15 Things to Know about WiFi in Spain

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Plaza Mayor Madrid
Source: Dennis Jarvis

European Countries are some of the most visited tourist destinations in the World. And Spain is the gem of the European continent known for its architecture, history, nightlife, cuisines , beaches and what not. Spain is visited by millions of tourists all round the year from all the corners of the globe. Over the years it has been one of the most visited countries in the continent. With the boom of internet and social media , a tourist visiting foreign countries want to stay connected 24 hours a day to share their journey to a foreign land and for that internet is the only option. But with high internet charges in roaming is what makes the tourists fear about the budget of the holiday, But while planning holidays to Spain you need not worry since there are a number of cheap facilities for Wifi in Spain that will save you a lot of money. These pocket WiFi devices are easy to use and offer a connection from about every corner of the country. So here are some things you need to know about WiFi in Spain.

1. Free Wifi Facilities

free wifi
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Spain is one of the most visited tourist countries in the world. And tourists come from all around the world to visit this amazing country. For tourists and locals, there are a number of places in various towns and cities of the country where you can find free wifi facilities. You just need to search for the connection and you can log in without any passwords. But these connections are not secure so you have to surf on your own risk. Also, these wifi does not have so high speed as at your home but most of these public connections have about 256kb speed. Most of the airports in Spain have free wifi while you can also find these at famous attraction around the country.

2. With Pocket Wifi Connect Anywhere in Spain

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Yes, that’s true ! Instead of using your internet in roaming charges and using internet cafe wherever you go is not only too costly but time-consuming too. With pocket wifi, you can connect instantly with you social networking profiles and share your travel experiences. This pocket wifi comes with either unlimited data or with some plans for very minimal per day charges. This is the best way possible to connect yourself throughout the day at cheap prices.

3. Share Wifi With Your Group

Not only these pocket Wifi gives you unlimited data facility but also you can share the data with 4-5 of your companions or with family. What better it could be, that you all can share the connection and you all can easily share the prices too without having the burden of money on one person. If you get finished with you plan then you can call the operator to renew the plan or you can just simply get the unlimited plan with per day charges. The charges are minimal i.e. about 4-5 euros per day.

4. Pocket WiFi Facilities

Pocket Wifi are one of the best preferences for tourists going to Spanish destinations. Without any extra fees or money, you get the unlimited internet at fixed rates. When you are done utilizing your picked measure of the web, it essentially quits working and you return it where you leased it. The web is accessible for you all throughout the day till your limited package data gets exhausted and you can carry it with you any place you go on your excursion. You can also connect multiple devices simultaneously to the device. At the point when the Internet data in the Pocket Wi-Fi achieves its utmost, it just quits working and you can either return it or renew the plan

5. Save Large at Roaming

Roaming Services are costly and utilizing your telephone abroad can bring about high charges, much because of the absence of purchase control and no utilization limits. Stay away from any unpalatable roaming bills when you return home after your holidays. Stay connected to the internet regardless of the amount of data you utilize. What better can it be than saving huge on your roaming budget while exploring the country while staying connected to the internet all day?

6. Compatible With Any WiFi Ready Device

These Wifi systems are compatible with any of the device which has inbuilt wifi systems like laptops, Androids phones, apple phones, Ipads, tablets and others. You don’t need to worry whichever device you are carrying since they easily connect with your devices. You just need to put your wifi on and simply connect with the network. You can connect a number of devices at once which depends on the pocket wifi which you are using.

7. Easily Returnable

Many big companies like All Day Internet and WiFivox offers free drop and easy return facilities. You just need to book one of their pocket wifi and they can send the device directly to you residence if they have a facility there before your departure of the tour. Or you can just tell them to drop the device at your hotel in any place in Spain. After using it, either way, you can just return to one of their store or you can just courier them to their location.

8. Free Unlimited WiFi at All Spanish Airport

AENA or Spanish Airport Authority will be soon be launching free wifi facilities at 46 airports and two helicopter ports run by AENA . Presently it has launched the facility at 12 airports which are Vigo, Tenerife North, Las Palmas, Adolfo Suarez-Barajas, Santiago de Compostela, Barcelona-El Prat, Malaga, Barcelona-El Prat, Fuerteventura , Palma de Mallorca,and La Coruna. The speed at these airports will be a maximum of 2mbps. If users need to get more speed than they can buy the premium service that will give a speed from to 10 Mb. Soon all the Spanish airports will have free wifi facilities.


  • Basic:4,90 € (24 hours)
  • Family : 9 € (4 devices& 24 hours )
  • Monthly : 15 €

9. Public WiFi security

Most of the free WIFI facilities available is Spain are an open network without any securities which imply that the information you send and get could hypothetically be seen by other individuals who are associated with the system. Due to this you must never utilize online banking or make payment through credit cards while you are using these public free Wifi. So it is best not use your private accounts or money related transactions with it. It is best used for surfing or searching for information.

10. About Barcelona Wifi

Barcelona WiFi is one of the biggest WiFi systems of the free web in the Europe. The hotspots or the routers are situated all through the city in galleries, public libraries, monuments structures, markets and at the shoreline. There are additionally antennas based on road signs and lampposts. There are as of now about 1,970 routers in the system, implying that you can get online from any part of the city. To get connected to the WiFi is easy , you simply need to switch on Wi-Fi, and then choose the Barcelona WIFI connection, then open any browser and acknowledge the terms and conditions. The speed is generally low about 256kbps which can be used for surfing the net.

11. Free Wifi at Barcelona Airport

WiFi can also be used free of cost at Barcelona Airport. The free WiFi facility is offered by the Kubi Wireless and you can access the internet from the majority of the eateries and bars in both the terminals. In the event that you need more WiFi speed then there is likewise a paid premium service accessible at the airport. You can either pay by your credit card or you can buy the prepaid cards available at the airport.

12. FreeClick – Free Mobile Internet in Spain

This company offers a free Wi-Fi facility for tourists for about 15 days. As indicated on their official website, you just need to pay a refundable amount of €34.90, they loan you a pocket Wi-Fi device which you can use with your Ipad, cell phone, tablet, or any laptops amid your vacation. Toward the end of your visit just post the gadget back utilizing the envelope they provide. It sounds like an incredible thought on the off chance that you will be going to Spanish towns or resorts where free wi-fi isn’t so broadly accessible. In the event that you require more speed than there are additionally paid alternatives available.


13. WiFiVox Pocket WiFi

The Pocket WiFi provided by the WiFiVox is generally a 3G Device that works like battery-powered modem which helps you to connect to the internet from anywhere in Spain. Their device can be used by 10 people simultaneously.You can use every social media network like facebook, skype or Viber and much more. You can ask them to drop the device either at your hotel reception or at the airport or wherever you want in Spain in about 1100 locations. After using it if you want to return it then you can pack it in the envelope provided by them and you can leave them in hotel reception or if you want to use it till you reach the airport than also you can drop them at Correos mailboxes located at the Spanish airports.


14. AllDayInternet WiFi

It is one of the biggest company providing pocket WiFi services not only in Spain but for more than 35 countries all around the world. With no roaming charges, AllDayInternet is easy to use and can be connected to 5 people simultaneously. The pocket wifi is supported by all android and apple phones, tablets,Ipads and others. It is one of the cheapest wifi facility in Spain. You will be given an envelope in which you need to pack the device after use and drop it at any mailbox. You can ask them to drop the device either at your hotel reception or at the airport or wherever you want in Spain.


15. Easymifi Pocket Wifi

The another famous company offering pocket wifi services. The device can be connected up to 8 devices. You can book the device from their website telling them the dates you want the device and where you want it. You can pay it by credit card or PayPal. You can ask them to drop the device either at your hotel reception or at the airport or wherever you want in Spain . After using it if you want to return it then you can pack it in the envelope provided by them and you can leave them in hotel reception or if you want to use it till you reach the airport than also you can drop them at Correos mailboxes located at the Spanish airports.


Spain offers a number of wifi facilities for tourists so that they can connect to the internet while traveling in any part of the country. These pocket wifi are not only cheap but also saves lots of money on roaming. With easy to use the device and with easy returnable facilities these devices are must if you are social media lover and want to share your daily activities.

Have a good trip and travel!

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