15 Things to Know about Palmanova

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Source: stefano Merli

A purposefully built resort town, this is the place if you want to enjoy sun, sea and sand. Few of the details of this place are as below:

1. Location

This place is located 25 kilometers from the Palma de Mallorca airport or 15 kilometers from the city, west of the same. It lies in the municipality of Calvia, on the Balearic Island of Majorca, Spain. It is one of the major tourist destinations for the Europeans who come there to enjoy the summers. It is surrounded by 3 beaches and touches the resort of Magaluf on the Southern end. Its location is such that it is very easily available from Europe and other neighboring countries and is very well connected too.

2. Weather

Long hot summers, and a lot of suns, which is fairly accompanied by little rainfall and less severe winters, it is a typical Mediterranean climatic place.

Summers are mostly preferred to visit this place, with an average temperature between 22°C-25°C from June-September. The low humidity and the cooling breeze is an add-on to the beautiful conditions of this place.  Pack umbrella as well as some waterproof clothing, if you are planning to visit in autumn or early winters.

3. How to reach?

From the airport to the resort, you can find taxis with fixed price, that being 35-40 Euros. However, this fixed price is subject to change, depending upon the availability, the luggage and the number of people. Also, there is no provision for a child seat, so you may need to put yours on your knees for the journey. If you don’t want all of these you may pre-book the taxi and communicate the requirement of the children seat. Or else, direct resort transfer is always an option available, with added cost, though.

4. Beaches of Palma Nova

Palmanova Beach
Source: Alan Samuel

This town is a merger of three beautiful white sand beaches. Son Matias Beach, Palma Nova Beach and Es Carregador are the names of them. All three have crystal clear waters and clean white sand and they all have got a great number of activities happening at the site as well as amenities too. Many options are available for water sports activities and you will also get very delicious seafood especially at the Es Carregador and it is the least crowded as well.

Now, let’s look out for few options available for dining.

5. The Prince William Pub

This place is a hit in the town and is popular amongst the locals and the travelers alike. This place is open from 11:00 Am to 4:00 AM in the morning and is open 365 days a year. So, you can never miss out this one, if you are going to the Palma Nova. This place is well known for the Karaoke and the demeanor of the hosts in there. You can get a cocktail in 5 Euros and can sit back and watch the Sky Sports or can enjoy the classic songs. Live music from various local bands is played as well on selected days and it’s a delight to be a part of the show.


  • Address: C/ Pinada 1, 07181 Palmanova, Calvia, Majorca, Spain
  • Telephone: +34971680533
  • Website: http://www.princewilliampub.com/

6. Offpist Bar

The only sports bar in the town, this place is filled with all you ever want from one. Digital poker table, channels showing extreme sports with multiple screens, board-games, play-station, classy decor and drinks, and even a beer-pong table, you name it and they have it all! Great place to sit back, have food and relax after a scuba dive which is very next to this place. The best thing and the most famous one about this place being their beer-pong. You’ll end up shooting tank full of beer while enjoying all the way through!


  • Address: Calle Pinada 5, local 7 y 22, Magaluf, 07181 Palmanova, Spain
  • Telephone:+34 971 914 452
  • Website: http://www.offpistbarmagaluf.com/

7. Monroes

If you are more of a singer than a listener, then this is the place for you to be. Offering extremely engaging Karaoke, which sure will make the singer come out of you. Reasonably priced and delicious food is for sure an add-on. Sit back on the nice cushioned seat and enjoy the keyboard which plays till 1 in the morning. A separate smoking area is provided and the main sitting is very neatly organized and clean. Being located in the center of the town, it is easily accessible from all the hotels nearby and is at a walking distance from the beach as well.


  • Address: Calle Duque de Extremera 5, 07181Palmanova, Calvia, Majorca, Spain
  • Telephone: +34 971 681 115

Moving over to options available for activities.

8. Stephen Roche Cycling Holidays

It is a full guided cycling tour of Mallorca. It’s a week long package, where you’ll get to experience a whole different level of cycling. Well-maintained bicycles are provided for this package and very experienced guides too will be accompanying throughout. It’s not an easy one if you are thinking of it just as a bicycle ride as it has got plenty of uphills to cover. But there are 4 different levels to opt for depending on the difficulty level. And the road all along is just too beautiful. There is also a support vehicle running all along in case of any medical situations to handle. It is a very well managed activity.

9. The Norway Dive

You can do various courses in this activity and the guidance will be provided by very professional staffs over there. They are well trained in Scandanavian, English, Spanish and other languages. “Open water diver” certifications are available for the children and “advanced” for adults. Scuba diving is for sure an activity that seems very tough, but these people will push your limits in such a way that you will never feel out of your comfort zone! And once inside, you’ll get to see a plethora of flora and fauna and will be amazed by how beautiful these creatures actually are.

10. Golf Fantasia

An 18-hole mini golf course, which has got waterfalls, lagoons, ponds with ducks and fishes, this place is for sure one of the best options to spend your evenings! You can eat out at the 19-hole round, where you will find quality food available to savor your hunger from the hard spent day. Do bring your camera to capture those lovely moments out there! It is equally enjoyed by the children as well as the adults and it sure makes you apply the physics learned during school days.


  • Address: Calle Tenis 3, 07181 Palmanova, Calvia, Majorca, Spain
  • Phone Number: +34 971 13 50 40
  • http://www.golffantasia.com/

11. Mallorca Stand Up

This one experience is like a thousand in itself! Standing over the waters of Santa Ponsa and paddling, you would be delighted to have come to this place. This is one thing that is highly recommended to do if you happen to be in the town ever. The guides are very friendly and you will be given prior lessons for this activity and complementary water and fruits in between as well. The initial lessons long for 30 minutes and after that, the sea is all yours. Go and conquer it and the feeling would be ecstatic!

Other useful information about this place.

12. Hotels

Hotels in this part of the island are located around the three beaches. They were built when this place started receiving the tourist influx in the late 1960s and most of them are from the same architectural temperament. Tall buildings, overlooking the sea, not standing out from outside but extremely comfortable and peaceful from inside! These are available in many ranges, with the top class resorts coming close to 130-150€ average, and the reasonably priced one peaking at around 75€.

13. Healthcare and doctors

When you are out on a vacation, you can not rely on medical facilities from the outside world, rather as is said: Prevention is the best measure. Though there are plenty of options available everywhere in this modern time, yet you need to have the basic medical kit available with you. Many hotels provide medical facilities with doctors available on call. Some of the major medical units are:

  • Municipal Basic Healthcare Unit – Tel: +34 971 683775
  • Hospiten Espana – Clinica Juaneda – Tel: +34 971 681518
  • Centro Optico – Tel: +34 971 682802 (Optician)

14. Nightlife

Being in the close proximity of Magaluf, the party town of the island, there are plenty of options available for the party people to spend their night clubbing, drinking, and dancing. BCM, Bananas, Boomerang etc. are all late night clubbing options available which sure will make your stay more pleasurable at this island.

Also, it is equally safe owing to the presence of the police force and the locality being a small area. So you can comfortably enjoy out there by the time you feel like heading to your hotel place. The whole place is accessible by foot and is the most common way to enjoy the place.

15. Tourist Information Center and Safety

Going to a new place and certainly far from your dwelling always requires a thorough knowledge of the basic amenities over there, and safety is the most important of them all. The town is under strict monitoring of Calvia Civil guards and you can reach out to them directly in case of any need. More information for the place is readily and easily available at the Palma Nova Tourist Information Office.


  • Name: Calvia police station
  • Address: Carrer d’Alicant. Polígon Son Bugadelles
    07180 Santa Ponça
  • Telephone: +34 971 003300

Have a good trip and travel!