10 Nightlife to Enjoy in Nerja

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Nerja Night
Source: Juan Pablo Olmo

The beautiful Spanish place of Nerja is a well-visited holiday vacation spot. Quite obviously since there are many things to do in Nerja in the evening. The place has many bars, restaurants, clubs, and disco that are open until the morning. This is common during the hot summer season. Nerja’s nightlife is obviously the choice of many along the Costa del Sol area.


The Hemingway is under the great management of Steven and Mark. It is actually around 8 minutes walk from the Balcon de Europa. It is around 4 minutes walk from the beautiful Hotel Monica. This bar has a friendly atmosphere and plays awesome music from the sixties up to the nineties. They have a great terrace so you can just watch the world as it is. There are no TVs, which means you will just have a great night of conversation and great music. They are located at Calle Málaga, 12, 29780 Nerja.


  • Name: Hemingway’s
  • Address: Calle Málaga, 12, 29780 Nerja, Málaga, Spain
  • Web: https://www.facebook.com/hemingwaysnerja/
  • Phone: +34 638 91 60 59
  • Hours: 6pm – 1am

2.Bar Shambles Nerja

The place is set up as a karaoke, bar, dance, and nightclub. It can pretty much be used for other commercial purposes. It is a popular commercial property right in the center of Nerja. Many locals and tourists like to spend second their time in Nerja and they frequent this great site. Shambles is the voted by many as best of the best. They have friendly employees and great staff. Of course, they serve ice cold and good value drinks and awesome selection of cocktails. Call them at 34 635 691 659.


  • Name: Bar Shambles Nerja
  • Address: Calle Chaparil 5, Bajo, 29780 Nerja, Spain
  • Phone Number: 0034 635 691 659
  • Hours: 8pm – 6am

3. El Burro Blanco Flamenco Bar

If you’ve been to Nerja a couple of times, make sure you don’t miss this bar’s show at some time. If you wish, you certainly could have told and brought along all your friends. They have the best flamenco presentations in Nerja. It will be the best that you could have ever seen. You will actually feel the performer’s magnetism and energy. The girls and men are majestic. It is not so easy to reserve some seats so plan wisely. They open at 9:00pm in the evening. They are located at Calle Gloria Nerja Malaga, 29780 Nerja. 


  • Name: El Burro Blanco Flamenco Bar
  • Address: Calle Gloria Nerja Malaga, 29780 Nerja, Spain
  • Phone: +34 952 52 42 00
  • Hours: 6pm – 2am


This bar is famous in Nerja and has brought on a lot since 2015. They are proving to be a very attractive place downtown. The servers are awesome. They obviously help make your stay really great. The managers are particularly attentive and of course helpful. They are not as affordable to other bars in town but they are worth the try in Nerja.


  • Name: BAR H20
  • Address: Calle Filipinas, 11, 29780 Nerja, Málaga, Spain
  • Open: Daily
  • Phone:+34 952 52 59 71
  • Hours: 3PM–1AM

5.Discoteca Coconuts

The address of Discoteca Coconuts is in the place 7 Antonio Millón. You can ask the locals and they know the place. The disco is open from Sunday to around Thursday. The time they open is from 10pm to around 6am. During Friday as well as Saturday, they open from 10 in the evening up to seven in the morning. The description of this nightclub says they have dance nights and DJ shows. They have a large tv screen, projections as well as a dancefloor. The usual music includes Latin, Disco, Salsa, and Spanish music. Visit them at www.facebook.com/salacoconuts/


  • Name: Discoteca Coconuts
  • Address: Lungomare Tintori, 5 – Viale Cristoforo Colombo, 5 Rimini
  • Phone:+39054124422 – +393456552701
  • Hours: 10pm – 6am
  • Web: www.facebook.com/Coconuts-114736001892058/

6.Sala Rockefeller

Sala Rockefeller is a great venue that has shown in Nerja in the place of Málaga in Spain. The evening sessions go to work extensively with different groups of other night clubs. The events regularly extend from techno, trance, Latino, and tropical sounds. The show venue frequently welcomes Nerja artists, musical entertainers, famous DJs and foreign artists. Visit them at www.facebook.com/sala.rockefeller.


  • Name: Sala Rockefeller
  • Address:C/Chaparil Edif. Aloha, Local 1, Bajos
  • Phone:+34 687 84 56 83
  • Hours: 10pm – 6am
  • Web: www.facebook.com/sala.rockefeller/

7.Grupo Gozadera

Grupo Gozadera is a concert venue that you can visit in Nerja in Málaga, Spain. Often times you will notice that the production team goes to work with other productions of other Nerja night clubs. The music genre can range from electronica, techno, EDM and Latin. The concert venue also invites comedians, local performers, street musicians, spoken word artists, DJs, foreign singers and other groups. Call them at 34 677 31 43 26.


  • Name:

8. Seven Nerja

This is a nice place in Nerja to have a great party or just have meet ups. During some season breaks, they have various music genres. Just chill in Seven for your great time. In Summer season, they are basically open from 7pm daily. This is a great disco bar in the center of Nerja’s nightlife spots. The area is sometime called Plaza Tutti Frutti. Don’t be surprised to see some wet t-shirt contests. They are not open during the day. See more information at www.facebook.com/7Nerja.


  • Name: Seven Nerja
  • Address:Plaza Tutti-Frutti
  • Phone:+34 657 68 05 59
  • Hours: 7pm – 3am
  • Web: www.facebook.com/7Nerja/

9.Discoteca Jimmy

Jimmy’s Disco is sometimes dubbed as everyone’s favorite club in Nerja in Málaga. They have over 35 years of management experience in the world of a nightclub, disco and dance nights. They have a lot of music and of course, you will feel the great vibe. They can actually feature different kinds of music. Sometimes, they have famous guest artists and European DJs. They also present a lot of special Nerja events and unique Spanish shows. They are located at Antonio Millon, 2, 29780 Nerja. 


  • Name: Discoteca Jimmy
  • Address: Antonio Millon, 2, 29780 Nerja, Spain
  • Phone Number: 679460206
  • Hours: 10pm – 6am
  • Web: jimmysnerja.com/galeria-jimmys-nerja/

10.Busker’s Irish Pub

This is an authentic, original, exotic and traditional Irish owned pub. The place is fully air-conditioned which makes everyone comfortable. They are fully soundproofed from the outside noise of the world. They are an exciting new Irish bar that actually caters to both residents, locals, and new Spain travelers. They are a lovely and cozy bar with a nice Nerja vibe. This bar invites musicians that can range from alternative, rock, folk, jazz, country, dance, and pop. Call them at 34 603407131.


  • Name: Busker’s Irish Pub
  • Address:Calle Antonio Millon, Nerja
  • Phone:+34 603 40 71 31
  • Hours: 6pm – 2am
  • Web: http://buskersnerja.com/

The nightlife in Nerja is actually a bit subdues. This is in comparison to the wild spots in neighbor towns along the place of Costa del Sol. However, their position at the eastern spot of Costa del Sol in Nerja makes it a great destination. This is a perfect spot for those living a nocturnal life.

Have a good trip and travel!