7 Restaurants to Go in Tossa de Mar

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Food Tossa de Mar
Source: Mauricio

Tossa de Mar is one of the busiest spots for tourists along the Costa Brava, and there are many eateries catering to visitors. You are spoilt for choice, and with so many restaurants vying for your trade the standard of food is very high. Whether you want to try local dishes or something a bit different, you won’t have to go far to find a place that catches your eye. With Tossa de Mar being on the coast, as well, you can guarantee that Spain’s great seafood dish paella will be good here. Check out these seven places.

1 Restaurante L’illa

With great sea and old town views, Restaurante L’illa is a very scenic venue to dine in. You can try a range of traditional Spanish food, with seafood in particular standing out here. There is also an Italian influence to the menu, with things like bruschetta and bolognese being served. You can try tapas or a fish platter, and wash it all down with wines from the local regions. It really is a way to dine in style in Tossa de Mar.


  • Name: Restaurante L’illa
  • Address: Avenida Ramon de Penyafort,13, 17320 Tossa de Mar
  • Opening hour: 11am-11pm
  • Phone: +34 654 04 18 28

2 Tapas del Mar

Tapas del Mar has an incredibly good reputation. The location is perfect, as it is right on the beach and you can enjoy the fresh sea air while you dine. The menu is mostly seafood, but you can get other dishes such as beef fillet. One great thing about this restaurant is that its menu is truly original, and stands out in a town that is full of places to eat. So, relax by the sea, and enjoy some seafood and Spanish wine.


  • Name: Tapas del Mar
  • Address: Carrer Sant Ramon de Penyafort, 9, 17320 Tossa de Mar
  • Opening hour: 12pm-11pm
  • Phone: +34 972 34 09 69

3 Restaurant Can Pini

At this restaurant, you can choose from the menu or choose a set menu as well. It is famed for its reasonable prices, quality food, and efficient service. There is a good variety of food from pasta to fish, which is all presented beautifully. The location is close to the castle, so you can really get a traditional feeling while dining here. The staff also has a reputation for being very friendly, creating a very comfortable atmosphere to eat in.


  • Name: Can Pini
  • Address: C/Portal, 12, 17320 Tossa de Mar, Spain
  • Opening hour: 12.30-4pm and 7pm-11pm
  • Phone: + 34 972 34 02 97

4 La Rocca de Tossa

When you’re in Spain, and especially on the coast, you absolutely have to eat paella at some point. La Roca de Tossa boasts some of the best of the country’s national dish in Tossa de Mar. With friendly service, a location right on the beach, and a relaxed atmosphere, this place ranks highly with visitors. The price is very reasonable also, so you can dine well at low cost. If you’re not quite in the mood for paella though, don’t worry. The menu has a lot of variety.


  • Name: La Rocca de Tossa
  • Address: Calle Pola, 7 | Girona, 17320 Tossa de Mar, Spain
  • Opening hour: 12.30-4pm and 7.30-11pm
  • Phone: + 34 872 98 11 88

5 Can Sophia

Can Sophia is a little different, as it is attached to a hotel. None the less, it is a popular choice. With it’s beautiful glass dining room in the old courtyard of the hotel, the setting is something to enjoy. They specialise in fresh and home-made produce, so you are not just getting quality, but individuality as well. On the menu you can order fish, meat or vegetables, so you can definitely find something for you. This is a tranquil, fine dining choice to escape the bustle when Tossa de Mar is busy.


  • Name: Can Sophia
  • Address: Carrer Roqueta, 10, 17320 Tossa de Mar, Spain
  • Opening hour: Monday-Friday dinner only, weekend lunch and dinner
  • Phone: + 34 972 34 35 36

6 Braseria Pini Pizzeria

If you’re not that interested in seafood, or you’ve had one too many paellas over the course of your stay in Tossa de Mar, then you should try Braseria Pini Pizzeria. This is not just any place selling pizza, it is well kept, classy, and even offers a great selection of wine. It has a lot more on the menu besides pizzas, so it is a place that anyone can enjoy. With prices reasonable, this restaurant is well worth going to.


  • Name: Braseria Pini Pizzeria
  • Address: Pont Vell, 5, 17320 Tossa de Mar, Spain
  • Opening hour: 12.30-3.30pm and 7.30-11pm
  • Phone: + 34 972 34 22 08

7 Castell Vell

Scenically, it is almost impossible to beat this restaurant. Surrounded by the castle walls, which are draped in vines, it is a stunning location and setting to dine in. The menu offers up numerous dishes that are all particular to this place, and you can try their spaghetti dishes or pork loin among other things. Like many places in Tossa de Mar, they have an excellent wine menu as well. It’s a family run business, and the staff are very attentive and friendly. If you want to dine in style then this is the place for you.


  • Name: Castell Vell
  • Address: Estil Medieval | Pl. Roig i Soler, 2 ,Old City, 17320 Tossa de Mar
  • Opening hour: 12.30-4pm and 7.30-10.30pm
  • Phone: + 34 972 34 10 30

Have a good trip and travel!

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