7 Things about Hokkaido Shinkansen

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Hokkaido Shinkansen

Source: Akira Takiguchi

Japanese bullet train commonly known as Shinkansen is known to have the highest security details compared to other means of transports like convectional currents, air, and automobiles.
Having the best security record, Shinkansen has served approximately over 6 billion passengers without any report of defaults. This bullet train was introduced in 1964; only a passenger died since this Shinkansen came into play about 50 years ago. Due to its astounding existence, trip-n-travel have set together a list of the things that you will be surprised about this great Japanese creation.

1. Green Cars

The shinkansen have very modernized types of vehicles that have comfortable seats that make passengers feel luxurious and relaxed. These kinds of vehicles are first class and very advanced regarding their qualities than other cars in Japan.

2. High Speed Rail and typhoon

Hokkaido Shinkansen

Source: Moto “Club4AG” Miwa

It is a fact known that Japan has alternating winds currents, thus determines the speed of the train. The train has to vary its speed according to the cyclones that happen from time to time. To match the changing winds currents, the train is set to increase its speed to balance them.

3. On Time Performance

The trains typically arrive on time despite changing weather conditions. It is supposed to arrive 5 to 6 minutes behind the schedule. Arriving past this time is very rare and hence, when the train delays for over 20 seconds creates inconveniences. Such a scenario can cause problems in the whole system since the shinkansen should strictly follow the schedule because it’s 3 minutes before another train happens to follow.

4. Speed

This conventional train can travel at a speed of 443km/h compared to the earlier train which traveled at a speed of 581km/h covering the same distance. Operating a top speed that hardly exceeds 149 miles (240 km) to 187(300 km) miles per hour, it is still very environmental friendly pertaining concerns related to noise pollution. Since this is safer to passengers, they are planning on increasing the speed.

5. Efficiency and Comfortability

The Shinkansen uses less fuel and energy covering the same distance as that of vehicles or airlines. As a result, it is more economical since people could use less and earn more in a very short period, given that its speed can enable one travel on many business trips using less than one would use in the same number of trips by air or road. You will enjoy as well as you travel aboard the trains.

6. Professionalism

Employees working in the Shinkansen are highly qualified in their various sections. These qualified persons range from drivers to engineers. Upon getting to the well laid out station, your experience will be worth sharing. It is what a significant percentage would refer to as sheer fun and would, on any day, recommend that you pay Shinkansen a visit.

7. Shinkansen and Culture

Hokkaido Shinkansen

Source: Naoki Nakashima

The Japanese culture improved due to urbanization and extension of the train line into the rural areas and, thus people could make business trips out of the country using minimal time, and it’s cheaper compared to airlines and other means of transport.

Which other transport alternatives would you resort to if not the awesome Hokkaido Shinkansen? Welcome.

Have a good trip and travel!