5 Things to Know about Cordoba Library

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Source: Elliot Brown

If you think about a library you might think that Cordoba has just one ordinary library that you often see, but you are wrong. Cordoba has a unique set of libraries that you might want to pay a visit. It is very rich in history as well.

1. There are thirteen public libraries in Cordoba

There are a lot of public libraries in Cordoba and all of them are pretty amazing this includes Biblioteca Alcolea, Biblioteca Levante, Biblioteca Corredera, Bibliotica Norte, Biblioteca Fuensanta, Biblioteca Morenas, Biblioteca Publica Municipal Central de Cordoba, Biblioteca Arrabal del Sur, Biblioteca Publica del Estado-Cordo, Biblioteca Poinente Sur, Biblioteca Vallehermoso, Biblioteca El Hiqueron and Biblioteca Villarrubia.


Name: Biblioteca Alcolea
Adress: Edificio Cisneros, Universidad de Alcalá, Plaza de San Diego, s/n, 28801 Alcalá de Henares, Spain
Acess: 10 minutes from University of Alcala
Opening hour: Monday- Sunday 24hours
Holiday: +34 918 85 24 50
Website: http://biblioteca.cordoba.es/

 2. Cordoba was full of visitors from North

On the 10th century Cordoba was full of scholars and booksellers who flocked the area which made Cordoba a very historical place for learning. Museums around Cordoba still have some of the books and materials used for learning during that time and because of that its streets were well lit and there were amazing series of buildings as well. There is also a great stone bridge made by Muslim engineers with seven arches each with fifty spans of width.

3. Cordoba became seat of Jewish learning, scholarship and culture

Cordoba was very rich in terms of education considering the fact that there are a lot of booksellers and scholars in the area that it became the center of Jewish learning, scholarship and culture. The city became famous for its gardens and amazing promenades. During that time, it has 70 public libraries and mosque libraries as well and they were open for anyone to use.

4. Cordoba Public Library has an eLibrary

All of the public libraries in Cordoba have the eLibrary system to beat up the high-technology today. They electronics books and stuff like that where you can access over the internet and borrow the stuff you need from there electronically which makes things much easier especially for teenagers and kids nowadays.

5. Cordoba libraries has unique structures

Considering the fact that Cordoba is very rich in history and culture, the libraries around Cordoba has evidence of its history and culture as well. The structures, design and materials around the library reflects its history which somewhat similar to the design and structure that you will see in Cordoba Mosque-Catedral or Mezquita.

Have a good trip and travel!