10 Interest Morocco Fashion

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morocco fashionSource: Land Rover MENA

Morocco, a small beautiful and most diverse country in northern Africa, which is surrounded by sweeping Desert with high Mountains and rugged coastline, it is a conservative nation with more than 90% of Muslims population. So the fashion style first rule in this country is to respect the Islam culture on modesty, but still, this small country ruling over the fashion industry by world known famous designers Paul and Maurice Marciano.

Today we list out 10 interesting morocco fashion style

1. Jilaba

jilaba_fashionSource: Montse PB

A jilaba is long and loosely fitted dress worn my Muslims women which emphasize the Islam modesty and quite comfortable, which can be worn anywhere that is formal or casual, and allows you to mingle in with their culture.

2. Cover Up

If you are traveling to Morocco you should have to wear long dresses and skirts, jeans which cover the knees, polo shirts,camisoles and draping tunics which can be worn under cardigans or sweater. Even men should have to wear long jeans or pants with a collared shirt.

3. Glam Up

You can enjoy the city street of morocco by gorgeously dressing up in a maxi dress or modest midi with pullover sweater or cardigan which gives you a charming and formal look.Sandals or sneakers may be perfect for your feet but it prefers to use walking shoes as streets are dusty.

4. Scarves

Scarves are widely used in morocco to respect and follow the Islam culture with fashion style and trends. Instead of Hijab you can use scarves which fashionable veil your entire attire.

5. Cross Shoulder Bag

Don’t Carry high-end purse or had bag , street of morocco are theft prone area so use the cross shoulder bag with anti-theft accessories which groom your attire and also protect your valuable’s items.

6. Abernousse

It is a traditional red Hat for the Moroccan men which they wear in special festival or occasions. Nowadays Abernousse is the fashion trend and used by both men and women with Balgha (flat slippers without heels).

7. Kaftan


Kaftan is widely famous in Morocco, which is a pullover convertible attire which evokes the exotic fashion and glamour and worn by both men and women, Kaftan doesn’t require your body shape and figure.

8. Djellaba


Moroccans are overall fashionable and stylish with their impressive dressing sense. Djellaba is their traditional attire which is a long loose unisex hooded robe with full sleeves.

9. Cloak

Cloak is traditional stylish loose attire or can simply say overcoat used by Moroccan men and women in rainy and winter season. It is made by delicate fabric with fancy and heavy embroidery stitching and adornment.

10. Floppy Hat

You haven’t pictured anyone here in Desert without scarf or Hat, so some brimmed hat is essential here and groomed your attire. A cloudless sky in a  desert where you can beat the sun floppy hat makes you more stylish and cool.

Have a good trip and travel!

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