7 Best Hokkaido Foods to Try

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7 Best Hokkaido Foods to Try

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Hokkaido is one of the largest islands of Japan. In addition, it has a great architecture and history. But we are here not to talk about that. We are here to talk about food! We want to show you these amazing 7 Hokkaido foods that you can try while visiting the island.

1. Genghis Khan or Jingisukan

Jingisukan is a Japanese grilled mutton dish prepared on a convex metal skillet or another grill. As you could guess, this dish has a name of famous Genghis Khan. The reason is that the iron dome, where the meal is prepared, looks like the Mongolian helmets of that time. But despite this fact, the food is very delicious, especially if you are a meat lover.

2. Butter Corn Ramen

Ramen is a traditional Japanese dish that is served across the whole country. But the truth is that in every prefecture it has different taste. In our case, in Hokkaido, it is made with corn and a know of butter. Also, it all depends on the place, where you are going to eat it. We recommend you to find our article about best restaurants in Hokkaido.

3. Kaisen Don

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Kaisen Don is a seam seal that is one of the types of Donburi, that literally translates as rice bowl dish with fish. The difference between typical Donburi and Kaisen Don is that the last is assorted fresh, raw seafood on a bed of warm steamed rice. There are several other options if you want to try something different. You can change a fish to chicken.

4. Uni Donburi

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Uni Donburi is another type of our good old “rice bowl dish” but this time, it is cooked with a sea urchin. It is highly perishable, so try eating the dish with soy sauce or any other sauce. It is very tasty and unusual experience for tourists. Also, Hokkaido chefs know how to cook sea urchin in a different way.

5. Soup Curry

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Even though curry could be cooked in an Indian-style sauce, Hokkaido chefs know the unique recipe for preparing this dish. It is a mix of a soup and curry. It is made this way only on Hokkaido. It is a totally winning meal if you want to get lunch or dinner with your family. But be aware, it may be very spicy

6. Kaiseki

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Kaiseki isn’t a food in its original meaning. It is a traditional Japanese multi-course dinner. It consists of an aperitif, appetizers, and sashimi before moving to the main dish like steamed or hot pot meat. Often, Kaiseki is served directly in your hotel, so be sure to ask at the reception before going to the city.

7. Crab Cuisine Dinner

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Source: T.Tseng

Crab cuisine dinner is a traditional type of dinners on Hokkaido. It is one of most famous and the eldest dinners on the island. There are three different crab species around Hokkaido island. You have a great opportunity to eat snow crab, hairy crab and king crab in only one place! Don’t waste a chance to have this delicious and amazing food experience in Hokkaido.

Above we have combined seven different foods that you can try on Hokkaido island all year around. And even if you will try at least one dish of this list, we will be very happy to assist you in your Japanese food experience.

Have a good trip and travel!

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