5 Things To Know About Cordoba Airport

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phillip capper
Source: Phillip Capper

As we all know an airport in every certain place is very important because nowadays, people choose riding an airplane because it is convenient for them.

1. Cordoba Airport is popular in general aviation

Cordoba airport is an airport that is very popular in general aviation. It is not like Igneniero Aeronautico Ambriosio L.V Taravella International Airport in Argentina, the airport is not that big and has restrictions upon receiving flights. It only has about 20,000 passenger movements a year. The present runways is 1380m by 45m only and the terminal building is open from 8:00am and only closes depending on the situation if there are still flight incoming or outgoing.


2. There is free wifi in Cordoba Airport

Source: miniyo73

You might think that since there are no chartered and scheduled flights in this airport, they don’t have wifi. Yes, they do. They have free unlimited access of wifi internet connection around the entire airport. Just go to the information counter to ask information about their free wifi.

3. Cordoba Airport has no regular chartered and scheduled flights.

Air taxi companies are based in Cordoba airport and the general aviation is the one who uses the facilities in this airport. There is no regular chartered and scheduled flights in this airport because most of the planes landing here are private planes or deliveries and such. There is no airport bus in this airport but the bus line 0-2 stops on the main road. If you’d prefer taking a taxi then it would be about 10 Euros.

4. Cordoba Airport has no customs or passport clearance

Because of the reason stated above, this airport is not able to receive aeroplanes from a non EC member country, only those travellers from the Schengen signatory countries. Mainly, the planes operating here are from pilot schools, private charters, military, crop spraying, organ transplants for the Riena Sophia hospital in the city and deliveries or couriers. There is a parking lot that accommodates 60 cars in the front of the terminal as well.

5. Reducing noise levels around the airport is their priority

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Source: Bill Abbot

The management of Cordoba Airport understands that nature should be respected and preserved that it is why they are minimising the noise made by the aircrafts incoming or outgoing the airport. However, they are still planning about how to reduce it. As of now they are measuring the existing acoustic insulations in the houses near the airport for them to determine the needed requirements for supplementary insulation.

Have a good trip and travel!