10 Restaurants to Go in Agadir

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It is part of every traveler to go and explore a country that seems rather interesting. Apart from the surroundings, you would notice the food served in its restaurants. Local cuisine and delicacies must be tried by a traveler when visiting. You wouldn’t know when you could ever come back and taste unique dishes.

1. Pure Passion Restaurant

The name itself suggests that there is a passion for every food in the menu, the ambiance of the place, and the excellent service. The restaurants also give a wonderful view of the marina. When you call for a reservation, you will be offered a free of charge pickup from the hotel.

2. Au Parasol Bleu

The staff will greet you warmly as you walk down in the restaurant. The food will never disappoint you because it is definitely delicious. Plus, you get to have a good view of the beach so, customers wearing shorts are always welcome. Ask for the best recommendations since some are not on the menu.

3. Le P’tit Dome

Try the Moroccan chicken tajine and lamb tajine with prunes. For dessert, creme brulee is best. You will really be enticed with the presentation of the food alone, how much more for the taste of the food. High-quality Moroccan food is excellent and really a good value for money.

4. La Scala

One of the best fish restaurants in Agadir, La Scala features more seafood in its menu though pasta and meat are also available. When you want to do reservations, they may offer a transport service from your hotel to the restaurant. The rib eye steak is a must-try among meat dishes.

5. Patisserie Tafarnout

Delectable Moroccan delicacies and cakes are available here. Try the lemon pie and croissants. And, the fabulous fruit juices are totally refreshing. This restaurant is best for breakfast to have some bread and coffee. Or, you can chill out on a lazy afternoon with a cup of tea, together with your friends.

6. O Playa

Beef and chicken kebab are served deliciously. You can actually compare it with others and this one definitely stands out among the rest. The lovely staff is friendly and would accommodate your requests. You may ask for the best menu served in the restaurant. The vibrant atmosphere adds more beauty to the place.

7. Le Jardin d’Eau

Lamb tagine is highly recommended when visiting  Le Jardin d’Eau although you may also try chicken tagine. Moroccan salad is a must-try for vegetarians. At times, they have live performers with its romantic music, serenading the diners. The staff is impressive because of their charm in showing good customer service. Overall, the prices are reasonable.

8. Le Tapis Rouge Restaurant

From the steaks to seafood, all seems to be delicious. The vegetarian pasta is perfect for veggie lovers. Moroccan wine should complete your dining experience here. It is noticeable that all staff is well-trained and knowledgeable of the menu presented. Plus, laid back music is added for entertainment to the guests.

9. Restaurant Daffy

This small yet cozy restaurant provides customers a feel-at-home feeling while dining. The food is absolutely tasty and has unexpectedly large portions. And, prices are somehow low compared to others so, it really gives great value to your money. Customers are served excellently by the waiters who go beyond an extra mile.

10. La Brasserie

To simply chill out, La Brasserie is the place to be. This is one of the most comfortable environments among other restaurants. What’s more, pretty tables and comfortable chairs are enough to allow customers to feel relaxed while dining. Fresh ingredients are used in serving the food, especially with the vegetables and fish.

Have a good trip and travel!

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