15 Restaurants to Go in Seville

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Source: Franklin Heijnen

Food is always the favorite part of anyone’s travel. You get excited to taste local cuisine and special delicacies in Seville. There are many restaurants around Seville so, you won’t really have a hard time looking for a place to eat. Some are even located near hotels for your convenience.

1. Zaguan

This restaurant serves one of the best tapas in Seville. The food is presented well that goes to show the creativity of the restaurant. The Tartare de Salmon is a must-try. It’s totally delicious, leading you to come back again the next day. They also utilize fresh and great quality local products.

2. La Bartola

You can’t go wrong with the tapas served here. Although the place was small, it diligently serves the best food you could ever taste. You may want to come early for seat reservation of wait for your turn to dine inside. Both tapas and sangria make this gastro bar worth the visit.

3. Eslava

Expect a twist of Spanish traditional cooked meal, combined with innovative ways of cooking. Upon entering the door, you will be greeted with happy faces of the staff, welcoming you for your great meal. The place easily gets full so, come early. The atmosphere is perfect for a Spanish lunch or dinner.

4. La Brunilda Tapas

Try the mouthwatering grilled octopus and tuna fish. Or, the delicious tenderloin and duck. You will definitely love its taste. Space is small so, be prepared as the restaurant gets packed in no time. The tapas are also delectable so, have some and grab some wine to complete your meal.

5. Taberna El Panduro Baños

The tasty tapas bring value for your money.The dishes are also served beautifully by the artistic staff. You might get the chance to meet the owner as he is in the place from time to time. When you enter, he would gladly show photos of the food through his smartphone.

6. El Burladero

The patatas bravas are expected to stand out among the food in the menu. The lovely and vibrant atmosphere added to the already wonderful place. If you are up for Spanish cuisine, this is the perfect spot for you. Of course, you couldn’t miss Paella Valenciana when dealing with Spanish restos.

7. Mama Bistro

This beautifully decorated restaurant may be small but, it is actually a fun experience to dine here. You can find the not so standard tapas, not found anywhere else. They are incorporating an innovative way of cooking the dishes. Food quality and value are awesome, you won’t regret yo ever visited here.

8. Vega 10

This romantic restaurant fully designed with modern art impresses every visitor. This is perfect for vegetarians who want to try Spanish cuisine plus, vegan tapas are to die for. Although with a limited menu, they offer only the best local cuisine. Book ahead to reserve a good spot, especially when with a loved one.

9. Mechela Restaurante

Want to eat octopus tapas? You can do so here and expect an oozing and flavorful meal. Try the Gaspaccio or black seafood rice and combine it with ajoblanco. The staff would gladly help you translate the menu. A very good wine would be perfect to the end the night.

10. Meson Guadalquivir

Take out your girlfriend here for an intimate and elegant dinner. The warm ambiance adds to the coziness of the place. Of course, the delicious tapas should be on your order. Obviously, fresh products are served every time. Every dish is fairly priced so, you get what you pay for.

11. Catalina Casa de Comidas

Service by the charming and friendly staff is excellent. Check out the chalkboard for daily tapas specials. You may order food for take-away especially if the place gets packed. Bacon and cheese spring rolls best come in sweet chili sauce. The chocolate raspberry and dulce de leche are great for desserts.

12. La Chala

The unique Latin-Iberian menu makes your visit in Seville complete. This is different from other restaurants which are only serving standards tapas. Be seated outside and experience a magnificent ambiance to chill out. Try the pork chop in a whiskey sauce. For your drinks, the white sangria catches your attention.

13. Milonguitas

Big eaters are definitely welcome here as it serves very generous portions. Plus, the tasty burgers are 100% Argentinian beef. Excellent quality rib eye steaks will absolutely melt your heart. Although the decors in the restaurant came in simple, you barely notice it because of the fantastic burgers, along with the chips on the side.

14. Flores Gourmet

Imagine yourself eating jamon, drinking a glass of sangria and witnessing a perfect view of the surroundings of Seville. This is exactly true when you come here and take advantage of the outside seating.Try the Iberico ham. And, check out its impressive wine cellar perfect for a wonderful date.

15. La Azotea

Offering great fresh seafood especially huge prawns, this casual restaurant will definitely solve your hunger. The grilled blood sausage and shrimp salad may interest you. And, the crispy artichokes and rice paper rolls seem tasty. The place is designed simply yet still lovely. Choose from the variety of wine and ask the staff for good recommendations.

Have a good trip and travel!

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