10 Things to Do in Onomichi: Hiroshima, Japan

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Source: redlegsfan21

Onomichi is a quaint city positioned alongside the Seto Inland Sea in Hiroshima Prefecture Japan. The city gets wider from the mainland throughout a number of the neighboring islands, that are related to the bridges of the Shimanami Kaido. Between the downtown area and the close by islands, Small ferries operate, including to Onomichi’s nostalgic port city environment. You possibly can get pleasure from quite a lot of thing right here some are mentioned beneath.

1. Strolling or biking on Innoshima Bridge

Innoshima Bridge is a spotlight of a biking trip. The views are breathtaking and are a reward for the not too tough ride as much as the bridge on the cycle track. If You need to stroll over the bridge it is advisable to get permission from one of many toll attendants. Walked throughout and take the attractive views.


  • Address: Innnoshima Ohamacho, Onomichi 722-2101, Hiroshima Prefecture
  • Phone:+81 845-26-6212

2. Ride on Senkoji Ropeway

Senkōji Ropeway
Source: redlegsfan21

The bay and the hilly island’s panoramic view from the observation station on the top place of the ropeway is awesome and breathtaking. Strolling up just isn’t onerous however in case you are lazy this rope-means offers you an excellent view of Onomichi as you stroll up. It is fairly quick although and it takes you all the way in which to the pack so you may stroll down in the direction of the assorted temples.


  • Address: Higashitsuchidocho, Onomichi 722-0000,Hiroshima Prefecture
  • Phone: +81 528088340

3. Enjoy the beauty of Senkoji & Senkoji Park

A beautiful park with a lovely view. The park on the peak is an efficient place for relaxation, and making you maintain a peace of thoughts, having fun with the view of Onomichi metropolis and waterfront. You also stroll alongside the hillside to make a go to of gorgeous temple.


  • Address: 15-1 Higashitsuchidocho, Onomichi 722-1/3, Hiroshima Prefecture
  • Phone: +81 848-23-2310

4. Visit The Hirayama Ikuo Museum of Art

Hirayama Ikuo was a native artist and various of his works exhibits at the museum. A key affect on his life’s work took place in 1945 when he was a pupil in Hiroshima and saw the bomb explode. The initial theme of peace comes by means of in lots of his works.


  • Address: Setoda-cho, Onomichi 722-2413 , 200-2 Sawa,Hiroshima Prefecture
  • Phone: +81 845273800
  • Hours: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

5. Goto Kosanji Temple

Superb ornate carvings and gold colours with a predominate orange theme can be seen. Very dramatic and fantastically distinctive Temple. There are fascinating a thousand Buddha grotto stroll which is superb to see. It’s close to the ferry pier at Setoda Port. It’s a great value spending the time going through it . the stroll within the woods is also pretty. The penalty of hiking round as well.


  • Address: 553-2 Setodachosetoda, Onomichi 722-2411, Hiroshima Prefecture
  • Phone: +81 845-27-0800

6. Visit Saikokuji Temple

SaikokujiSource: Reggaeman

It is a stunning temple and a really special, peaceable and has wonderful views. Really pleasant place. It’s close to the highest of the hill with nice view Onomichi at numerous vista factors. Be ready to have a difficult stroll to reach the pagoda. However, in the end, it’s all very definitely worth the effort. There are stops alongside the best way at varied levels of expertise the temple.


  • Address: Onomichi 722-0044, 29-27 Nishikubocho, Hiroshima Prefecture
  • Phone: +81 848-37-0321

7. Visit The Tenneiji Tem

This beautiful temple is a part of the Kono Michi temple trail. There are two components to this compound, the pagoda which is lighted after nightfall and a very photogenic structure , and the temple that lower on the slope. Compound are usually not huge so you’ll probably move on rapidly to the following temple after just a few shots.


  • Address: 17-29 Higashitsuchido-cho, Onomichi 722-1/3, Hiroshima Prefecture
  • Phone: +81 848-22-2078

8. Visit the Neko no Hosomichi

It’s so amazing once you take a stroll alongside many hidden alleys on the slope. You’ll be able to discover round to seek out many stunning bungalows in Japanese model. If you wish to take a relaxation, a creative cafe is on the market for you for enjoyable. Generally, you may be so fortunate when you uncover that some cats could take a look at you with staring eyes.


  • Address: Higashitsuchidocho, Onomichi 722-1/3, Hiroshima Prefecture

9. See the Shiga Naoya Former House

Shiga Naoya Former House is a very charming place is ideal for some snacks and tea to the beautiful Temple Stroll up and around Onomichi metropolis. Tucked into the bushes and woods, right off the old stone street this open air cafe provides a pleasant air and a wonderfull view, to not point out all of the cats which are lazily sleeping or strolling round.


  • Address: 8-28 Higashi Tsuchinoko, Onomichi 722-1/3 , Hiroshima Prefecture
  • Phone: +81 848-23-6243

10. Visit a Tample at Mt. Shirataki

It’s a temple on a mountain with a (Ryu Zan-Ji) on a the top place you will find many budda statues and a pleasant (but scary) views about the Seto, the inside-sae. You want an automobile, Its a 15min drive from the closest station of Sunami, or 30min drive from Mihara-station. You additionally need a brief stroll from the parking place.


  • Address: Onomichi 722-2102 , Innoshima Shigei-cho, Hiroshima Prefecture
  • Phone: +81 845-26-6212

Have a good trip and travel!

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