10 Places To Shop In Cordoba, Spain

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Source: Moyan Brenn

There is something special about visiting a new place and being able to bring a piece of it back home with you. In Cordoba, there are many places to shop for Spanish-style gifts and souvenirs. Whether you’re picking up something for yourself or your family, here is a list of ten places you may want to consider shopping at.

1. El Corte Ingles

Source: Tinou Bao

Part of a chain of department stores throughout Spain, El Corte Ingles offers everything from designer brands to everyday clothing brands. There are items available for men, women, and children and you can even buy things for your home here. This department store also sells things like Spanish beers, chocolates, and spices, just to name a few.


  • Name: El Corte Ingles
  • Address: Ctra. Sta. María de Trassierra, S/N, Córdoba, España
  • Phone: +34 957 224 949

2. La Clamide Purpura

Known as “The Purple Robe”, this shop sells mostly religious items and items associated with the celebration of brotherhood, such as that of the Nazareth. This shop is close to all of the sights in Cordoba, such as the Mosque-Cathedral and the Calahorra Tower, so you won’t have to go too far out of your way to get to it.


  • Name: La Clamide Purpura
  • Address: 25 Calle San Pablo Cordoba, Spain
  • Phone: +34 957 492 072

3. La Maison del Jabon

Specializing in the sell of handmade bath and body care products, this shop is located near Cordoba’s city hall building. Here, you can find products like homemade, natural soaps, natural air fresheners, and other things that can be a gift or souvenir. There are two locations open for this store, but the one closest to the city center is listed here.


  • Name: La Maison del Jabon
  • Address: C/ San Pablo 14, 14002 Cordoba
  • Phone: +34 957 474 475

4. Mercado de la Corredera

When shopping here, you may want to think more about getting food instead of souvenirs. The main things sold in the different shops at Mercado de la Corredera include fruits, vegetables, meats and fish. The market is very small but you will find that the foods are extremely inexpensive.


  • Name: Mercado de la Corredera
  • Address: Plaza de la Corredera, Cordoba, Spain
  • Phone: +34 655 844 520

5. El Arenal Sunday Street Market

Source: Maurizio Costanzo

If you find yourself in Cordoba on a Sunday, do not miss out on the booming street market. This is a fair-type event where several vendors are out selling local products. Many of these products include clothes, shoes, handbags, and even fresh produce. Prices are very reasonable and can be negotiated with some vendors.


  • Name: El Arenal Sunday Street Market
  • Address: Calle del Infierno, Cordoba, Spain
  • Phone: Varies by vendor

6. La Tienda de Casa de las Cabezas

This charming little shop has products like handmade costume jewelry and local oils, spices, etc. Although it is small, you can choose from a variety of items and take in the Spanish culture. If you do decide to make a purchase here, you can get a discount to one of the local museums!


  • Name: La Tienda de Casa de las Cabezas
  • Address: Calle Lucano, 20, 14003 Córdoba, Spain
  • Phone: +34 957 042 054

7. R7 Regalos Juana Tejero

Popular among tourists and locals alike, this shop offers a wide array of products such as handbags, jewelry, and silver ware. Prices can vary but most for the most part there is something to fit everyone’s budget. This shop also offers worldwide shipping in case you have to ship your item back home.


  • Name: R7 Regalos Juana Tejero
  • Address: C/ Deanes 7, 14003 Cordoba
  • Phone: +34 957 944 753

8. Ghadames

Think of just about anything you would need to design the interior of your home and you would probably be able to find it here. The craftsmen here have been working hard for 15 years to bring consumers the best furniture and home decor. If you’re worried about finding things that will fit in your suitcase, you can just buy one of their smaller items or order things from their website


  • Name: Ghadames-The art of leather
  • Phone: +34 957 481 607
  • Website: www.cuerosghadames.com/en/shop

9. Zoco Municipal de la Artesania

At Zoco Municipal, different artists and craftsmen come to display and potentially sell their work to buyers. The artists are typically local so much of the works are Spanish-influenced. Even if you don’t visit Zoco Municipal with the intent of buying something, it is still a cool place to watch the artists and craftsmen work!


  • Name: Zoco Municipal
  • Address: Jews s/n, Cordoba, 14004
  • Phone: +34 957 204 033

10. Mercado Victoria

We cannot complete this list without including the popular Mercado Victoria. Here you can find a vast selection of fresh produce that you can taste on the spot. Additionally, Mercado Victoria offers gourmet food available for purchase. So whether you’re in the mood for the freshest fruit or some fancy tapas, make a stop here.


  • Address: Paseo de la Victoria, 14004 Córdoba, Spain
  • Phone: +34 957 290 707
  • Hours: Sunday-Wednesday, 10:00 am-12:00 am, Thursday, 10:00 am-1:00 am, Friday-Saturday, 10:00 am-2:00 am

We hope this list of places to shop can be helpful to you during your trip in Cordoba. Don’t forget those souvenirs.
Have a good trip and travel!

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