.Attend the Doburoku Festival

This festival is held at Shirakawago every fall. Doburoku is a type of sake that is given to visitors during the festival. Vistors can also learn about the Shishi-mai, a lion dance, at the Doburoku Matsuri Hall.

6.Go up to the Shiroyama Observation Deck

This is the best area to get an entire view of this beautiful, rustic village. Be sure to make a trip up to the deck for some outstanding panoramic views.


7.Visit Kanda House

15319512415_c5879ee23e_kSource: Desert_Ostrich

Kanda house is one of the more uniquely built Gassho-zukuri houses. It is a five story farm house, where you can also relax and have some free Japanese tea. Come here to look at amazing artifacts from the community.


8. Go night-gazing

84991054_94e973f0ef_bSource: つだ

Due to the natural and tranquil atmosphere of the village, it is a great place for some star gazing. It is far away from the city lights of modernity. Once the local people light up their houses, it is easy to see clear skies and bright stars.

9. Buy some souvenirs

Shirakawago has plenty of gift shops and stalls selling unique items that you can’t get anywhere else. Be sure to drop by at one of them to get a little keepsake of this traditional village.

10.Visit the Myozenji Temple and Myozenji Museum

2414999256_97c1867eab_bSource: つだ

This temple and museum display traditional artifacts from farm life back in the olden times. They also show ways of silk cultivation.


Shinokawa-go is an experience that you can not get anywhere else. It is a truly unique and historical village that will make you feel like you are in traditional Japan. Be sure to come by! Have a good trip and travel.

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