7 Things to Know about Akita Inu in Japan

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Akita Inu
Source: Maja Dumat

Akita Inu is a powerful, well-proportioned and dominant dog which is believed to originate from mountainous regions of Japan and mostly comes in two types American Akita and Japanese Akita. However the American strain is referred as a different breed but in U.S. and Canada, these are known as a single breed. Some important things to know about Akita Inu dog are:

1. Other names of Akita Inu and Portrayal of Dog

There are several other names of Akita Inu as Akita-Ken, Great Japanese Dog, Haykita Ken, Japanese Akita and Japanese Akita Inu. The dog has heavy bones and good height of about 26 inches and weighs about 45 to 59 kgs. It has a large head like Bear and triangular ears. The eyes of the dog are small, dark with a triangular shape. Both the American and Japanese Akita have double coats of hair which protect them in cold weather.

2. Grooming and colors of Akita Inu

Source: Alden Chadwick

The Akita Inu dog is a great shedder and sheds twice or thrice a year heavily. It needs proper grooming with a firm bristled brush. The dog should be bathed only when needed because more bathing can remove the waterproofing of the coat. The dog comes in different colors such as Japanese dog has red, brindle and white colors and American dog come in all sable colors having a black mask and pinto markings.

3. Nature of the Akita Inu Dog

Source: YukiNoSato

The dog is very intelligent and is of fearless type. It can live well in a family atmosphere. It requires a leader who is firm, consistent and handles the dog properly otherwise the dog will become aggressive toward other animals and dogs. This dog is a good option for the guard dog and is very faithful and obedient. While training dog proper patience is very necessary otherwise the dog will get bored. To make it a guard dog it must be trained when it is a puppy.

4. History of Akita Inu Dog

The dog is believed to originate from Honshu region of Japan and is also the national dog of Japan. The first Akita Inu was brought in Japan by Helen Keller in 1937. In 1931, Akita was declared as National Monument of Japan. And in 1967, at the 50th anniversary of founding Akita dog, Akita Dog Museum was built to preserve its information, documents, and photos.

5. Health problems of Akita Inu Dog

Akita Inu
Source: Heaton Johnson

The dog suffers from a number of Auto-Immune diseases, Immune- Mediated Endocrine diseases, Non- immune health problems. These problems are related to eyes, skin, blood disorders, problems related to Adrenal glands of the dog, thyroid gland problems, Gastric Dilation, Hip Dysplasia, Elbow Dysplasia and many other breeds specific problems.

6. Working Life of Akita Inu Dog

Source: bluXgraphics(motorcycle design Japan)=Midorikawa

Earlier this dog was used for hunting purposes i.e. for hunting bear, wild boar, and deer. But nowadays they are popularly used as companion dogs and therapy dogs. It can participate in all types of competitions such as obedience trials, agility competition, tracking trials, weight pulling and, canine good citizen program. So, Akita Inu is a good option for working dog and they can also be kept as a pet.

7. Other information of Akita Inu Dog

Source: Syuuki Oneimauo

The dog can live well in apartments but need full and timely exercise. However, it is less active in indoors and can live best in large yards. It can litter about 7 or 8 puppies on an average and life expectancy of the dog is about 11 to 15 years. The dog needs a regular exercise and long walks to stay fit. If not provided with regular exercise it can suffer from various health problems.

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