10 Best Aragon Cuisine You Must Try

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Source: Fernando

Aragon in Spain is famous for its plain and simple cuisine. People often rely on meat including pork or lamb on all events, from fresh meat to chorizo sausages and cured ham. Aragon is also well known for its production of high-quality cheeses such as Tronchon. Have a look at our list of most amazing food you should try in Aragon, Spain.

1. Pollo or cordero al chilindron

It is a very typical dish of Aragon cuisine. It consists of chicken or lamb cooked in a sauce made of red peppers, tomatoes, garlic and jamon serrano. A variety of other meats is also used in different parts of Aragon. It is simple yet very delicious dish one should not miss.

2. Magras con tomate

Another famous and tasty dish of Aragon is magras con tomate. It consists of lean ham cooked with tomato sauce and spices. In some parts of Aragon, eggs are also added to the dish for extra flavor. Enjoy this delicious item with bread and wine on your trip to Aragon.

3. Esparragos Montaneses

This dish is very popular in Aragon which includes lamb’s tail (mainly female) cooked with peppers, onions and tomatoes. A sauce is also added sometimes. Esparragos montaneses offers unique flavors and is eaten widely throughout Aragon.

4. Longaniza

Source: Javier Leiva

5. Huevos rotos con jamon

Source: Daniel Lobo

6. Ternasco asado

Ternasco asado is a traditional Aragon dish cooked with a young lamb meat. This rich, juicy and delicious lamb meat is oven cooked in simple spices and often served with fries or salad.

7. Bacalao al ajoarriero

In this dish, salt cod is cooked with a delicious sauce known as ‘ajoarriero’, which is made from potatoes, onion, garlic and beaten eggs. This dish is another famous item that is eaten throughout Aragon. There are also many variations of it depending on the regions.

8. Trucha

Source: Boca Dorada

9. Frutas de Aragon

Source: Alberto Garcia

10. Almojabanas

Almojabanas are little round shaped pastries made from the dough of water, flour, eggs and oil garnished with sugar after baking. You can find these sweet and tasty almojabanas in the beautiful village of Albarracin in Aragon.

Enjoy these mouth-watering dishes next time you are in Spain.

Have a good trip and travel!

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