7 Different Routes to Reach Tokyo

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Source: Makoto Nakashima

Tokyo is world’s most populous metropolis and also The Japan’s capital City. Tokyo provides a seemingly limitless selection of shopping, leisure, tradition and eating to its visitors. The town’s historical past could be appreciated in districts akin to Asakusa, and in lots of glorious museums, historic temples and gardens.

1. Go Tokyo from Sapporo

Go Tokyo from Sapporo

By Train and Air:

Take JR Rapid Airport 156 for New Chitose Airport, from Airport take JAPAN AIR LINES 518 to Haneda Airport Terminal 1 from there you take Tokyo Monorail Rapid for Hamamatsucho t and then take JR Yamanote Line (Inner loop) for OSAKI and get Tokyo in Your way this will take 4 hours and cost 40000yen.

2. Go Tokyo from Hakone

Go Tokyo from Hakone

By Train:

Take Hakone Tozan Railway for Odawara and from there take Shinkansen Hikari 524 to Tokyo this will cost you 1500yen and will take 45 min.

By Bus:

Take Odakyu Ltd. Exp. Hakone 32 from Hakone to Odawara and then take Shinkansen Kodama 658 from Odawara to Tokyo this will cost 1750 yen.

3. Go Tokyo from Nikko

Go Tokyo from Nikko

By Train:

Take JR Nikko Line for Utsunomiya from Nikko and then take Shinkansen Yamabiko 150 from Utsunomiya to Tokyo this will cost 2600yen and take 90 min.

By Bus:

Take Express Nikko 8 From Nikko bus terminal to Omiya and there you take JR Takasaki Line for Hiratsuka and get Tokyo, this will cost 1990yen and takes 2hours.

4. Go Tokyo from Kyoto

Go Tokyo from Kyoto

By Train:

Take Shinkansen Nozomi 32 from Kyoto Departure Track No.12 to Tokyo this will take 140 min and cost you around 8210yen. This is the best way to reach Tokyo from Kyoto. You also can take Shinkansen Hikari 526 from Departure Track No.12 or Shinkansen Nozomi 236 from Departure track No.12 to Tokyo.

5. Go Tokyo from Osaka

Go Tokyo from Osaka

By Train:

Take JR Special Rapid Service for Nagahama and get Kyoto and then take Shinkansen Nozomi 176 from Departure Track No.12 to Tokyo this Journy will take approximately 3 hours and cost you around 8750 yen. This is the best way to get to Tokyo from Osaka.

6. Go Tokyo from Hiroshima

Go Tokyo from Hiroshima

By Train:

Take Shinkansen Nozomi 38 from Hiroshima Departure track No.14 to Tokyo this journey will take 288 min and will cost you around 11500yen. This is probably the best way to reach Tokyo, you also can get Shinkansen Nozomi 40 or Shinkansen Nozomi 136 from Departure track No.13 to get Tokyo.

7. Go Tokyo from Fukuoka

Go Tokyo from Fukuoka

By Air and Train:

Take Japan Air Lines 320 from Fukuoka Airport to Haneda Airport Terminal 1 and then take Tokyo Monorail Local for Hamamatsucho and finally take JR Yamanote Line from Hamamatsucho to Tokyo this journey will take 3 hours and cost you around 42000yen.

Have a good trip and travel!

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