15 Onsen to You Can’t Miss in Kyoto

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Day trip to Kurokawa Onsen, Kyushu

Source: David McKelvey

Nature has blessed Japan with numerous hot springs and during chilly winters or cool summers a bath in hot spring water relaxes the whole body. Local residents love to soak themselves in hot natural water either the natural one or in onsen where water is drilled from natural spring. This phenomenon is so much refreshing that even visitors try it out to tame their body and mind. Let us have a close look at the onsen facilities available in Kyoto to guide your Onsen trip. Along with hot water bath Kyoto onsen do offer other body relaxing facilities which you may also try to caress your skin. Onsen Tamago- a popular Japanese dish prepared by boiling egg in the hot water bath is the ajor attraction for the visitors. You can also treat yourself by bling your own egg and enjoy its’ taste.

1. Funaoka Onsen

Located right next to the ocean, Yudomari onsen is a natural mineral spring bath. It is a nice place to relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of the ocean.

Source: Tyrian

One of the oldest onsens in Kyoto, Funaoka is serving people since 1923. Interiors depicting the original Shanghai Art of Edo Period, wooden carvings are highly impressive and the bath facility is incredible with separated bath tubs on gender basis. It is one of the finest onsen in Kyoto where every visitor must go.


  • Location: South of Daitokuji temple, Kita ward, Kyoto
  • Access: Hours: Mon-Sat (15:00-01:00)
  • Sunday and holidays (08:00-01:00)
  • Fee: 430 Yen

2. Kurama Onsen

Pic 2

Source: Barry Silver

Kurama onsen is a sheer pleasure destination after long mountain walk. Sitting under a hot bath tub with forest mountains surroundings gives the utmost satisfaction to the eyes and muscles. There is indoor as well as outdoor pool to revitalising self from within, quite a fine place to relax and gear up mind.


  • Location: Kurama Honmachi,Sakyo ku, Kyoto
  • Access: 10 minute walking distance from Kurama Station on Eizan Line
  • Hours: 10:00-21:00
  • Fee: 1000 Yen (Adults)
  • 700 Yen (Children)

3. Seryo Onsen

Seryo Onsen derives its’ hot water from north eastern valleys of Kyoto embellished with a soothing temperature of 27.9^ C for a complete body rejuvenation. Hot spring water in Kyoto is rich in Natrium and Hydrogen Carbonate ions which effectively soothes and heals skin and minor wounds. Even after surgery bathing in such nutritive water is highly relaxing, water with such high nutrient is rare to find in other onsens.


  • Location: Sanzen-in, Ohara, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
  • Access: 45 miuntes by car from Kyoto Higashi Interchange, next to Sanzen-in Temple
  • Hours: 08:00-21:00
  • Fee: Highly expensive, Tariffs varies as per the booking

4. Sagano Onsen Tenzan no Yu

Pic 4

Source: Travis

This is not what you can call a traditional Japanese onsen for the reason it features numerous other body rejuvenating treatments like saunas, spas and massages. Numerous large and small hot bath tubs are available; some are filled with natural water while some contains tank water heated up to an optimum temperature. It fully depend upon visitors which tank they choose to pamper their body. This onsen also has a fine dining area and resting rooms for a relaxed time.


  • Location: Ukyo Ward, Kyoto
  • Access:  2 minutes walking distance from Arisugawa Station
  • Hours: 10:00-1:00
  • Closed: 3rd Monday of each month
  • Fee: 1,050 Yen for junior high school students and Adults
  • 950 Yen for 4 years to high school students
  • (Special discounts for membership card owner)

5. Amanohashidate Onsen


Source: Amanohashidate Onsen

Established in 1999, this tea brown coloured onsen is considered to be the top spot to experience the tranquilty of Kyoto nature. Being located at the suburb, it delivers splendid landscape along with natural water pumped onsen to soak body for complete relaxation. There is outdoor, indoor and foot-bath facility to provide you complete bathing bliss.


  • Location: Miyazu City,Kyoto
  • Access:  Select KTR line to Amanohashidate
  • Hours: 10:00-22:00
  • Closed: 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month
  • Fee: 600 Yen for junior high school students and Adults
  • 300 Yen for Elementary School Students

6. Sumiya Kiho-an Onsen

Pic 6

Source: Kurokawa-onsen

While your visit to Kyoto, just dedicate yourself one day to relaxation, far from the city noise and hustle-bustle of life. Just plan a trip to Sumiya Onsen and experience the divine journey of soaking body in hot natural water along with exotic lunch. Majestic surroundings and sulphur smelling water actually compels you forget about your work area and re-vitalize self from within with nature. There is provision for open air onsen-bathing in natural water surrounding with forest as well as the communal hot bath tub, choice depends upon you.


  • Location: Kameoka City,Kyoto
  • Access:  At 10:30 catch a free shuttle bus from JR Kameoka Station
  • Hours: Check-in 11:00~ Check-out 14:30
  • Fee: 7,170 Yen Communal Onsen+ Lunch
  • 8,000 Yen Open air Onsen+ Lunch

7. Omiya Komachi Onsen


Source: strikeael

This splendid onsen is located in Kyoto Prefectural National Pension and Health Center. It is named after a famous poet and the most beautiful lady of her time Ono-ko machi. It has outdoor bath, indoor bath and a Jacuzzi to relieve the stress of the visitors. This wonderful onsen rests inside popular hotel and if you are planning to stay there, then you can enjoy the hot bath tub any time of day and free of cost.


  • Location: Omiya-chu, Nakagun,Kyoto
  • Access: 21 minutes walking distance from Tango-Omiya Train Station
  • Hours: 11:00-20:00
  • Closed: Mondays (if public holiday then on the following day)
  • Fee: 500 Yen for junior high school students and Adults
  • 400 Yen for Elementary School Students

8. Rurikei Onsen

pic 8

Source: Cyril Bèle

This onsen is highly recommended for visitors who are not free enough to bathe naked in tub as the onsen manner allows. There is bathing suit available on rent that visitors can take on rent and enjoy the healing power of natural hot water with family, friends and children altogether. It is a highly demanded spot for family recreation. Near-by tennis courts and fish canal add on to the pleasure of visiting this spot. The presence of whole group elevates when children get the opportunity to boil eggs in hot spring water and enjoy the taste of Onsen Tamago- a famous Japanese dish.


  • Location: Sono be cho, Nantanshi,Kyoto
  • Access: Take transport from JR Sanin Main Line to Sonobe
  • Hours: 07:00-22:00
  • Fee: 700 Yen for junior high school students and Adults
    350 Yen for Elementary School Students

9. Springs Hiyoshi Road-side Station

Pic 9

Source:  顔なし

Fully natural no addition-no cleaning, simply drench yourself with hot natural water and heal your body and mind as well. Water is drawn from deep inside and direct pour into tub to make visitors experience the pleasure of dipping in natural water. After a hot bath you can also pamper yourself with massage and sauna to heighten the contentment of visiting this heavenly place. You can also taste local foods that are usually lured by maximum visitors and can take few things back home from the nearby shopping stores.


  • Location: Naka Hiyoshi-cho, Nantan City, Kyoto
  • Access:  Take Nanatan City Bus from Hiyoshi Station on JR main line and get off at Hiyoshi Onsen
  • Hours: 10:00-22:00
  • Closed:  Wednesday
  • Fee: 750 Yen for junior high school students and Adults
  • 370 Yen for Elementary School Students

10. Takao Onsen

Source: Takao Onsen

Better known as “The Beauty Bath”, this onsen hot water is rich in minerals which have high effect on skin and undoubtedly women fall for lovely skin and this destination suit well to their purpose. Either you choose the outdoor bath or the indoor one the effect on your skin will flawless. Women who are conscious about their skin make sure to visit it at-least once a month to maintain healthy and pure skin texture. Relaxed body, pampered skin and refresh mind are the results of soaking in natural water rich in hydrogen carbonate.


  • Location: Tokura, Maizuru City, Kyoto
  • Access: On Nishi Mizuru line from bus, 10 minute before Kyoto City
  • Closed: Always Open
  • Fee: 700 Yen for junior high school students and Adults
    350 Yen for Elementary School Students

11. Asamogawa Onsen Shizuka na Sato

Pic 11

Source: Mizoguchicoji

Splendid sea-side view from hot bath tub gives utmost satisfaction to the eyes and body both. This onsen represent gorgeous view of sea because it is situated on the hill top and the below sea sight is magnificent. Along with outdoor hot water tub there is flowing water system which changes alternatively between men and women to give equal opportunity to both the genders. This onsen resort very well understands the choice of the visitors, hence tries level best to avail all kinds of facilities at one door stop.


  • Location: Amino cho, KyotangoCity, Kyoto
  • Access: Take ride from Fukuchiyama to Miyazu then on Miyafuku line ride to Amino
  • Hours: 10:00-21:00
  • Closed: Tuesdays (if public holiday then on the following day)
  • Fee: 500 Yen Adults
    300 Yen for Junior High School students and under

12. Kotobikihama Onsen

Pic 12

Source: Fabichan

This sea side onsen attract visitors who loiter around sea to have bath. Swimmers prefer to soak themselves in natural water after being drenched in heavy sea water. It is quite a famous lightening destination, though this spa features many other body rejuvenating treatments, but the major attraction is the spring water. Extremely natural in content spring water is always ready to soothe the body to the upper-most level.


  • Location: Kakezu, Amino cho, Kyotango City, Kyoto
  • Access: 11 minutes walking distance from Amino
  • Hours: Noon-18:00
  • Closed: Always Open
    Fee: free

13. Yasaka Ashiginu Onsen

Pic 13

Source: Yusuke Kawasaki

Embellished with all basic bathing facilities, yasaka features Oko-ko no Yu (rotenburo) from where you can have serene view of Yasaka Plains and Himiko no Yu i.e. other bathing facilities like saunas, Jacuzzis and steam. Outdoor bath facility is open to both the genders alternatively and the area is surrounded with ancient tombs with scripted words like King Bath etc. this makes the surrounding appear as if in olden days.


  • Location: yasaka cho, KyotangoCity, Kyoto
  • Access: 10 minutes walking distance from Mineyama Station on KTR Miyazu Line
  • Hours: 10:00-22:00
  • Closed: Wednesdays (if public holiday then on the following day)
    Fee: 600 Yen Adults
    400 Yen Children

14. Yunohana Hot Spring


Source: Yuhuin

This onsen is deeply related with the history of Japan. It is well known that soothing hot spring water heals wound instantly therefore, earlier Japanese warriors visti this onsen to soothe their wounds and quickly get out of the pain. Situated among the serene mountains, this onsen drives maximum visitors who desire to spend sometime with nature. Clean air and bustling sound of leaves and water fills the entire atmosphere ornamenting it with the best nature feature.


  • Location: Heidano cho, Kameoka City, Kyoto
  • Access: On JR Sagano Line take Keihan Kotsu Kyoto Bus from Kameoka and get off at Yunohana Onsen
  • Hours: 11:00-15:00
  • Closed: Open all year
  • Fee: 900 Yen

15. Kur Haus Iwataki

At the Onsen

Source: Tyrian

It is a complete healthy bathing unit which combines traditional Japanese hot spring and German bathing forms as well. There is gym, saunas, lounge and a training room; you can visit here for your complete body treatment. Though it is more of a health unit, its’ hot spring facility is not at all devoid of any pleasure. If you wish to treat your body with hot water and other toning methods this place deserves your presence.


  • Location: Yosao cha, Yoza-gun, Kyoto
  • Access: 5 minutes walking distance from Higshimache
  • Hours: 10:00-22:00
  • Closed: Thursday
  • Fee: 1,200 Yen- Adults
    800 Yen- Junior High School Students
    500 Yen- Elementary School Students

The pleasure of having a soothing bath is immeasurable and the opportunity to immerse body in hot water is no less than a heavenly experience. This discussion will undoubtedly compel you to experience onsen bath. So, what are you waiting for? Make your reservation immediately and make a blissful journey.

Have a good trip and travel.

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