10 Things To Do in Guardamar del Segura: Spain

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Guardamar del Segura
Source: Joanbanjo

Located at the mouth of the Segura River, Guardamar del Segura (also known as Guardamar) is a wonderful Spanish town which owes its very existence to the amazing dunes that have shaped it. Lush forests, amazing sand dunes, and spectacular beaches make Guardamar a perfect beach destination and a living paradise on the Costa Blanca. There are always many things to do in Guardamar, any month of the year.

1. Get Lost in the Natural Paradise

Source: Jorge Sanz

The moment you step foot in the land of Guardamar, you’ll find yourself a little close to nature, thanks to its strategic position next to the Segura River, overlooking a long sandy beach bordered by a wide stretch of sand dunes backed by pines and eucalyptus. The magnificent setting makes Guardamar one of the most unique and appealing hotspots in the Costa Blanca. Guardamar is undoubtedly a paradise for the nature lovers.

2. Stroll Along the Blue Flag Beaches

Guardamar Beaches
Source: Jose Manuel

Guardamar has some of the best blue flag beaches in the entire Spain which extend to almost 14 kilometers. Golden sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, an abundance of marine life and wonderful beach-side restaurants make Guardamar an ideal beach destination in Spain. At the southern end is the semi-urban Campomar Beach which provides excellent swimming conditions to enjoy a swim, thanks to the moderate waves. Yet another family-friendly beach is the popular Playa El Campo with a lovely promenade with nice bars and restaurants abound.

3. Marvel at the Marina

Source: Rodriguillo

At the mouth of the river are the Guardamar marina packed with sand dunes and yacht clubs. Activities around the river include fishing, camel rides and a tour of the San Antonio Windmill. There’s a wooden walkway in the dunes leading all the way up to the port where you can park your vehicles. You can also find a beautiful fish market, perfect to get your hands on some fresh local fish and shellfish.

4. Feel the Adrenaline Rush

Wind Surfing
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Guardamar is also an ideal spot for adventure enthusiasts who like to try their skills on various water sports such as windsurfing, kayaking, jet-skiing, scuba diving, underwater diving, among others. The shallow waters of Guardamar are perfect for practicing your snorkeling skills. But the options certainly don’t end at the water activities. You’ll also find an indoor football field, tennis courts, and basketball courts at the local municipal sports complex.

5. Get Close to Nature

Dunas Guardamar
Source: Palm z

The town of Guardamar has two excellent parks, the Alfonso, and the Reina Sofia. The spectacle of pine trees and wonderful sand dunes of the Alfonso Park connect the magnificent town of Guardamar to the equally stunning marina and also provides some of the best walking and cycling routes. The Reina Sofia, on the other hand, is a lovely park for a leisurely stroll and to get acquainted with the amazing wildlife – squirrels, peacocks, swans, and birds, which make this gorgeous park a paradise for the nature lovers.

6. Test Your Golfing Skills

Guardamar Golfing
Source: Pexels

For anyone looking to try their hands at golf, there’re quite a few golf courses within an hour distance from the town. In the town of Rojales is the popular La Marquesa Golf Course which is situated 5 kilometers inland from Guardamar. Among other are the Villamartin and La Finca Golf courses.

7. Explore the Guardamar Castle

Guardamar Castle
Source: Rodriguillo

Built by the Arabs to guard the land and severely damaged by an earthquake in the 19th century, the ancient fortress of Guardamar is nothing more than a shell, but offers spectacular views overlooking the town. The view from the castle is just perfect, the sunset, the view of the ocean makes for excellent photographic moments.


  • Name: Guardamar Castle
  • Address: Plaza del Rosario, 4, 03140 Guardamar del Segura, Alicante, Spain
  • Phone: +34965724488

8. Dine at the Best Restaurants

Guardamar Dining
Source: epicantus

The restaurants in Guardamar serve everything from the delicious Spanish delicacies to the exceptional western cuisine. Among the most notable are the seafood and delectable rice dishes which are the pride of Guardamar culinary scene. You can also taste a variety of Mediterranean meals alongside a lovely ambiance in the many specialized restaurants.

9. Enjoy the Amazing Fiestas

Source: Bereber

If the sightseeing alone couldn’t fascinate you enough, the wonderful fiestas of Guardamar will definitely blow your mind away. Festivities are an important part of Spanish culture and Guardamar is just the place to get lost in the amazing fiestas. The vivacity and the enthusiasm of the locals will definitely persuade you to participate in the crazy festive scene rather than be a mere spectator. Among the most noteworthy is a carnival that is held in the month of February where hundreds of people wind up in the streets wearing funny costumes.

10. Check out the Bustling Nightlife

Guardamar Nightlife
Source: Designatic

The best way to understand the local culture is to flock to the exact place where the locals like to hang out. Enjoy the best nightlife in a great selection of nightclubs, lounges and bars in Guardamar to make the most your late nights and early mornings. The town comes alive when the sun goes down and the local crowd rolls down into a party mood. You can almost hear music pumping from the clubs and bars as the night goes into a wild frenzy.

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