7 Things to Know about Cordoba Shopping: What to Buy

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Source: neiljs

Cordoba is not just a place for you to enjoy the amazing antique places but a good place for you to shop traditional items and even modern items. If you love jewelries then this is the place for you to be. When we go to a certain place we will never forget the special people who didn’t go with us at the trip so we find something special for them going to Cordoba’s traditional shops would be a great idea.

1. Cordoba is a center for flamenco

Flamenco is a native artform famous in Spain that includes singing, guitar playing, vocalizations, handclapping and finger snapping and sometimes one beautiful lady dancing as well. Cordoba is a center of flamenco there are a lot of flamenco shows all over Cordoba you could just see showing while walking around the streets. Flamenco shows are usually fully-booked but the staff are great and will likely squeeze in a couple of chairs for you.

2. Cordoba has many shops within walking distance from Mezquita

Mezquita-Cathedral Cordoba also known as great mosque of Cordoba is a great temple and usually, tourist would definitely visit the place but then after visiting, it would be a great idea to go to the shops and buy souvenirs or find something to eat because the shops are just walking distance from the area which makes it worth your while.

3. You should shop before lunch time

Source: Agnes Qautler
Source: Agnes Quatler

Most of the traditional shops in Cordoba closes during the afternoon heat or only at 1:30pm so it is a great and better idea to do the shopping of souvenirs and so before lunch. Although, the big shops and malls are open the whole day, who wouldn’t want their amazing traditional souvenirs from Cordoba.

4. You can find original Cordoban leather in Meryancor

Meryancor is a local shop in Cordoba wherein they are selling Cuerdo Repujado or original Cordoban leather. The shop itself is already an art. You can actually see artist painting or making other artifacts live. There are also frames, notebooks, wall hangings, photo albums and even furniture available for you to choose from.

5.Plaza De Las Tendillas is the heart of the shopping area

Plaza De Las Tendillas is a the center of Cordoban shopping. It is a great scenery as well. It is a great place for you to find something to eat, to chill and to take pictures as what most tourists do. You can never go to Cordoba without taking a picture from here.

6. Gypsies will be around you

If you are into fortune-telling and stuff like that you would like it but if you are not, please be careful because you have to expect while walking around the traditional shops, gypsies would come to you offering you to buy some rosemary or to do a fortune-telling.

7. You can find craft souvenirs from Jewish quarters in Cordoba

Source: Ken Yamaguchi
ource: Ken Yamaguchi

The shops surrounding the Mezquita or the Mezquita-Cathedral Cordoba has a lot of artifacts, souvenirs, photographs and gifts. Plus, if you love jewelries then this is the place for you. There are a lot of golds and silver jewelries for you to choose from. I hope you enjoy your shopping at Cordoba, don’t forget to take pictures and preserve those wonderful memories you made while roaming around and shopping at Cordoba.

Have a good trip and travel!

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