10 Spanish Flowers You Should Know About

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Spain Flowers
Source: Dominique Bernardini

One of the most gorgeous sights to see in Spain are the fields and fields of gorgeous flowers as well as streets and buildings decorated with thriving vines of pink and purple flowers. Flowers actually very important to the Spanish culture, because they use them as a means to express feelings and convey emotions to one another. Here are 10 of Spain’s flowers that you definitely need to know about.

1. Pomegranate Flower

Spain Pomegranate Flower
Source: Alberto

An important flower to Spain and its history, the Pomegranate Flower is the country’s official flower and can be found in various motifs for art and literature. In fact, its importance is best exhibited in the fact that the city of Granada was named after the pomegranate. Various images of the fruit can be found along the streets and walls of the city while the pomegranate flower is used in decorations and is popular in floral arrangements.

2. Red Carnation

Spain Red Carnations
Source: Elizabeth McClay

While the carnation in general is the national flower of Spain, the Red Carnation is particularly beloved. It represents the affection between lovers and has also been used as a religious symbol for the passion of Christ to represent the crown of thorns. Since the olden days, Spaniards have used carnations and various colors of the flower to express feelings to those around them and their loved ones. For example, pink carnations represent signs of gratitude or maternal love while white shows purity and luck.

3. Spanish Bluebells

Spain Bluebells
Source: Dominic Alves

Bluebells can be found in many countries across the globe but there are none quite as resilient as the Spanish variety of the flower. They are characterized by broader leaves and paler blue leaves while the petals flare out in a conical manner. Despite the name, the Spanish Bluebells often grow in pink or white varieties.

4. Lantana Flowers

Spain Lantana Flower
Source: Toshiyuki IMAI

A colorful and sun-loving flower, Lantana Flowers are often found brightening up a patio or bringing vibrant colors to a garden in Spain. They grow all year and are constantly in bloom, making it a perfect decorative flower. Flowers can bloom in several colors such as pink, lavender, red, yellow, orange and white.

5. Gazania Flowers

Spain Gazania
Source: Virginia McMillan

Often found in the sunny and dry regions of Spain, the Gazania Flower looks a lot like a daisy and blooms in fantastic shades of orange and yellow. They remain in bloom for quite a bit of time, making a gorgeous and picturesque view when grown in fields. Gazanias are most often found in Oliva Nova in Valencia.

6. Valencia Red Rose

Spain Valencia Red Rose
Source: Daniel Sebastian Cueto

The Valencia Red Rose is another beautiful flower that is favored by the residents of Oliva Nova in Valencia, Spain. It is often regarded as a symbol of everlasting love, making it a popular choice of flower for Spanish men to give their special ladies. When in bloom, the roses are very striking and a single piece is all it takes to make a lady swoon.

7. Bougainvillea

Spain Bougainvillea
Source: GanMeda64

This eye catching and striking flower is a favorite in Spain for decorating pathways, homes and gardens thanks to their remarkable beauty. The flowers of Bougainvillea are delicate and come in vivid pink to pale violet varieties. Regardless of the color, this tropical plant grows in bushes and vines, so some pruning is needed to keep them growing in the way you desire.

8. Water Lillies

Spain Water Lilies
Source: Paolo Trabattoni

Surprisingly, tropical water lilies are one of the favorite flowers of Spanish gardeners. In fact, any hotel, home or property owner with a pond is likely to have some kind of water lily growing in it. These flowers bring a real glamorous vibe to any habitat and can do wonders for ecology of an area. Many water lilies in Spain, however, only grow in a pink variety.

9. Poppy Flowers

Spain Poppy Flowers
Source: GanMed64

The Spanish Poppy flower is a fantastic perennial flower that thrives in wild flower meadows all over the Spanish countryside. These delicate looking flowers were first found on the mountainsides of Spain and generally bloom in the later months of Spring in semi-double orange to red flowers. They’re a good bit smaller than most flowers you’ll find but these resilient plants can grow in rockery and gravel beds.

10. Geraniums

Spain Geranium
Source: secrettenerife.co.uk

A popular flower in Spain, Geraniums can often be found in gardens as bedding plants or grown indoors and outdoors in hanging baskets. Their striking flowers and shrubs are classified as evergreens and tender plants, thus making them a favored houseplant. They can grow in a range of conditions and in colors like pink, white, purple and blue.

With such an incredible array of flowers available to the Spanish, it’s no wonder that the country remains one of the most beautiful in the world. Hopefully, with a little luck, you’ll be able to see each and every one of these flowers on your trip to Spain. For the best chances of seeing them, try to time your visit either early or late in the Spring season. Don’t forget to tell us what your favorite flower was!

Have a good trip and travel!

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