7 Reasons You Have to Go to Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku

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Source: Cory Doctorow
Although today’s Tokyo has a lot of lavish and extravagant places to go out in, it is well known that Tokyo has been one of the most wildest places to go out in back in the 80’s, in the Bubble era of Japan when every establishment in Japan was trying to outcompete the other with who is the wildest. Although that era is over, some places in Tokyo do try to mimic the Bubble era, and no one is do it better the Shinjuku Robot Restaurant!

Every night in a basement in Shinjuku’s Kabukicho district, bikini-clad women stage mock battles using enormous robots. The restaurant building cost was over 10 billion Japanese Yen, and the design came out to look like something straight out of the Blade Runner movie, all migraine-inducing neon, video screens and mirrors. Is it the future dream or nightmare? it is for you to judge! But surely, it is one of the most amazing places to check out while in Tokyo. Let’s go over 7 reason why you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to experience it for yourself!

Fascinating design and atmosphere!

Source: Eddy Milfort

Considering that Tokyo is quite futuristic by itself and everywhere you visit the city, you start getting used to the constant “future shock” feeling the city keep throwing at your face, it is still pale in comparison to the feeling you get when you get to the entrance of Shinjuku Robot Restaurant. The restaurant street level entrance is one massive video-wall enveloped in bright neon lights of all colors. The videos on the exterior wall are showcasing the live shows and other restaurant attractions. Once you go through the doors you will be surrounded by reflective materials from floors to ceiling, massive mirrors, endless video screens, bright displays and loud music blasting from every corner. It literarily takes a couple of minutes to get used to this feeling of sensory overload!

Futuristic waitresses will serve you light food and drinks

Source: Eddy Milfort

The restaurant has lots of different types of seating in different areas of the restaurant but the best seats are as close as possible to the performance stage. Locate your table and get ready for the show. As you sit down, you will be approached by fully costumed waitresses who will offer basic drinks and snacks. Although it is called a “restaurant”, the place actually focused around the shows more then serving restaurant food and the only items available in the menu is light snacks and alcoholic/non-alcoholic drinks. The waitresses customs are simply out of this world! You can see the waitresses wear anything from fully robotic looking customs to futuristic security guards, sexy humanoids and wild looking half human half robots creatures. This experience of interacting with the futuristic looking waitresses will get you ready for what comes next!

The amazing cabaret dancers and futuristic Taiko drummers!

Source: Nick Turner

The show will start when the lights will turn down and a procession of both robots and cabaret dancers will step in. The overall show time is 90 minutes so you should get yourself ready for about 10 different performances showcased one after the other. To get into the futuristic rythem of the main show you will experience a Taiko (Japanese drums) show performed by glow in the dark girls’ performance team followed up by a full cabaret dance of sexy looking robot girls riding massive robotic looking creatures. The dancers are then followed by a Japanese festival floats which live musicians performing from, including guitarists, drummers and DJ’s.

The massive robot designs are simply outrageous!

Source: Nick Turner

After the first 30 minutes of performances, the second part of the show will begin. In this part of the show, the performers are riding enormous size robots of all kinds, such as sharks, bats, dragons, and all sort of Japanese anime characters which are all battling each other on stage. Get ready for fire throwing dragons, karate fighting gorillas, smoke fuming snakes, weird looking mechanical dinosaurs, machine guns firing elves, and even a flying half machine half bird hanging from the ceiling! All those massive robotic machines are been ridden by beautifully costumed performers and the whole atmosphere reminds of a futuristic carnival parade or a circus performance. As the fight part of the show comes to an end, a magical looking glow in the dark robot procession will begin. It is time to sit back and watch the much more calm part of the show!

Family and Kids are welcome!

Source: Cory Doctorow

At first, the Robot Restaurant show might look fit for adults only, but actually – the restaurant is catering both for kids and families alike. From kids point of view, it looks as wild and strange as a circus show with clowns, acrobats, trained animals, trapeze acts, musicians, and jugglers! The only difference is that in the Robot Restaurant, all the performers are dressed in futuristic looking outfits instead of the classic circus wear. Kids are specially treated by both the restaurant staff and the performers allowing all family to take photos together with the performers or the restaurant staff!  If you plan to visit the restaurant and you have kids, do not hesitate to take them with you, as the place is fit for all ages and is as amazing to watch as a kid or as an adult.

Great place to meet both Japanese and Foreigners in one place

Source: Laurent de Walick

The Robot Restaurant is also a great place to meet other people and get socialized. When the restaurant was opened, it was mostly visited by Japanese but very quickly it has become famous all around the world through social media and TV shows. It has quickly turned out to become one of Tokyo’s main tourist attractions. It is now mostly a tourist location but the crowds are also including many Japanese from all around Japan who visit Tokyo and want to experience the city wild side. It is a great place to get loose, and enjoy meeting other people who are all looking to get excited together and enjoy the special atmosphere. Feel free to go there alone and find new friends to party together!

Easy access and lots of places to explore after the show

Source: Tokyo Fashion

Once the show is over, there is no reason to go back to your hotel. The restaurant is located right in the heart of the busiest entertainment district in Tokyo called Kabukicho. The district is busy 24 hours a day and no matter at which time you choose to see the Robot Restaurant show, the area outside the restaurant will offer many things to explore farther. From restaurants, to night clubs, cinemas, video games parlors or 24 hours shops, Shinjuku kabukicho is a place you can keep on going as long as you have the power to do so!


  • Name: Robot Restaurant
  • Address: 1-7-1 Kabukicho Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku Tokyo
  • Price: ¥8,000
  • Access: Take any of the following lines and get off in Shinjuku Station ( Yamanote Line / Chūō Main Line / Chūō-Sōbu Line / Shōnan-Shinjuku Line / Saikyo Line / Odakyu Odawara Line / Keio Line / Marunouchi Line / Toei Shinjuku Line
    / Toei Oedo Line )
  • Opening hour: 3pm – 1ppm
  • Shows schedule: (4 Shows)
    Sunday          ①16:00~  ②17:55~  ③19:50~  ④21:45~
    Monday        ①close    ②17:55~  ③19:50~  ④21:45~
    Tuesday        ①close    ②17:55~  ③19:50~  ④21:45~
    Wednesday  ①close    ②17:55~  ③19:50~  ④21:45~
    Thursday      ①close    ②17:55~  ③19:50~  ④21:45~
    Friday           ①close    ②17:55~  ③19:50~  ④21:45~
    Saturday      ①16:00~  ②17:55~  ③19:50~  ④21:45~
  • Website: https://www.shinjuku-robot.com/pc/index.php?lng=en

Have a good trip and travel!

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