7 Things to Know About Pasadena Convention Center

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pasadena convention center

Source: Los Angeles

First thing most of the people think about Pasadena Convention Center is that the is only hosting expo events. But this is not true, the place has big history with some unique stories. We picked for you top 7 things that you should know about Pasadena Convention Center. And who knows, maybe it will become one of the reasons to visit Pasadena.

1. Сonsists of three buildings

Pasadena Convention Center occupies a large area where three big buildings are situated. The first building is the most popular Pasadena Convention Center. The place, where all of the exhibitions are conducted. The second building is the Pasadena Civic Auditorium, the place where you can see big national shows, operas, and concerts. And the third building is the Pasadena Convention & Visitors Bureau, where all meetings, gatherings, or presentations are carried out.

2. Has a big ice skating center

Only a few years ago, at the Pasadena Convention Center a big ice skating center has appeared. This place is opened for everyone. You can visit public sessions or sign up for a lesson in the Pasadena Figure skating club or at the Pasadena maple leafs (hockey club).
Recently, the ice skating center opened a new activity – Birthday parties. They are offering you a variety of different birthday packages. Choose one and relax, party planning will be done by the skating center.

3. Home of an Emmy Awards

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Source: Alan Light

Few know, but from 1977 to 1997 Pasadena Convention Center was a home for Emmy Awards. All events were held at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium, hundreds of Hollywood Stars walked on the red carpet here, at Pasadena Town.

4. Home of People’s Choice Awards

Emmy Awards isn’t the only one big event that happens at the Pasadena Convention Center. People`s Choice Awards is going there every year from 1975. Can you imagine?
It also has been used for famous TV Shows like “American Idol” and “Hollywood week”, and in 2007 Pasadena Convention Center was used for a Miss Teen USA.

Performance of a Michael Jackson “Billie Jean”

Did you know that one of the most successful songs of Michael Jackson “Billie Jean” was performed right here at the Pasadena Convention Center? Moreover famous Michael’s “Moonwalk” was performed right here for the first time.

6. Louis Armstrong recorded his album Satchmo at Pasadena

The legend of a jazz music – Louis Armstrong has many concerts at the Pasadena Convention Center. And, sometimes, he and his team had an idea to record a live album. And in 1951 they did it at Civic Auditorium. They recorded the album “Satchmo” at Pasadena. Which includes such hits like “Baby it’s cold outside”, “Stardust”, “Just you, just me” and other.

7. The host of musical, operas and concert events

Like you see, the Convention Center of Pasadena isn’t always about the exhibition. There are conducted many world tours of the famous artists, are performed the best operas in the world and just carried out proms and evening graduates.


  • Name: Pasadena Convention Center
  • Address: 300 E Green St, Pasadena, CA 91101
  • Website: pasadenacenter.visitpasadena.com

People across the world travel here to see this historical building, and we recommend you to visit Pasadena town too. Take a look at the building, or visit a concert of a favorite band at the Pasadena Convention Center. Read our article about top 10 Hotels of Pasadena, to know where to stop at this marvelous tourist spot.

Have a good trip and travel!

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