7 Places to Enjoy Diving in Okinawa

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Source: Golo

The warm and sub-tropical climate of Okinawa is best suited for diving and there are unlimited options for diving all over the year. The waters of Okinawa are located in the southern part of Japan and are known as one of the famous and loving destination for diving and coral habitats in all over the world. These places can be easily reached by boats or by beaches. Visitors can enjoy the marine life, tropical fish, and beautiful landscapes in these areas of Okinawa. Some of the famous places in Okinawa which are famous for diving are:

1. Ie Island-Double Arches

This diving destination has two hotels which are situated on the west side of island and beauty of coral reefs is majestic. The island can be reached by boat and is good for beginners in diving. Different varieties of fish can be seen here like dogtooth tuna, giant trevally and much more. The depth of this place is about 20-25 metres.

2. Cape Hedo Hedo Beach

This location is reached by boat and by the beach and is situated near the observation deck at Cape Hedo. The way to island by the beach is a little bit difficult and is the best diving place for intermediate divers. The main attractions of the beach are the sea turtle, hump head wrasse which is found deep under the beach. The place is best for enjoying night diving and observe parrot fish, lobster moving in the water.

3. Sunabe-No. 1


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This diving destination is mainly an attraction for those who have just learned diving. The depth of the area is about 2 metres to 25 metres. It is also a good place for fun diving and learning diving courses. In the waters at the depth of 5 metres, there is a flower garden where beautiful damselfish and butterfly fish can be seen. Another attraction of the place is tornado which occurs mostly in winters by Indian mackerel.

4. Oodo Beach Channel Crevices

This is a famous spot where John Manjiro landed after his return from U.S. therefore it is also known as John Man beach and is suitable for diving by advanced and intermediate divers. It has two reefs the inner reef and outer reef. Inner reef has damsel fish, butterfly fish etc which are seen near the small roots of corals. Turtles are also believed to lay eggs at this beach.

5. Seragaki-Out Reef

This spot can be entered from the boat or by the beach and also the entry from the beach is very easy. This spot is good for divers of every level and the right side area is for the beginners while the left area is for experts in diving. Most common types of fish witnessed here are one knife unicorn fish and stout chromis. When you will  try to go deeper at the depth of 40 meters you can see rare kind of gobies like elegant fire-fish and lined dart fish.

6. Cape Maeda-Maeda Point


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This spot is mainly for beginners in diving and depth of the water is from 2 metres to 30 metres. At the entry, there is very shallow reef the path breaks in two directions. There is a cave known as “Blue Cave” inside the water and there is an air space above the water so that divers can easily float the water surface.

7. Sakimotobu–Gorilla Chop

This is a very famous point in the northern area of Okinawa and is the main center for dive shops even in winters because the sea conditions do not change here in winters. It is a great place for learning diving. You can see large roots everywhere below the water and one can enjoy three spots dascyllus and scissortail sergeant wandering in the water. Beginners in diving can relax and enjoy beautiful fish at the spot while advanced divers can enjoy diving at depths.

Have a good trip and travel!