5 Reasons to Go Nagoya City Science Museum

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25438701036_829e7e80d1_kSource: Robert Montgomery

Nagoya City Science Museum is an exciting museum that showcases modern advancements in technology such as solar energy, sustainable design, and features the world’s largest planetarium. It is both an educational and fun experience for all. Check out these five reasons to visit.

1. The Architecture

11621907884_2188e25666_kSource: Yuya Tamai

The museum building itself is a structural marvel to behold. The main building features a large dome, which actually houses the planetarium. Those interested in architecture should come by to see this incredibly designed structure.

2. Green Technology

11621774833_c1daa9bb9c_kSource: Yuya Tamai

For those of you interested in sustainability, the entire building is actually powered through photovoltaic, or solar panels! This means that the building is actually an exhibition as well since it showcases the power of the sun. The sides of the building is also covered in plants to promote a more sustainable future.

3. The Main Exhibits

The museum is divided into three main sections. There is an exhibit on modern technology, life sciences, and general science that features a number of hands-on experiments. With the variety of exhibitions here, visitors are sure to learn alot about the world we live in.

4. The Planetarium

The museum has the largest planetarium in the world at a diameter of 35 meters. Here you will witness an extremely realistic night sky that is projected onto the planetarium’s screen/ You can also see the gorgeous lights known as aurora.

5. Makes science fun

Many exhibits in the museum are geared towards children. This includes the model railway and a number of touch-screen tablets for interactive fun. Perhaps the visit will spark the imagination and passion to become future scientists!


  • Name: Nagoya City Science Museum  
  • Address: 2 Chome-17-1 Sakae, Naka Ward, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture 460-0008
  • Price: 800 yen
  • Opening hour: Monday through Sunday 9:30AM -5:00PM
  • Website: http://www.ncsm.city.nagoya.jp/en/#_=_

Nagoya City Science museum has some of the most interesting exhibits about the natural world and our technological advancements. This is a can’t miss place!

Have a good trip and travel!

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