15 Beaches You Must Go in San Diego

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San Diego Beaches

Source: Sunburned Surveyor

With 70 miles of perfect coastline, year-around daylight and mellow temperatures, you can appreciate the surf and sand in San Diego any day of the year. For guests and local people alike, the shoreline is a veritable wonderland and the spot to go through whole days with family and companions. From far reaching sandy shorelines, rough cliffs, reefs, tide pools , the shorelines in San Diego are as diverse as the California shoreline towns .A number of shorelines in the San Diego territory have cliffs, generally made out of rather delicate sandstone; some have front freshwater tidal ponds where streams keep running into the coast. Below are some of the best beachs in San Diego that are perfect for relaxing, water sports and swimming.

1. Mission Beach

Mission Beach

Source: Gary J. Wood

Settled between Pacific Beach and Belmont Park, Mission Beach offers an energetic and vigorous assortment of recreational activities in the sun, surf and sand. Mission Beach is a standout amongst the most acclaimed shorelines in San Diego and offers chances to take part in sunbathing, skateboarding, surfing,Frisbee hurling, bicycling, and other open air activities. Mission Beach incorporates Mariner’s Point, the first site of the over-the-line softball-on-the-shoreline tournament. The beach is surrounded by number of famous bars of the city. Most bars in the area are casual, shoreline style gathering places.


  • Name: Mission Beach
  • Address: San Diego, California
  • Parking Facility: Yes

2. Pacific Beach

Pacific Beach

Source: SD Dirk

Pacific Beach is actually a famous Southern California shoreline town. With three miles of footpath and an exuberant environment, it is an awesome spot to discover fun in the sun, and delights after dusk. “P.B.,” as it is known as by locals, is home to one of San Diego’s most famous nightlife scenes, with an extraordinary assortment of bars, diners, and shopping stores. The promenade, authoritatively called Ocean Front Walk/Ocean Boulevard, runs roughly 3.2 miles along the shoreline with various shops, bars, and eateries along it.


  • Name: Pacific Beach
  • Address: 4500 Mission Blvd San Diego, CA 92109
  • Parking Facility: Yes

3. Coronado Beach

Coronado Beach

Source: Cindy Devin

Coronado Beach is one of the best shorelines in America that is known for its upscale eateries and hotels adjacent the beach. Coronado’s shorelines flicker year around because of the mineral Mica in the sand, while tender waves touch the shoreline. From the shores of Silver Strand State Beach to the starting of the Coronado Municipal Beach, you’ll discover a lot of completely open sand, tender waves and exquisite perspectives.


  • Name: Coronado Beach
  • Address: 838 Ocean Blvd Coronado, CA 92118
  • Parking Facility: Yes

4. Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

Source: Port of San Diego

Sports like volleyball, surfing and body boarding are prevalent in Imperial Beach with all recreations popular in north and south of the Imperial Beach Pier and the Boca Rio shoreline break, one of San Diego County’s best surfing destination. Imperial Beach is home to 370 types of birds and considered one of the best birding territories in Southern California. There is additionally a path meant for bike that stretches from Imperial Beach to Coronado beach offering a delightful perspectives of southern San Diego shores and Silver Strand State Beach.


  • Name: Imperial Beach
  • Address:
  • Parking Facility: Yes

5. Silver Strand

Silver Strand State Beach, which includes both the San Diego Bay and Pacific Ocean sides of the strand, is somewhat different from other famous beaches like Ocean Beach and Mission Beach, offering more isolation for the individuals who wish to stay away from shoreline swarms. The beach offers numerous things to do like you can camp on the beach, surfing, jet skiind, swimming, volleyball and angling. The spot is named for the shimmering shellfish shells that cover the shoreline and rises here and you can likewise discover mollusks covered in the sand by the water.


  • Name: Silver Strand
  • Address: 5000 Hwy 75 Coronado, CA 92118
  • Parking Facility: Yes

6. Ocean beach

Ocean beach

Source: Brooke Anderson

In case you’re searching for a laid back shoreline to hang out , look no more remote than Ocean Beach. This little shoreline town is a most loved among local people who spend their days surfing and enjoying sun bath around the wharf, and walking around the numerous shops, taco stands and classicl shopping centers. Settled between the San Diego River and the slopes of Point Loma, Ocean Beach is ideal for surfers to appreciate the waves made by jetties. The shoreline is good for swimming, water sports and even dogs are allowed! Ocean Beach has lifeguard-administered swimming and surfing regions, restrooms, showers.


  • Name: Ocean beach
  • Address: 1950 Abbott St San Diego, CA 92107
  • Parking Facility: Yes

7. Solana Beach


Source: Timeforkindergarten

San Diego’s Solana Beach might be hard to access, surrounded by cliffs lined right to the water’s edge. Fletcher Cove is a famous area at the beach which is found where Lomas Santa Fe Road meets the Pacific. The beach can reached through a path that starts at Fletcher Cove Park, a prevalent recreational park with a play area and lush green grounds. Fletcher Cove is a spot well known among surfers, this is an extraordinary spot to take a walk and explore caves built under hills by the sea waves.


  • Name: Solana Beach
  • Address: 111 S Sierra Ave Solana Beach, CA 92075
  • Parking Facility: Yes

8. Windansea Beach

Windansea Beach

Source: Jim & Rachel McArthur

Since 1940’s Windansea Beach has been known as a most classic destination for surfing in San Diego city. Due to strong winds and tides , activities like swimming, plunging and snorkeling is not suggested in San Diego Windansea Beach. It offers 16 parking spots and doest not have facilities for public like drinking fountains, restrooms or showers. You can enjoying watchin surfers or do surfing.


  • Name: Windansea Beach
  • Address: 6800 Neptune Pl San Diego, CA 92039
  • Parking Facility: Yes

9. Tourmaline Surf Park

This San Diego shoreline is exceptionally detached from crowd and can be reached just by a street advancing down a slope from La Jolla Blvd to the parking garage. Tourmaline Surf Park Beach is exceptionally mainstream for surfers and sailboarders year round.There are cliffs toward the north and south of Tourmaline Surfing Park, yet the recreation center itself lies in Tourmaline Canyon, which chops down through those precipices to the shoreline. Its a great place to watch surfers or doing surfing for sun bathing and kiteboarding.


  • Name: Tourmaline Surf Park
  • Address: 600 Tourmaline St, La Jolla, CA 92037
  • Parking Facility: Yes

10. Carlsbad Beach

Carlsbad Beach

Source: Oleg

Carlsbad’s gentle climate and staggering shorelines make it one of the best places in California to visit all year round. The seven miles of surf, sand and sun allure for unending recreational activities. Take a sun bath, get a few waves or walk around the shore. You can simply depend on Carlsbad’s shorelines for sea fun throughout the year. Numerous guests camp on the campgrounds on top of the precipices. Access to the shoreline is through the staircases . The beach have public facilities like showers, , power,bathrooms, drinking water facility, Wi-Fi, and a camp store.


  • Name: Carlsbad Beach
  • Address: 7201 Carlsbad Blvd, Carlsbad, CA 92008
  • Parking Facility: Yes

11. La Jolla Shores


La Jolla Shores

Source: John Uhrig

La Jolla Shores in San Diego is one of the best destination for scuba diving lovers, snorkelling and kayaking . Not only these activities , San Diego La Jolla Shores is a perfect area for swimming and surfing. The quiet waves at San Diego La Jolla Shores are kind to amateur swimmers and novice surfers and are viewed as the most delicate in all of San Diego. La Jolla Canyon is also located nearby the beach, which is another well known underwater diving spot watch the varied ocean life.


  • Name: La Jolla Shores
  • Address: 8302 Camino Del Oro, La Jolla, CA 92037
  • Parking Facility: Yes

12. Cardiff-by-the-Sea


Source: AngryJulieMonday

Found north of San Diego, Cardiff-by-the-Sea has warm sunny days and cool nights all round the year. Situated between Solana Beach and Encinitas in North County, Beach offers various recreational activites like swimming, surfing and beachcombing, with numerous tide pools . The region additionally has a percentage of the zone’s most loved beachfront eateries, for example, the Beach House and Charlie’s by the Sea.


  • Name: Cardiff-by-the-Sea
  • Address: Highway 101 Cardiff by the Sea, CA 92007
  • Parking Facility: Yes

13. Leucadia State Beach

Also called as Beacon’s Beach, Leucadia State Beach is a well known spot for swimming, surfing, angling, and other activities. Tae out a day for it and drive along highway number 101 in San Diego,and head to Leucadia State Beach for some great surfing, sun tanning or Frisbee. Reach early on the beach during summer weekends or holidays as this beach is quite famous and gets crowded and it will be difficult to find parking space. There are no public facilities on the beach.


  • Name: Leucadia State Beach
  • Address: 948 Neptune Ave, Encinitas, CA 92024
  • Parking Facility: Yes

14. La Jolla Cove

 La Jolla Cove

Source: SD Dirk

La Jolla Cove is San Diego’s known for various water activities like kayaking, snorkeling and plunging. Outwardly, the bay is a stunningly ravishing pearl. To some degree covered up with appealing bends and caves , it is regularly refered to as the most scenic shoreline in San Diego. You will find the the sea floor at La Jolla is covered with splendid orange Garibaldi, the California state fish, seals, and innumerable other striking ocean life. The beach also features a Children’s Pool and large number of restaurant and shopping areas which makes it a must visit beach in San Diego.


  • Name: La Jolla Cove
  • Address: 1100 Coast Blvd La Jolla, CA 92037
  • Parking Facility: Yes

15. Torrey Pines State Beach

Torrey Pines State Beach

Source: Bill Morrow

This long , sandy shoreline extends 4 .5 miles from Del Mar past Los Peñasquitos Lagoon to sandstone precipices at Torrey Pines Mesa. Dolphins and whales can periodically be spotted from the trails running along the sea at Torrey Pines State Park. The Northern side of the shoreline is famous for surfing activities while the Southern side is good location for swimming , body boarding, and so on.


  • Name: Torrey Pines State Beach
  • Address: 12600 N Torrey Pines Rd San Diego, CA 92037
  • Parking Facility: Yes


Beach of San Diego are must to visit destination. With world class waves, water sports like swimming, snorkeling, kayaking and many others you can enjoy San Diego in more better ways. Choose any of the above beaches and enjoy the sand , sun and surf. There are numerous beaches which are good for surfing only and not for swimming and other activities , so choose wisely according to your activity.

Have a good trip and travel!

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