10 Places to Go Shopping in Toyama

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Toyama Shopping
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Are you a shopping lover? Or want to do shopping like a crazy. Then Toyama (The beautiful city of Japan) is the perfect place to fulfill your craziness. There are numerous shopping malls are available in Toyama to shop best of the best things at the best price and quality.

Let’s discuss the top 10 shopping places in Toyama.

1. Aeon Market

Aeon is one of the most beautiful malls, where you can shop stylish and elegant Japanese clothes at an affordable cost. It has a huge supermarket, which accepts visa during the shopping. You can also enjoy mouth smacking fast food with your family or friends from its grand and famous restaurant.


  • Address: 383, Shimofusumae, Takaoka-shi, Toyama
  • Working Hours: 10:00-22:00
  • Phone number: 0766-32-1167

2. Favore Mall

It is a great place for shopping. In this mall, you can shop variety of fashion apparel and accessories too. You can buy everything which you want to shop. Here is also a great plaza supermarket and food corner. Keep in mind one thing that make a point card, when you go to this mall for the first time.


  • Address: 165-1 Shimokutsuwada Fuchumachi, Toyama 939-2716 , Toyama Prefecture
  • Phone Number: +81 76-466-5000
  • Website: http://www.favore.jp/

3. Hyaku Yen

It is a super cool shopping place in Toyama, where you can buy anything with 100 yen. You can almost find all the stationary products from here.  Isn’t it cool?


  • Everything in 100 yen
  • Stationary is very good inside

4. Sogawa shopping arcade

Sogawa Shopping
Source: Wikimedia

It is a great clothes shopping market in toyama, where you can shop any kind of clothes such as casual, party wear, formal and so on. You can discover the local youth bust out their latest dance practice.


  • Good quality products at a good price.

5. Toyama Daiwa

It is a very popular mall in Toyama, has branded clothes, restaurant, book store, etc. Overall, everything is available here to buy. It is little expensive than other mall but you will enjoy shopping here.


6. Chilling Style


As its name says, it is an outstanding place in toyama Prefecture, which makes your mood chill in no time. There is several best quality products are available here. You can buy a wallet, pendant, bags and much more.


7. Marier Toyama

Marier Toyama is known for its Japanese pork chop restaurant, where you can have excellent food. You can also buy quality of products at a fair cost.


8. Yamaya Mall

Want to buy international product? Go to the yamaya mall because here you can get great quality international food products from 5$ TO 30$. Yamaya offers excellent services to their visitors to make their shopping more enjoyable.


  • Address: 359 road, Toyama 

9. Kitokito Market

Toyama kitokito market is renowned for its fresh fish. Instead of fish, there are several fresh vegetables are also available here. You can find that here fish is expensive than other market, but the vegetable are affordable.


  • Address: 3-6-1 Taromaruhonmashi, Toyama 939-8272, Toyama Prefecture

10. Osakaya Shop

It is a super market offers great grocery products at a great price. It received a broad array of best quality products. They offers fantastic customer services, which makes your shopping more enjoyable.


  • Can buy fruits, vegetables, milk, butter and all grocery products.
  • Address: Kitafutatsuya 143, Toyama 930-0172, Japan
  • Phone Number: (076) 427-0908

I hope, this article may help you to enjoy your shopping in Toyama. So, get ready for shopping and make your holidays and shopping more memorable.

Have a good trip and travel!

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