5 Ways to Get around Okinawa

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Okinawa Beach
Source: Hiroaki Kaneko

Okinawa is one of the beautiful islands which can be found in the territory of Japan which is situated between Taiwan’s and Japan the main lands. The land has some breathtaking views and can make your trip alluring as heaven.It is indeed one of the most beautiful resorts in the world. You can surely spend some quality time with your family in Okinawa. This largest island facilitates people by offering the relax and safe environment at the most reasonable cost. The article aims to discuss the five easiest way to go around Okinawa which can help you to explore this beautiful place.

1. Using Public Bus

Public Bus in Okinawa
Source: Rashaad Jorden

You can move around Okinawa easily by using the public transport if you wish to visit limited areas in limited time period. Okinawa bus system is popular among those who are interested in visiting the limited areas in limited currency, plus you can go around with your friends which will cost you like nothing


  • Bus stations in Total: Eight (8)
  • Famous station: Naha bus terminal and DAIICHI MAKIMINATO bus stop
  • Traveling/Tour cost by bus: Adults: 230 yen, Children 110 yen

2. Using Monorail

Monorail Line
Source: Kentaro IEMOTO

If you are interested in only visiting some parts on Naha, the capital of Okinawa, then you can opt for the option of taking a monorail which will take you to northern or central parts of the largest island and give you the option to visit the aquariums situated in central and northern parts. The monorail option not only gives the traveling opportunities but also offer beverages and food items to those who are traveling.


  • Stations are operated by: Okinawa city Monorail Corporatio
  • Monorail cost per head: 330 yen

3. Joining a Car Community

Another way through which you can easily roam around this beautiful Island is by joining a car community who will take you on tour from 9 am to 4 pm and will guide to visit parts of huraumi Aquarium and Nago pineapple park. This service is comparatively inexpensive and enable more exposure to the person. Renting a car is also a feasible option if you are traveling with your friends or family. It would cost you around $43 fuel cost.


  • Service provider: Auto community service
  • Offer: Used cars for rental and holding purpose
  • Cost: Varies, according to the service chosen
  • Approx. cost: $8 per person, 1 mile

4. Take ferry and Enjoy your ride

The another way through which you can go around Okinawa is the ferry from different islands. For instance, if you are landing at Ishigaki then you can easily take a ferry from Ishigaki port and can go to Irimote. It is the center of attraction for tourist because ferry adds more fun and you can enjoy the nice weather and look around different sea creatures.


  • Point of Ferry: Ishigaki poi
  • Rates:  Depends on the rou
  • Restaurants near the ferry station: Ashibiuna
  • Approx. cost: $270-330

5. Last but not the least, Walk

Walk in Okinawa
Source: Jason Evans

It’s the right time to point out the most inexpensive but time taking the method of roaming around Okinawa. If you are an outdoorsy and enthusiastic person, then this offer is surely for you. You can simply walk around the island and take a look at the most breathtaking and alluring views. We claim it as cheaper but it will defiantly increase the level of exposure for all who are passionate enough to explore each and every part of the beautiful island.


  • Distances in Miles:
Tomigusuku Ishigaki 409.89
Hirara Haebaru 310.82
Chatan Ishikawa 13.65
  • Staying places:   Asahi Guest House, Near Kokusai Street

Okinawa is one of the most beautiful and must visit the place. The above mentioned are the cheapest and most convenient ways through which you can move and travel around Okinawa. If you wish to travel outside the Naha, the capital of Okinawa then you can go for several options like traveling by ferry, bus or airline. All the places are worth watching and the plus point is that the rates are inexpensive and affordable by each and every one. You might need to have a tourist guide if you are traveling for the first time but trust us the travel is worthwhile and alluring.

Have a good trip and travel!