7 Accommodations to Stay in Porto Alegre

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Porto Alegre
Source: Ana Paula Hirama

Porto Alegre is one of the largest and most diverse cities in Brazil. It is the state capital of Rio Grande do Sul – it is one of the richest metropolises in the country has the highest quality of life and an impressive literacy rate of 97%. Due to this and the vibrant culture of the city, Porto Alegre is one of the most popular tourist locations in the country. If you’re thinking about visiting this beautiful city, read on to find out about seven accommodations you should stay at in Porto Alegre.

1. Swan Tower

Looking out at Porto Alegre, the Swan Tower Hotel stands out among the other buildings downtown as one of the tallest buildings on the horizon. With large rooms and beautiful, traditional Portuguese architecture, the Swan Tower is symbolic of luxury in Porto Alegre. The hotel is centrally located downtown, which makes it a prime location if you want to check out the sights and sounds of the city. Highly rated by almost all notable critics, the Swan Tower is one of the peak accommodations you have to stay at.


2.Hotel Laghetto Viverone Moinhos

Hotel Laghetto Viverone Moinhos provides tourists with a unique experience by blending upscale modern luxuries with a 1950’s experience. Centrally located with public transport right outside and just a few steps from popular locations, Rua Padre Chagas and Parque Moinhos de Vento. Guests can expect some of the friendliest and attentive staff around and beautiful architecture from an era past. If you want to truly experience Brazil and its history, we highly recommend Hotel Laghetto Viverone Moinhos.


3.Radisson Hotel

One of the best aspects of Porto Alegre is its seamless blend of modernism and history – something the Radisson Hotel perfectly encapsulates. A towering glass structure, the Radisson gives its guests the classic luxurious Radisson experience with a touch of Brazilian flash. this upscale hotel is centrally located, just a short walk or ride away from the beautiful Parque Farroupilha and the historical center of Porto Alegre. If you want to experience the famous luxury and history of Porto Alegre, the Radisson might be your best bet.


4.Plaza San Rafael Hotel

Source: Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia

If you’re visiting Porto Alegre for one of the many international sporting events that take place in the city, the Plaza San Rafael is a place you need to stay. As the closest hotel to the Sport Club Internacional stadium, this large, modern and comfortable hotel is the ideal tourist spot. Full of all the luxury amenities one hopes to get, the Plaza San Rafael acts as one of the city’s largest convention centers as well and gives tourists no shortage of historical sites to visit, as it is right across the street from the famous Colonial-style Igreja São José church.


5.Deville Hotel Porto Alegre

Source: Julie Corsi
Source: Julie Corsi

Widely considered one of the best hotels in the city, the Deville Hotel is the most popular location for business travelers and entrepreneurs. Set right in the middle of the business sector of the city, what the Deville gives up in tourist attractions, it more than makes up with the abundance of amazing restaurants and nightlife nearby. Located quite close to the airport and with a highly recommended restaurant located in its lobby, the Deville Hotel is one of the best options for those travelling to the city for work or business.


6.Hotel Ibis Styles

If you’re looking for something a little different during your stay in Porto Alegre, then the Hotel ibis Styles is the place for you! While the hotel is centrally located – right by the famous Parque Farroupilha, and just a short walk from the metro and other public transit, the Hotel ibis Styles decor and experience can be described best as eclectic. The rooms are decorated with incredible modern artwork, bicycles and records and the hotel is well-known for its excellent views of the city. Overall, a highly recommended location for short-term tourists in Porto Alegre.


7.Porto Retro Flat Boutique

If you’re truly hoping to get an authentic taste of Brazilian and Portuguese culture while in Porto Alegre, then the Porto Retro is the spot for you. Tastefully designed with the country’s traditional culture in mind, the hotel is an upscale, but small, boutique lodging that offers its patrons a beautiful park and shopping district and some of the best restaurants in the city nearby. Enjoy the quiet serenity and beautiful traditional artwork of the Porto Retro Flat Boutique the next time you’re in Porto Alegre!


  • Address: Rua Dr. Timoteo, 891, Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
  • Price:$113 USD/night
  • Access: Full Accessibility
  • Website: http://portoretro.com.br/en

One of the best parts about Porto Alegre is its seamless blending of the modern and the traditional – and its hotels and resorts do an excellent job of mirroring that aspect. Whether you decide to stay at a luxurious international hotel like the Radisson or opt for a boutique accommodation like the Porto Retro, we’re sure that our recommendations will allow you to enjoy your stay in this wonderful city and see all the amazing sights and sounds it has to offer.

Have a good trip and travel!