15 Best Souvenir to Buy in Spain

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Source: David Flores

Souvenirs are things or food from a certain location often asked by friends and family to bring home from a traveler. These products usually represent the history, culture, or attraction of the place where the visitor has been. The easiest you can find is food, however, you might need to reconsider as it might get spoiled immediately especially for long trips.

1. Spanish Fan (Abanico)

Source: Leo gonzales

The abanico is very popular in Spain. Some of the traditional dances even use the abanico as part of their props. This is a great souvenir, especially for your mother or girlfriend. With different colors, styles, and designs to choose from, the Spanish fan makes a unique fan among others.

2. Olive oil

olive oil
Source: Bryan Allison

Spain’s olive oil is considered the best in the world. Andalusia makes the olive oil in Spain. You might face difficulty in bringing large quantities back home. Most olive oils are stored in bottles of varying sizes. Secure enough baggage allowance for the boxes of olive oil that you will buy.

3. Flamenco dress

Source: Linda

The ladies would definitely love the Flamenco dress as a gift. This beautifully designed dress is enough for her heart to melt. These dresses also look cute especially for the kids and babies. There are many available combinations of colors and sizes for you to choose from. You may include a hat to make it perfect.

4. Wine/Cava

Source: Shunichi kouroki

The Spanish sparkling wine (cava) is an exemplary gift for your boss. Of course, get the best and bring home some for your friends, too. Cava is mostly produced in Catalonia. Bottles of cava are delicious and affordable. Visit the best wine bars to check out varieties of wine in Spain.

5. Saffron

Source: Steve Jackson

As one of the major producers of saffrons in the world, Spain has grown the plant in Castilla La Mancha for a long time. The spice is a wonderful additive for the flavor of your food, especially for paella. These can be found in spice markets and usually sold in small plastics.

6. Bullfighting poster

Source: crowbot

Bullfighting has been part of Spain’s history and culture. While many find the fight as torture to the bulls, the Spanish find it entertaining. Many tourists feel the need to witness a bullfight when traveling to Spain. For those who cannot tolerate the fight, you may just buy bullfighting posters found in the streets.

7. Jamon Iberico

Source: David Jones

Iberian ham is a type of cured ham, that comes from black Iberian pig, mainly produced in Spain. Jamon Iberico de Bellota, the best-cured ham, comes from free unconfined pigs wandering in oak forests. The pigs are fed with nutty acorns. Then, they are cured for 36 months leading to a rich and flavorful ham.

8. Local pastries

Source: Butz.2013
Like other countries, Spain also showcases Spanish local pastries in the pastry shops. When you enter the shop, you’ll certainly drool because of the mouthwatering pastries displayed. Most dessert stores in Spain have tasty pastries in the menu. Ask for the local best seller and try it yourself. Enjoy every single bite.

9. Scarves

Source: Tony Hisgett

Colorful scarves from Spain are most likely to be useful for women. The scarf is the most fashionable accessory for the ladies in Spain. All year round, Spanish scarves are sold in local stores. Numerous colors and designs add more accent to the scarf. Wear it confidently around your neck.

10. Spanish pottery

Source: Filipa Machado

Spanish pottery and ceramics make a very good souvenir, especially for the house. Most of these items are individually handcrafted by the sellers. You may either choose from cups, mugs, plates, bowls, ashtrays, and much more. Pick those that suit well for your loved ones and have it packed in a box.

11. T-shirts

Source: Daniel Lobo

Who would miss the T-shirt as a souvenir? Of course, this is the most common souvenir item anyone can get from a traveler. Shirts mostly are printed with the name of the place or any remarkable symbol from there. In Spain, the bull is recognized as a national symbol because of its association with Spain’s culture.

12. Castanets


Source: Carlos Gracia

As percussion instrument, castanets produce clicks or rattling sounds when held in the hand and struck together. In Spain, it is used to accompany in Spanish traditional dances. Castanets is one of the most searched items by tourists. Some local stores add stickers depicting a couple in flamenco dance and a torero (bullfighter) on the other.

13. Leather bags


Source: leo gonzales

Leather goods especially bags are made of soft beautiful Spanish leather. Most stores in Spain sell leather bags and handmade accessories. Shop at local stores and choose the best design and color for your bag. Leather handbags or backpacks are perfect gifts for your friends. Have fun in choosing the best.

14. Paella pans


Source: fourthandfifteen

For food and kitchen lovers, the paella pan makes a great gift. Of course, the paella pan is used for cooking Spain’s most favorite dish, Paella. For simple and quick cooking, use the paella pan. When buying, choose the authentic Paella pans so that you will not waste money on low-quality products.

15. Toy toro plush


Source: Nan Palmero

Because kids and adults alike love stuffed animals, it is a wise idea to buy a toy toro plush as a souvenir. It is really something unique among other animals. Spain considers the bull (toro) as a phenomenal symbol. Sure enough, this is a one-of-a-kind gift item since other countries don’t feature the bull.


Have a good trip and travel!

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