Best 15 Maid Cafe to go in Akihabara

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Moe Moe Kyun
Source: Nayuki

Akihabara is a famous city of Japan near Tokyo. The city was named after a fire controlling deity. The city is a famous destination for shopping electronic equipment so much so that it’s been nicknamed Akihabara Electric Town. But the maid cafes in Akihabara are the best in Japan. Here is a list of best 15 maid cafe to go in Akihabara.

1. @Home Cafe

@Home Cafe is not only one of the most famous maid cafes in Akihabara but it’s also one of the biggest  maid cafe franchises in Japan. They offer excellent services. There is an entrance fee. You can order different food and dessert items. The maids there are friendly and the service is great!


  • Name: @Home Cafe
  • Address: Chiyoda, 101-0021 Japan, near Akihabara Station
  • Price:¥2,001-4,000
  • Opening hour: 10:30 am-10:00pm

2. Cure Maid Cafe

Cure Maid Cafe was the first maid cafe that started operating in Akihabara so you can understand how famous it is. It is an anime themed maid cafe that lets you play Alice Game with their Rozen Maiden special collaboration! If you’re looking for a different experience, this maid cafe is an excellent option.

  • Name: Cure Miad Cafe
  • Address: Chiyoda, 101-0021 Japan, near Suehirocho Station
  • Phone: +81 3 3258 3161
  • Website:

3. Pinafore

Pinafore is the ultimate fantasy when it comes to maid cafes. The maids in Pinafore in Akihabara all wear cute pink dresses. There are maids in costumes of fairies who look after your order. Anyone can enjoy in this maid cafe. They


  • Name: Pinafore
  • Website:

4. Maidreamin

Maidreamin is another big maid cafe franchise. There are more than 350 maids in their cafes. The maids in there are super cute and talented. The show they put on for you is interesting and a lot of fun. The food is delicious too.


  • Name: Maidreamin
  • Address: Near Akihabara station.

5. Maid of the Dead Cafe

First things first, if you’re a faint-hearted person, this place is not for you so scroll down. But if your favorite holiday is Halloween and you love to be scared, the Maid of the Dead Cafe is the perfect maid cafe for you. Unlike traditional maid cafes, you’ll find zombie maids in here!

6. Shangrila

Who says only skinny girls can be pretty maids? The Shangrila maid cafe in Akihabara is proving that notion wrong. Their specialty is that all of their maids are chubby and cute girls! They put up amazing performances for the customers and you’ll surely enjoy your time there!

7. Shinobazu Cafe

If you’re looking for a maid cafe that is like no other- then you must pay a visit to Shinobazu Cafe. What’s so special about them? Oh, just the fact that instead of dressing in cute dresses, their maids are dressed as Ninja warriors! Their costumes are amazing and the service is exceptional.


  • Name: Shinobazu Cafe
  • Phone: 03-5207-2828 
  • Website:

8. Tsundere cafe

Tsundere Maid Cafe is probably the most unique maid cafe in Akihabara. When you go a maid cafe you are treated as a royalty but not in Tsundere Maid Cafe. In there you are treated like dirt. You are constantly insulted. They’ll get your order wrong intentionally and then when you get up to leave, they’ll beg and be nice! All in all a very interesting experience!

9. Dansō-cafés

Maid cafes are usually associated with girls in cute maid costumes. But in Dansō-cafés, that isn’t the case. Here the maids are dressed as guys! Yes, girls serve food and entertain customer posing as young men! If you’re bored maids in of cutesy little dresses, you should check this cafe up!

10. The Granvania

The Granvania is touted as the biggest maid cafe in Akihabara. It is one of the most famous ones too. It’s a traditional maid cafe with maids in colorful costumes. They are famous for their performances. The price is reasonable.

  • Name: The Granvania
  • Website:

11. JAM Akihabara

JAM Akihabara is one of the first maid cafes that started their business in Akihabara. The JAM Akihabara is renowned for its calm atmosphere. Unlike other maid cafes, the decor in JAM Akihabara is not loud. The place is perfect if you want to have a soothing maid cafe experience.


  • Name: JAM Akihabara
  • Website:

12. Cos-Cha

Do you want to be treated like a king by maids wearing cute school girl costumes? Then Cos-Cha is the place you should be. The maids in there will spoon feed you and perform for you. You can play different drinking games with them.

13. Popopure

If the language barrier is what keeping you from visiting a maid cafe, then the solution is Popopure. Japanese cafes and restaurants aren’t famous for English speaking servers but Popopure is famous for this reason. The maids there speak clear English and can communicate with you easily.

14. Mononopu Samurai Cafe

As the name suggests, it’s a maid cafe where the maids are dressed in Samurai costumes! They carry their little fake Katanas! The decor of the cafe is beautiful and they have a menu consisting different delicious food and dessert items.

15. Newtype

Last but not least another interesting maid cafe in Akihabara is the Newtype Cafe. Thier specialty is that the maids aren’t girls! No! They are boys in drags pretending to be cute girls! It’s very different from other maid cafes. So you should pop in there once to experience it.

Akihabara is not only famous for maid cafes but it’s also one of the most popular shopping hubs of Japan too.  You’ll never get bored in Akihabara that’s for sure. There’s always some new maid cafe to see, some new things to experience.

Have a good trip and travel!