5 Reasons to Go Sapporo Beer Museum

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408296229_09a2f62839_bSource: Ruth Hartnup

Sapporo beer museum tells the history and making of the Sapporo Beer, which is one of the oldest and most popular beers in the country. Come here to learn about the history of beer in Japan and the beer production process! Check out these five reasons why this is a great place to come.

1. Sapporo Beer Tastings

After a tour of all the exhibits, you can enjoy beer tastings at a small fee on the third floor of the museum. Kick back and relax and try all sorts of different kinds! Perhaps you will find a new beer that you really enjoy. 

2. The beer exhibits

2732814726_e08f397ae9_bSource: Sarah Whitcher Kansa

The museum showcases the history of beer and the process of making beer. Unfortunately, the exhibits don’t have many explanations in English. However, guided tours are available, where you can get a tour guide who can speak whatever language you need.

3. Garden Grill and Genghis Khan Hall Restaurant

The museum has two restaurants next to it, where you can enjoy a delicious meal in addition to the beers. Garden Grill is a more traditional restaurant, while Genghis Khan is more of a beer hall. At this place, you can drink all the beer you would like and even have some mutton barbecue!

4. Museum Shop Souvenirs

The museum also has a small shop that sells various souvenirs and knick knacks. If you want to remember your delicious and refreshing experience here, try and get a souvenir mug or beer cup!

5. Stylish Building

Visitors will be delighted by the rustic design of the outer and inner building. It makes you feel like you are in another time. Just another thing that adds to the atmosphere of a relaxing afternoon!


Kick back on a lazy weekend at Sapporo beer museum to enjoy some refreshing drinks and delicious food. 

Have a good trip and travel!