15 Accommodations to Stay at in Salou

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Salou Hotel
Source: Luiyo

When traveling to the beautiful golden coastlines of Salou, your accommodations should be the least of your worries. In fact, there are a great number of options for hotel accommodations in Salou catering to various budgets and needs. Whether you’re searching for the most luxurious accommodations available or just want a safe and affordable place, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect place.

1. H10 Salauris Palace

Conveniently located right next to the gorgeous beach, the H10 Salauris Palace is a four star hotel with luxurious amenities and a range of services that are designed to keep guests happy and busy. Food at the hotel is top notch and the rooms are incredibly comfortable. Additional perks of this hotel are its close proximity to several golf courses and the PortAventura theme park.


  • Name: H10 Salauris Palace
  • Address: Av Paisos Catalans, 43840 Salou, Spain
  • Phone:  0034 932 203 988
  • Price Range: High
  • Amenities: Pool, Restaurant, Bar/Lounge, Spa, Fitness Center, Free Wifi
  • Website:  www.h10hotels.com/en

2. Blaumar Hotel

What better place to stay in Salou than one of the few hotels with a beachfront? Located in a residential area of Salou, the Blaumar Hotel delivers ultimate convenience at the seafront promenade. Rooms are well maintained, modern and very clean. It’s also only a five minute drive from PortAventura Park and a quick drive away from the Reus Airport.


  • Name: Blaumar Hotel
  • Address: Passeig Juame i, Cantonada C Joan MIarnau Ciurana 4, 43840 Salou, Spain
  • Phone: 0034 977 350 444
  • Price Range: Mid-Range – High
  • Amenities: Pool, Restaurant, Beachfront, Free WiFi, Bar/Lounge, Fitness Center
  • Website: www.blaumarhotel.com

3. Ohtels Playa de Oro

Just a few minutes from the center of Salou and within walking distance of a gorgeous cove, the Ohtels Playa de Oro, also known as the Hotel Playa de Oro Park, was opened in 1991 and has been consistently providing fantastic accommodations to vacationers ever since. Each room is equipped with a full bath, safety boxes, a terrace, satellite television and other comfort essentials.


  • Name: Ohtels Playa de Oro
  • Address: Carrer de Vendrell 9, 43840 Salou, Terragona, Spain
  • Phone: 0034 977 353 978
  • Price Range: Low – Mid-Range
  • Amenities: Pool, Restaurant, Bar/Lounge, Free Wifi

4. Hotel Golden Port Salou

Maximize your vacation in Costa Dorada with amazing accommodations at the Hotel Golden Port Salou. Situated just a few minutes from the city center and a short walk from Llevant Beach, the four star accommodations of this hotel will leave you absolutely relaxed and ready for a full day exploring Salou’s beaches and nightlife.


  • Name: Hotel Golden Port Salou
  • Address: Pompeu Fabra 32, 43840 Salou, Spain
  • Phone: 0034 977 382 709
  • Price Range: High
  • Amenities: Pool, Restaurant, Bar/Lounge, Free Wifi, Spa, Fitness Center
  • Website: www.goldenhotels.com

5. Aparthotel CYE Holiday Centre

Guests go gaga over the cleanliness of the Aparthotel CYE Holiday Centre. All rooms are maintained to a strict standard and so are the amenities of the hotel which include a gorgeous pool. Staff is always helpful and the kitchen always gets positive feedback from guests who adore the free breakfasts. If you’re looking for a more affordable alternative to the big hotels, this place is one of your best bets.


  • Name: Aparthotel CYE Holiday Centre
  • Address: Carrer de Paris 21, 43840 Salou, Spain
  • Phone: 0034 977 388 686
  • Price Range: Mid-Range
  • Amenities: Pool, Restaurant, Free WiFi, Bar/Lounge
  • Website: www.cyesalou.com/en

6. Aparthotel Ona Jardines Paraisol

Just a few minutes walk away from the golden beaches of Salou, the Aparthotel Ona Jardines Paraisol is one of the best choices for affordable accommodations for large parties or families. The rooms have been recently refurbished and offer the choice of one or two double rooms fully equipped with all of your apartelle needs. Take a dip in the new and exclusive outdoor pool or head for the beach. Whatever your choice, you’ll have a great time.


  • Name: Aparthotel Ona Jardines Paraisol
  • Address: Carrer de la Ciutat de Reus 19, 43840, Salou, Tarragona, Spain
  • Phone: 0034 977 352 782
  • Price Range: Low – Mid-Range
  • Amenities: Pool
  • Website: www.onehotels.com/en/aparthotel-jardines-paraisol-salou

7. Golden Avenida Suites

One of the highest rated accommodations on Trip Advisor, the Golden Avenida Suites is an excellent four start hotel to stay at if you’re looking for a hassle free and completely enjoyable vacation. As with any hotel, it’s all about the location, and the Golden Avenida Suites is within close proximity and walking distance to all of Salou’s beaches and even Portaventura. It’s a popular hotel, so make sure to book early!


  • Name: Golden Avenida Suites
  • Address: Pompeu Fabra 26, 43840 Salou, Spain
  • Phone: 0034 977 385 929
  • Price Range: Mid-Range – High
  • Amenities: Pool, Restaurant, Bar/Lounge, Free Wifi
  • Website: www.goldenhotels.com

8. Hotel Villamarina Club

Dedicated to a pleasurable family experience, the Hotel Villamarina Club always offers inclusive family holiday options for guests where food, drink, accommodations and entertainment is completely sorted out prior to your arrival. Enjoy a dip at the hotel’s pool or go nuts with on-site entertainment and recreational options before relaxing in your comfortable room for the night.


  • Name: Hotel Villamarina Club
  • Address: Carre Clutat de Reus 42, 43840 Salou, Spain
  • Phone: 0034 977 380 504
  • Price Range: Mid-Range
  • Amenities: Restaurant, Pool, Bar/Lounge, Free WiFi
  • Website: www.hotel-villamarina.com

9. Hostal Salou

The reality is, not all travelers have the cash to be booking huge luxurious rooms in 3 or 4 star hotels. Luckily, there are places like Hostal Salou. With 46 rooms and a young transient community of avid travelers, Hostal Salou is a fantastic budget and hostel-type accommodation for backpackers. The hostel is home to a very artistic spirit with walls painted by Marc Quintilla. Security is also fantastic and the hostel is just a few minutes away from attractions like Port Aventura and the beaches.


  • Name: Hostal Salou
  • Price Range: Low
  • Amenities: Free Wifi, Vending Machines, Board Games, Games Room, Pool Table

10. PortAventura Mansion de Lucy

Booking a stay in the PortAventura Hotel Mansion de Lucy is much like stepping into the luxurious and opulent flair of the old rich. The hotel is completely themed to match a Far West Victorian age and each of the rooms are spacious and beautifully designed for a dreamy stay. For those who are focusing their vacation around PortAventura, this hotel should be one of your top picks as it’s located within the theme park grounds.


  • Name: PortAventura Hotel Mansion de Lucy
  • Address: Avenida Alcalde Pere Molas S/N, PortAventura Resort, 43840 Salou, Spain
  • Phone: 0034 902 202 220
  • Price Range: High
  • Amenities: Pool, Room Service, Free Parking, Restaurant, Bar/Lounge, Free WiFi
  • Website: www.portaventuraworld.com/hoteles/mansion-de-lucy

11. 4R Playa Park Hotel

Enjoy an utterly relaxing holiday at Costa Daurada with the 4R Playa Hotel. Rooms in this hotel are spacious while reviews remain generally positive. Past guests have commended the hotel on having an excellent staff and fantastic entertainment options. The hotel is also blessed with an amazing view of the sea and very close proximity to the beach front.


  • Name: 4R Playa Park Hotel
  • Address: Vendrell Street 1-3, 43840 Salou, Spain
  • Phone: 0034 977 380 909
  • Price Range:  Low – Mid-Range
  • Amenities:  Pool, Restaurant, Free WiFi, Bar/Lounge
  • Website: www.hotelplayapark

12. Hostal Tahiti Salou

Who says budget accommodations have to be any less than comfortable? The Tahiti Hostel is a highly recommended guest house with a great location in a quiet neighborhood. Both dorm and private rooms are available for the needs of different travelers and the 24 hour reception service is a definite bonus.


  • Name: Tahiti Hostel Salou
  • Address: Avinguda de Carles Buigas 9, 43840, Salou
  • Phone: 0034 977 383 365
  • Price Range: Low
  • Amenities: Free WiFi
  • Website: www.hostaltahitisalou.com

13. PortAventura Hotel Gold River

Step into the Wild Wild West at PortAventura’s Hotel Gold River. Similar to the Hotel Mansion de Lucy, Gold River is a fully themed hotel located within the grounds of the exciting PortAventura theme park. The amenities of the hotel are exceptional and being within the theme park grounds means more time for adrenaline pumping fun.


  • Name:  PortAventura Hotel Gold Rive
  • Address: Avenida de Alcalde Pere Molas S/N, PortAventura Resort, 43840 Salou, Spain
  • Phone: 0034 977 123 400
  • Price Range: High
  • Amenities: Pool, Restaurant, Free Wifi, Bar/Lounge, Free Parking
  • Website: www.portaventuraworld.com/hotels/gold-river

14. Hotel Marinada

With a range of rooming options from single rooms to duplexes, the Hotel Marinada is a great choice for vacationers who seek more affordable accommodation options. Meals in the hotel are served buffet style and come with a variety of dish selections for even the pickiest of eaters. The hotel is also conveniently located near Capellans and Llenguadets Beach.


  • Name: Hotel Marinada
  • Address: Fra Juniper Serra 3, 43840 Salou, Spain
  • Phone: 0034 977 383 202
  • Price Range: Low – Mid-Range
  • Amenities: Pool, Restaurant, Bar/Lounge
  • Website: www.hotelmiranada.cat/en

15. Les Dalies Apartaments

Located in a modern building great service and facilities, the Les Dalies Apartments are the ideal accommodations for families and large groups of friends who seek budget accommodations. The apartments are spacious and equipped with all of the immediate needs such as a microwave oven, hobs, a refrigerator and more. It’s definitely great value for your hard earned money.


  • Name: Les Dalies Apartments
  • Address: Autovia de Salou a Reus 3, 43840 Salou, Tarragona, Spain
  • Phone: 0034 977 351 199
  • Price Range: Low
  • Amenities: Pool, Free WiFi, Safety Deposit Box, Vending Machines
  • Website: www.lesdalies.com

With such a diverse selection of accommodations at your fingertips, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a place to stay in Salou that meets all of your wants and needs. Just make sure to compare prices and weigh the pros and cons of each hotel. Of course, when you find the perfect hotel for you, book as early as you can to get the best rates possible.

Have a good trip and travel!

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