10 Things to Buy in Morocco Supermarket

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Morocco is a bold and vibrant country with a lot to offer for both the adventure seeker and those who demand a bit of luxury. It’s a chaotic mix of Moroccan music, food, culture, and architecture with strong influences from sub-Saharan African, French, Islamic, and native Berber culture. Shopping in Morocco is one hell of an experience, and no visit to this charming nation would be complete without taking a tour of the medinas in one of the finest cities like Marrakech and Fez. Unlike the usual retail shops, shopping in Morocco involves taking a stroll at one of the many souks that specialize in everything from local produce to clothing and jewelry.

1. Clothing

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Not exactly a shoppers’ haven, but it has its fair share of western clothing stores. Moroccan clothing style seems a bit practical and at times, fashionable. You’d find almost everything for every climate in the many specialty stores or the supermarkets which sell everything which sells everything from household items to local produce to clothes.

2. Leather

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Leather goods can be found in abundance, from handmade leather bags and belts to pointed slippers (flip-flops) and ornate pouffes. You’d find some leather items finished in as close as Italian designer style, and in terms of prices, it’s always reasonable and goes hand in hand with the quality.

3. Jewelry

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Moroccan jewelry is known for its authentic and unique craft that leverage centuries-old techniques. Few of the best places to buy best-in-class jewelry in Morocco are in the souks of Taroudant, Marrakech, and Essaouira. You can find different kinds of local craft but the actual specialty is craft in metals, especially silver.

4. Moroccan Carpets

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Buying a Moroccan carpet can be one of the most pleasant shopping experiences in Morocco. Carpet designs are so varied in here, especially the rugs with a wide range of quality and styles, you cannot just keep your eyes off them. Carpets are one of the first and prominent handicraft traditions in Morocco, with designs inspired by Berber tribes.

5. Spices

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Morocco is famous for its wide assortment of spices. Be prepared for a highly sensory experience with all the colors, the ambiance, and the aroma, in one of those Moroccan souks, which are just the place to go for spices. Visit one of the souks, and you’ll be amazed to find all kinds of local produce and seasoned goods all in one place.

6. Dry Fruits

Dry Fruits
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Moroccan cooking is rich in fruits, dried and fresh – apricots, figs, dates, and raisins – all of which you can find in every supermarket or departmental store in Morocco. Dates grow on trees almost everywhere around Morocco. Fruits here are always fresh and cheap.

7. Food & Drink

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Supermarkets in Morocco are always stocked with everything you can think of, and much of the items are imported from abroad. If you want to buy things like packaged foods, beverages, and western comfort food, the supermarkets are your best bet. The hypermarket itself incorporates a number of smaller shops, which sell everything from locals to exotic brands.

8. Perfume

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Perfumes and skincare products are loved by Moroccans of both sexes. In fact, most of the people prefer Western brands, but cosmetics manufactured from local herbs, such as perfume, creams, lotions, deodorants remain popular. Around the souks, apart from the supermarkets, you can find a number of perfume stores specialized in local scents.

9. Home Décor

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Moroccan interiors have a very rich and architectural design. Shop for unique and handmade items from the best creative minds around the world in the many supermarkets in Morocco that sell all kinds of home décor. Moroccan style has its roots from Moorish architecture and Moroccan architecture, which has reached a new dimension by the vogue of Riads renovations.

10. Musical Instruments

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Almost every town in Morocco has a music shop and CDs and tapes here are really cheap. You can also find many musical instruments and accessories in the many supermarkets and departmental stores in and around the medinas. You can find all sorts of musical instruments like violin, guitar, flute, drums and more.

Have a good trip and travel!

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