10 Ways to Enjoy Holidays in Canary Islands

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The Canary Islands is a group of islands and is a Spanish archipelago sited northwest coast of Africa and the islands which are believed to be evolved from ancient volcanoes and winds coming from the Sahara Desert. The islands are full of rich green forests, rugged cliffs and have tropical weather all over the year. So, all these things make them a suitable holiday destination for people of all ages. Some ways to enjoy holidays in the Canary Islands are:

1. Hike through the Fire Mountains

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You can enjoy hiking over the Fire Mountains at Timanfaya National Park and the beautiful lunar panorama of the place was created by volcanoes which covered one-third part of the island. The best way to enjoy the park is by enjoying camel ride and following instructions of park guides.

2. Sail through the Golden Beaches of Papagayo

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By sailing on the catamaran to beaches of Papagayo you can relax and chill out. You can enjoy the fresh fruits and drinks during sailing and also enjoy lunch which is served on board. The beautiful sight of dolphins and pilot whales can also be enjoyed during sailing. This place provides you with a unique experience of sailing than any other place in the Canary Islands.

3. Visit the Town of Santa Cruz La Palma

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To spend a whole day during your holidays to the Canary Islands you can plan a visit to Santa Cruz La Palma seaside town. The town has beautiful palaces, manor houses, and churches. All the homes of the town are decorated in a colorful way. The city is the capital of Canary Islands and main port. Due to its marvelous architecture and styles, the city is known as Cultural Artistic site.

4. Taste the unique and mouth tempting dishes of Canary Islands

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The food of Canary Islands is much similar like Spanish people but they also have their special and unique dishes. Some of them include Sancocho Canario which is a type of salted fish and served with red and green sauce. Other dishes of place are Papas Arrugadas which are a type of wrinkled potatoes served as side dish with white salty crust.

5. Stopover and enjoy the charm of San Cristobal De La Laguna

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This city of Canary Islands was designed by UNESCO because of its unique cultural heritage and it was initially the capital of Tenerife Island. The town has a number of destinations to visit during your one day trip. They include cathedrals, churches, mansions, and parks. There are also large numbers of beaches in the town for sun lovers and nature lovers.

6. Worship the Religious Heritage of Betancuria

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This place was founded in the 15th century and was the capital of Fuerteventura islands. The main attractions of the town are a sanctuary, church named as Cathedral De Santa Maria De Betancuria. Other religious buildings in the town include Hermitage of San Diego and Franciscan Convent Church. Also many events occur  at the place which are the center of attraction for visitors.

7. Pleasure the water Sports at Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria

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For adventure and water sports lovers there are various options to enjoy windsurfing and kite surfing at Canary islands. At the beaches of Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria, there are held different championships related to water sports. You can enjoy surfing in the best beaches over miles of area. Because of large surfing area, the city is Gran Canaria is known as Hawaii of the Atlantic.

8. Sightseeing Tour to Las Palmas De Gran Canaria

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You can enjoy a tour of the Las Palmas city with a hop to hop off bus tour and take the fun of all the worth seeing places in the city. You can enjoy all the sights with full live commentary and bus stops at nine different destinations of the city. The best view can be experienced from the top of the bus of all the attractions. These attractions include Parque Santa Catalina, El Corte Ingles, Cathedral and Museo Elder.

9. Spend a day with nature at Parque Nacional De Garajonay

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This jungle is a very famous place of canary Islands and was badly destroyed by fire in 2012. But still, there are plenty of forests left and are the best option for hiking, cycling trails and sightseeing. Lightning fire and free camping are not allowed in the park for security reasons.

10. Imbibe the unique wines at La Geria Region

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This region of Canary Islands is known for its unique and exceptional quality of wines. If you are wine lover then to visit  is a must. This region is best suited for producing wines and grapes from which wine is produced are grown in ample amount at this place. The most famous place for tasting wine is EL Grifo which is oldest of all wine tasting places in the area.

Have a good trip and travel!

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