5 Things to Know about Akami: Sushi Ingredient

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Sushi originated in Japan and it became popular all around the globe in the last couple of decades. It is truly an interesting dish that is unlike anything you have tasted before. The main ingredient is cooked vinegar rice and that can be found in every sushi variety out there. Of course, the other ingredients vary, but the typical ones are raw seafood and vegetables. Sushi is most commonly served in a very simple and minimalist way, following the Japanese tradition and the history of this dish. Akami is one of the sushi ingredients that is commonly used for making this meal, but it can also be seen on its own.

1. Akami is very healthy

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Akami can be found around the spine of blue fin tuna. Tuna fish is very healthy, especially if you are following a low-fat or a low-carb diet. Tuna meat also contains iron and potassium which are essential for your metabolism. Of course, tuna meat also has Omega-3 fatty acids. It might not be the best source of Omega-3 out there, but it does the work.

2. Akami has a distinctive flavor

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It is crimson in color and not only does it look very interesting, the flavor is fascinating as well. The aroma is a combination of sweetness with the standard fish flavor and a bit of a salty sharpness. Only the best sushi chefs are capable of preparing akami in a way that it complements the other aromas that can be found in a sushi roll.

3. It is also very low in fat

As we have previously mentioned, Akami is found around the spine and tail of blue fin tuna. It is very firm and therefore, Akami is super low in fat. It is perfect if you are watching your figure and trying to eat healthy and clean. If you haven’t tried it yet, it will definitely refresh your diet and add a variety to your menu.

4. Akami is fairly cheap

If you want to try akami, you will not break a bank. It is very affordable in Japan and you can get a high quality slice for a very reasonable price. Therefore, you can experiment with it and include akami in your own home made sushi rolls, seeing if you can prepare it the right way.

5. It can be confused with other tuna meats

It is good to be aware of the fact that akami can be confused with the meat from Ahi tuna which can be found in Hawaii. However, akami is crimson, while Ahi tuna has a slight pink hue. Make sure you pay attention when you are buying akami because you don’t want to end up with the wrong slice.

Sushi is a unique dish that is popular on all continents. However, if you are visiting Japan, you simply have to eat it there as well. It is after all the birthplace of this meal and we are sure that it will be a whole new experience for you.

Have a good trip and travel!

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