7 Things to Know Before Clubbing in Ginza

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Night Life
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It’s no secret that Ginza’s nightlife can get pretty wild. Some of the hottest bars and wildest clubs are just a few steps apart from each other so the options are endless. Now, before you get your dancing shoes on and head out for the night, there are a few things you should keep in mind to make sure that you have the best night out possible.

1. Ginza’s Hottest Clubs and Bars

Japan DJ

Like we mentioned earlier, the options are endless when partying in Ginza. From absolutely wild clubs full of men and women dancing the night away to more relaxed and laid back clubs, there’s a little something for everyone at one of Tokyo’s most luxurious districts. Do a little research on the most popular clubs or find one that suits you best before heading out. Better yet, take a look at our pick for the 7 best clubs and nightlife spots in Ginza here.

2. Figure Out How To Get Around

Getting Around
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Streets upon streets of malls, boutiques, restaurants and clubs can get even the most street and direction savvy traveler completely confused at times. Make sure to jot down the exact address of the club you’re heading to and research how to get there before hand. If you’ve got a smart phone, download a map of the area beforehand or take a printed one with you. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for directions. Trust us, even the locals get lost sometimes.

3. Cover Charge? No Cover Charge?

Japan Bar
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If you’ve settled on a club, or clubs if you’re looking to party all night, to go to, be responsible and do some research ahead of time about the club’s policies and charges. Most establishments will charge some kind of cover fee, however inclusions often vary. One club may give two free drinks with the cover charge while other’s might just slap a wrist band on you before letting you pass through.

4. Dress Appropriately

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Can you imagine being so pumped to head to a club only to be turned away because you’re not dressed appropriately? Talk about a buzz kill. Many, if not all, clubs in Ginza will have some kind of dress code, but for the sake of your own comfort, find out what it is ahead of time. The swankier clubs will make a coat and jacket mandatory while others might let you in with just a long-sleeved polo.

5. Stay Away From the “Shady” Parts of Town

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Just like every other densely populated city, Ginza is not immune to unsavory characters. If you have friends who know the area well, ask them what places a tourist might want to stay away from or just do a quick search to figure out what locations you should steer clear of. After all, as our mothers have said time and time again, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

6. Have A Post-Clubbing Plan

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Trains in Tokyo generally stop running at around midnight or 1:00 AM, so if you’re planning on staying out past the last train but don’t necessarily want to pull an all nighter, having a plan of action after the merry-making is always a good idea. Taxis can easily run you a couple hundred yen, so what many visitors tend to do is crash at a capsule hotel or an affordable accommodation nearby. Then again, if you’re willing to wait for the first train, you can do as the locals do and hang out at a restaurant until then.

7. Roll With The Punches

Fun Night
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No, we don’t mean literal punches. Sometimes, no matter how carefully you plan out an evening, things just don’t go according to your plan. The most important thing you need to know before clubbing in Ginza is to learn how to roll with the punches or be flexible about your evening. Can’t get into the club you wanted? No problem, there’s probably another one just a few steps down the road. Not enjoying the atmosphere of the club? That’s fine, head to a nearby bar instead. There’s always a way to turn a situation around.

With a little bit of researching and an adventurous heart, Ginza’s nightlife can easily be one of the highlights of your trip to Tokyo. No matter where your night takes you, we hope you have a blast and make fantastic memories as you partake in one of the hottest nightlife scenes in the world. See you on the dance floor!

Have a good trip and travel!

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