10 Best Places to Enjoy Tattoo in Hollywood

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Source: Frederick Dennstedt

Hollywood is the dream land and dreams do come true in this place. It is where you get to see stars and the dazzling sensation your heart yearns for. Your inner self comes to life through the perks created by Hollywood through the mesmerizing state of the art locations. Tattoos represent your own personality. You can get your one done in the 10 best places in Hollywood.

1. Unbreakable Tattoo

As the name suggests, this tattoo parlor is somewhere you would want to visit. Everything is done by skilled and professional masters. You go share what your preferences are and the  rest will be up to them. The tattoo shop features a wide range of collections and you can do small pieces to a large chunk of color on your body. Everything will be done and you can rest assured.

2. Outer Limits Tattoo

Professionalism is what you would need when it comes to do some delicate works like tattoos itself. So you would want the best ones who can deal with the situation carefully. Try them out, you will get what you deserve.

3. Zoey Taylor Tattoo Shop

So you have presumed that all those tattooers are gruesome in nature and all they can do is think about some crooked designs and abstract art which is just out of your mind. So I introduce you to someone who is not like the rest of the herd. Zoey brings out the unconventional designs which you cannot get in the local shops. With a touch of her artistic hands and the practice behind culture, she is obviously recommended for you.

4.Clint Carney

Are you into the gothic cult or have a fascination for such trend of slashers and blood. Then Clint Carney is perfect for you. It’s all about blood and gore in his artwork and bringing an artistic touch to everything that is gruesome. His works were also even featured in the movies, that is some recognition you would prefer. Visit him and get an appointment. You can also get your work done under his supervision.

5. Solid Gallery One

Artists are regarded as the soul of the community and they are regarded as the soul of contemporary tattoo art in L.A. If you have a thing for such bizarre artistry, be sure to have their place ticked in your visit list.

6. American Electric Tattoo Co.


With about 40 years of experience in this very field, the tattoo shop is going to fulfill all your needs and designs. Let them know what you want, you would really be happy that you choose them in the first place.

7. Mr. Cartoon

The hideous Mr. Cartoon wants to remain in his Batcave, it’s a part of his artistic nature. He has worked with the Legendary Rappers like Eminem, Snoop Dogg and Dr.Dre alike. It would be a hard to find an appointment or you would need to spend quite much to get in touch.

8. Shamrock Social Club

One of the very pioneers in the tattoo industry is Mark Mahoney and getting your tattoo done by this artist is really an opportunity you cannot just miss. The place is abuzz with all the big names in the region coming to the artist for their works.  Be sure to check his works out and get an appointment ready when you come to L.A.

9. The Honorable Society Tattoo Parlor & Lounge

Tattoos are all about commitment and through this talented tattoo artist, you will find inspirations for the design you are going to use. There is always a story and utter dedication behind the scene of tattooing. Get to their’s shop and understand the real honor in having a fine tattoo for the fine people.

10. Ink Ink Tattoo


Source: David Sledge

Bring back the fun within you through the tattoos from the ladies in this tattoo shop. Situated in the calm place of Venice shop, the tattoo parlor is a favorite for many. You will get the indie feel to the design as well as a comic relief in their work procedures showcasing a wide variety.

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