15 Things to Know about Salvador shopping

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Salvador Shopping
Source: Pit Thomspon

The Salvador Shopping Mall is one of the greatest and best malls in the whole of Brazil. It is a traditional American and Brazilian style shopping experience. Situated in te city of Bahia, the mall is a tribute to the Bahian people in the country!

1. Fashion

The shopping mall at Salvador plays home to over 150+ stores, brands, and boutiques. There is a variety of fashion hubs to choose from, for everyone age, size or gender. There are clothing shops, accessory shops, garment shops, footwear and luggage shops, etc. With a sophisticated and classy collection in every store, the Salvador shopping offers fashion for every type!

2. Gastronomy

There are more than 70 food stalls, gourmet shops, courts, and outlets to choose from in the Salvador shopping mall. this grand mall has the food court on the third floor and has a delicious smelling ambiance. An attractive seating arrangement and the display of various cuisines, especially Brazilian, pulls customers or shoppers toward the food court after long hours of happy shopping!

3. Kids

Be it recreationally fun area or a high style quotient of fashion for the tiny people, the Salvador shopping has it all. It is a delight for the young littles ones, and they don’t tend to get bored once here. Kids of every size and mood find their right choice or place in this big shopping mall!

4. Location

The Salvador shopping mall is located at the center of the Old Town in Salvador, along with other American-style shopping malls around, this is one of the biggest of its kind! A Bahian-style and traditionally Brazilian culture mall, it still has a global touch and international feel.

5. Stores

There are over 350 stores at this grand Salvador shopping mall. The stores are segmented into various categories. There are travel agencies, travel items, jewelry shops, toy stores, candy, chocolate stores, home care, cosmetics, footwear, pharmacies, computing, digital, cultural, decorations, fast food, spa, fashion stores etc. The mall has something for everyone!

6. Parking

There is a wide and spacious parking lot for the shoppers at Salvador shopping mall. There is an intelligent park control system in the area, which helps shoppers to conveniently park or leave.There are electronic billboards through which the drivers can know the exact number of parking spaces available. The Salvador shopping also offers special parking for motorcycles and VIPs.

7. Theatre

Source: Ajmcbarreto

The movie theater at the Salvador shopping mall is very well known as Cinemark. It is designed to give a comfortable and high tech space to the audience. the prime room offers comfortable armchairs and special care to customers. The theater shows include the best of Hollywood and latest movies up in the box office!

8. iTunes App

The Salvador shopping app is one gateway to have a convenient shopping time while at the Salvador shopping mall. You can see the map and find the desired shop. There are movie reviews and synopsis of the movies in the Cinemark theater. The app keeps you up to date with the major events happening at the mall. The application also helps to access your parking space easily. The iTunes app for this mall is a must have for every visitor!

9. Recreation

There are other recreational spaces available at the Salvador Shopping mall. There is an electronic theme park inclusive of Game Stations, located on the floor L3, the audience has fun with a complete electronic amusement park. This park consists of toys for entertainment for people of all ages. There is also and Enchanted Village. The Enchanted Village is a recreation space, located in the G1 floor. This space is especially for kids to have fun and enjoy while their parents or guardians have a child free shopping time!

10. Services

The Salvador Shopping has electric carts that circulate through the parking lot to help the elderly and people with limited mobility. In addition to lead and guide the drivers in the location of vehicles, if necessary. Regarded as the most accessible shopping center, the Salvador Shopping has ramps at the main entrances, moving walkways and elevators with access to all floors, and bathrooms adapted for the disabled, public telephones with differential height and chairs loans wheels for use in the elderly or people with limited mobility. The Salvador Shopping offers a range of ATM’s and bank branches to provide more convenience and flexibility of customers in Bradesco, Caixa, Itau, Brazil Bank, HSBC and Banco 24h.

11. Shopping of all Bahian

The Salvador shopping mall is a business that takes care of every detail, from the architecture design to cutting-edge technology application.The diverse mix has 464 stores, including 09 anchors and 13 megastores. The Salvador Shopping is one of the most modern enjoyment space in the country. The name of this mall is seen as a tribute to the Bahian citizens and the Brazilian nationals.

12. JCPM group

In the Salvador Shopping mall,  JCPM Institute is a social commitment. It encourages the training and insertion of young residents of shopping around employment opportunities. These are especially regarding jobs generated by stores located in the shopping center. The institute conducts free training courses, educational elevation, cultural workshops, English classes and computer and discussions with current issues and to awaken the interest of youth, in addition to the link between the community and the developments of JCPM Group.The structure has a library, living room, classrooms and computer lab.Every year, are attended about 750 young people.

13. Socioambiental

The Salvador Shopping was started with an important milestone in mind: it was developed in the environmentally responsible concept since its beginning until the end. This commitment has made the shopping center receive three awards granted by the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) for projects in Latin America.

14. Awards

The Salvador shopping mall has received the following awards and titles:

2008: Projects and Innovative Development, Silver in the segment Sustainable Design, Second most beautiful World Shopping

2010: Abrasce award, TOP Suppliers – FCDL-Bahia

2011: Suppliers Show – FACEBA

2015: Abrasce Award – Marketing, Events and Promotions and Lide National Award for Shopping Centers

15. Important

Here is some important information required to know about the Salvador Shopping before you go. A great way to spend some time in the traditional American-style shopping, in the beautiful city of Brazil. Visit here and you won’t be tired of coming back, this place is not the on to disappoint!


  1. Name: Salvador Shopping
  2. Address: Tancredo Neves Avenue, No. 3133 – CEP 41820-021 Salvador – Bahia
  3. Opening hours: 9am to 10pm
  4. Phone:  +55 71 3417-6000
  5. Website: http://salvadorshopping.com.br/

Have a good trip and travel!

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