7 Things about Cordoba Guitars

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Cordoba Guitar
Source: Delegación de Cultura Ayuntamiento de Córdoba

The evolution of the traditional classic guitars accompanied by nylon strings has inspired many due to its natural charm and unique craftsmanship. Cordoba guitars were first introduced in 1997 and the classical Spanish guitar has found its way to the hands and hearts of musicians from all over the world.

1. Nylon String Guitars

If you ask what is the difference between a classical guitar and a Cordoba guitar, the answer would be found on their guitar strings. Unlike the classical string guitars that are made of metal, Cordoba guitars use nylon strings. For some musicians, they tend to say that Cordoba Guitars are better when playing classical music since the sound they produce are brighter compared to the classical string guitars.

2. Style and Colors

Due to the rapidly changing world of the music industry, it is only natural for musical instruments to change for the better. While there are many who prefer the Classic look for their guitars, there are also musicians who want something that suits their personality.   Cordoba guitars can be custom made into different styles and colors, to suit the preference of their owners.

3. Comes in Different Sizes

Cordoba guitars are smaller and lighter when compared to the classical guitars. Another unique feature about Cordoba guitars is that they come in different sizes. From the standard sized Cordoba guitar to the small Cordoba ukelele, you’ll notice that though the sizes are different, the sound quality doesn’t change that much.

4. Perfect for Beginners

One of the advantages of Cordoba Guitars is that they are lightweight and user-friendly.
For those who are just starting on how to play the guitar, having a Cordoba guitar as their first instrument can help them learn faster. Being able to advance in their learning will also allow them to build their confidence and a unique sense of achievement.

5. The Perfect Gift

Giving a Cordoba guitar as a gift to your family, friends or acquaintances during a special occasion will definitely make them happy. Also, Cordoba guitars are more affordable compared to other musical instruments. Even if the receiver doesn’t know how to play the guitar, it might help them develop an interest towards musical instruments.

6. Simplicity at its Finest

Sometimes, the best things in life are the simple ones and this is also true for any musical instrument. Although others prefer their guitars to have complex designs and colors, there are many who prefer the classical look as well. Like the famous saying “Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication”, having a simple outlook and goal is the way to greatness.

7. Have Fun in Composing your Own Music

One of the great joys of being a musician is the opportunity to compose your own music. Many famous artists started by writing their own compositions. Aside from boosting your confidence and discipline, it also gives you a way to express yourself through your music. You should consider making people happy when they hear your music as your ultimate goal as a musician.

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