7 Things to Know about Hakodate Airport

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Hakodate is Hokkaido’s third largest city, situated on the southern tip of the island. Hakodate is recognized for its beautiful views to be loved from Mount Hakodate and its scrumptious, fresh seafood.  “Hakodate Airport” is the name of City’s very own airport. It’s an airport situated 7.6 km east of Hakodate Station in Hakodate. It’s operated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

1. Boarding Policy

Boarding PolicySource: 663highland

The boarding policy of Airport dictates, that Passenger must pass by the safety checkpoint not less than 15 minutes before the departure, and be at the gate no later than 10-minutes earlier than the departure, or you could not be capable of being on board the aircraft.

2. Restaurant and Snack Pollux

Restaurant Hakodate airportSource: 663highland

Situated on the third ground of the Domestic Passenger Terminal, this restaurant has  a wonderful view. Watch as airplanes take off and land and luxuriate in an unconstrained view of the Tsugaru Straight when you have your meal. This snack space is situated inside the boarding space on the 2nd flooring of the Domestic Passenger Terminal.


  • Hours: 08:00-19:30
  • Phone: +81-138-57-8884

3. Shopping Places

There are more than 5 shopping locations on the Airport, which are BLUE SKY, Shirakaba, Takasagoya and Kiosk Pollux are main souvenir store that are situated on the 2nd ground of the Domestic Passenger Terminal Building. These have items which are only obtainable from the JAL Group as well as native special and traditional items and some other products which have been rigorously chosen for travelers.


  • Hours: 08:00-19:30
  • Phone: +81-138-59-3131

4. Group Bus Stop

The Tourist or guests bus stop is in front of the International Arrivals/Departures Foyer. The bus stop is located near the Arrivals Lobby in order that guests on group trips and excursions can begin their sightseeing and journeys around Hokkaido right from here. If you’re traveling in the group and wish to discover Hokkaido you’ll be able to book a complete bus to have a compact journey.

5. Observation Deck

ObservatorySource: 663highland

There’s an observation deck on the third floor of the Domestic Passenger Terminal. It’s a hundred and ten meters in size and offers an amazing view of the airplanes and runways in addition to the Mt. Hakodate and Tsugaru Straigh . You can see many individuals right here having fun with the gorgeous views of Mount Hakodate.

6. Car Rental Counter

An automobile rental counter and tour desks for every airline could be discovered within the Arrivals Lobby on the first floor of the Domestic Passenger Terminal. If you wish to lease a car you may go to the desk, ask them and they’ll present your car in response to your requirement. You can also find Tour Desks that assists you in planning excursions with different airlines.

7. Reception Rooms

Hakodate Airport loungeSource: 663highland

This enterprise lounge is situated on the 2nd ground of the Domestic Passenger Terminal. Domestic Flights reception room is situated on the third ground of the Domestic Passenger Terminal. International Flights reception room is situated on the 2nd ground of the International Passenger Terminal. It can be used as the designated meeting place for group journeys and is also available to be used as a gathering room.


  • Address: Hakodate, 511 Japan, 042-0952 Hokkaido Prefecture,
  • Phone: +81 138-57-8881
  • Code: HKD
  • Website: http://www.airport.ne.jp/hakodate/en/

Have a good trip and travel!

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