10 Things To Do in Anapolis

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Source: Zonda Bez

Anapolis is a municipality in Brazil, in the state of Goias. The municipality is located in the capital of Brasilia and Goiania. Anapolis is the third most populous city in Goias with a population of 361,991 as of 2014. The total land area of Anapolis is 361,991 kilometers squared.

1. Visit the parks

Make some time and get away from the busy city by wandering around the parks of Anapolis. The municipality has a lot of great parks with great views for you to unwind, relax and enjoy the view. The parks are also great for a picnic. The best parks around Anapolis are Parque Ambiental Ipiranga, Praca Bom Jesus, Praca do Especialista, City Park and Praca Americano do Brasil.

2. Taste local food

Of course, who wouldn’t forget the food? While you are in Anapolis, grab the chance to explore the place and experience the best food they have by hopping around the best restaurants in the area. The best restaurants around Anapolis are Los Pampas Churrascaria, Fulo Do Cerrado, Chao Goiano Restaurante, Recanto Da Chuleta, Candeeiro, Casa Oliva, Panellinha Restaurante e Bar, El Hajj Confeitaria, Tio Bakinas, Pamonha Pura e Caldos and Caldo De Cana Beijinho Doce.

3. Watch musicals at the theatres

Witness the talents of the Anapolis locals by watching a show at some of the theatres in Anapolis. If you are not into watching these kinds of shows then now is the time to get out of your comfort zone and try something new. I’m sure you wouldn’t regret it. So put on the best clothes you have and enjoy the show. The best theatres in Anapolis are Anapolis Municipal Theater and Casa Phrestas Theater.

4. Go shopping

As you roam around the streets you might see some stalls that sell crafts and other local products that are great for souvenirs and gifts but if you want to do shopping in international brands then go to some of the shopping malls in Anapolis. They have big ones and are also around the centre of the city such as Brasil Park Shopping.

5. Ride a hot air balloon

Enjoy Anapolis by making something extraordinary. Riding a hot air balloon might not be in your plans but it is quite famous in the municipality and it is sure a great way of exploring the city in a unique and much more fun way. They offer this kind of adventure in City park along with bicycling and all of the others stuff you can do in the park.

6. Explore Plastic Arts Loures Museum

Plastic Arts Loures Museum is a great and amazing museums filled with arts that are made of plastic. It is really great to visit the place. You will learn that are a lot of good things that can be made by plastics. The place is really amazing and is still not well known in the area so better visit before it gets too famous.


  • Name: Plastic Arts Loures Museum
  • Address: Praca Bom Jesus, 101 Diretoria de Cultura | Centro, Anapolis, State of Goias 75000000, Brazil
  • Acess: 10 minutes away from Paraca Bom Jesus
  • Price: $3USD
  • Opening hour: Mon-Sun 8:00AM-5:00PM

7. Enjoy Centro Cultural Joana Dark

Centro Cultural Joana Dark is a place for adults, it is like a disco club. If you are one of the people that want to spend every minute in their vacation exploring the place then stay wide awake at night and go visit this place. It is a unique way of enjoying your vacation too.


  • Name: Centro Cultural Joana Dark
  • Address: Av. Sen. Jose Lourenco Dias, 1726, Anapolis, State of Goias 75023-160, Brazil
  • Acess: 8 minutes away from Paraca Bom Jesus
  • Price: $20-$30USD
  • Phone: +55 62 3943-9246
  • Opening hour: Fri-Sun 8:00PM-3:00AM
  • Website: https://www.facebook.com/CCJoanaDark/timeline#_=_

8. Explore Alderico Borges de Carvalho History Museum

Make your visit at Anapolis a unique one by learning something about the history of the place and you can do that by visiting one of the museums in Anapolis. The best museum that you should visit is Alderico Borges de Carvalho History Museum. It is full of crafts and things that are used by the people from the past and so much more for you to discover.


  • Name: Alderico Borges de Carvalho History Museum
  • Address: Rua Cel. Batista, 323 | Centro, Anapolis, State of Goias 75000000, Brazil
  • Acess: 8 minutes away from Paraca Bom Jesus
  • Price: $6
  • Opening hour: Monday-Sunday 8:00AM-4:00PM

9. Visit Catedral Senhor Bom Jesus da Lapa

Catedral Senhor Bom Jesus da Lapa is not just an ordinary cathedral but it is very ancient and is full of history. The cathedral is well-preserved. As you visit you will find some placards informing you about the history of the architecture itself. There are a lot of tourists that visits the cathedral as well.

10. Book some private tour

Make your tour much more personalised and hassle-free by booking a private tour. In this tour, you would be able to choose the landmarks that you wanted to visit and the activities that you want to do and the travel agency would be the one to organise everything for you so all that’s left for you to do is enjoy your vacation without any worries.

Have a good trip and travel!