7 Best Restaurants to Go in Akihabara

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Source: OiMax

Akihabara offers lots of Japanese entertainment, anime, hotels, culture and restaurants. When traveling, authentic specialty food is also a must-try for tourists. What’s more, Akihabara has more than enough restaurants that you can choose from. Additionally, you will absolutely love all the Japanese food once you tasted it. Over the years, foreigners have engaged to love Japanese dishes.

1. Kanda Matsuya

Source: Naotake Murayama

One of the best places to eat te-uchi (hand-cut) soba noodles is Kanda Matsuya. It maintains its traditional Tokyo style of the dining experience. Try out the cold soba and dip it with its sauce. Arrive early as the restaurant tends to get packed easily. Take note, there is no English menu nor English-speaking staff.

2. Marugo

You can find the best tonkatsu (pork cutlets) in Marugo. Usual serving includes pork/chicken cutlets, hand-shredded cabbage, miso soup and pickled vegetables. Top quality tender and juicy pork cutlets are definitely tasty and mouthwatering. The size also gives you enough in every bite. Be warned, it might take a little while before you are seated.

3. Menya-Musashi-Bujin

Once here, order Bujin tsukumen and will be served after a few minutes. What’s so unique with tsukumen is that you will be the one to dip the noodle in the soup. Usual ramen are served with the noodle already in the soup. This is the best restaurant offering the tsukumen style ramen.

4. MaguroDonya Jyudaime-Yazaemon


Enjoy the wide selection of tuna, sashimi, and sushi and have it grilled, fried or simmered. If you are a sushi lover, visit here and avail its all-you-can-eat sushi during weekends or holidays. For 2,000 yen in one hour, you will be served with salmon, shrimp, squid, tuna, and more. Don’t skip this experience.

5. Tempura Hisago Akihabaraten


This restaurant gets your money’s worth for the ever-delicious authentic Japanese tempura. As you enter the place, immediately check out the counter seats and help yourself. This is the best seat because you will get to witness how the tempura is deep-fried and then, decorate the dish. Tempura is best eaten right away to feel its crisp.

6. Ichijiku

Source: TAKA@P.P.R.S

A must-go restaurant for yakitori fans. When you visit during lunch, it is recommended you order chicken katsu or grilled Seseri. For dinner, try also the other food including tsunagi, tsukune, and sasami but of course, yakitori should be a priority. Enjoy your yakitori with a glass of sake.

7. Kanda Enzo

Source: Dick Thomas Johnson

One of the best yakiniku restaurants in Akihabara, Kanda Enzo allows you to taste the juicy domestic beef and a variety of sochu and alcoholic beverages. When dining, ask for the best-sellers. Staff will gladly assist you in choosing among the highly recommended dishes such as boneless short rib, seafood pancake, bibimbap and the signature Enzo course.

Have a good trip and travel!